The WWE Top 25 - May

Five months have come and gone in 2019. WWE has been a lot of things this year, but they’ve not been short on match quality. That didn’t change this month, as May brought about a wealth of good matches. That created a bit of an impact as it pertains to this month’s WWE Top 25. Let’s take a dive into how the month of May played out, shall we?

Before that, if you’re new, here’s a crash course on everything as it pertains to the Top 25.


1. Kofi Kingston vs. Kevin Owens (SmackDown Live, 5/28) - ****¼
2. Kofi Kingston vs. AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn (SmackDown Live, 5/7) - ****
3. The Usos vs. The Revival (Raw, 5/20) - ****
4. The Usos vs. Daniel Bryan & Rowan (SmackDown Live, 5/7) - ****
5. Cesaro vs. Ricochet (Raw, 5/27) - ****
6. Ali vs. Andrade vs. Finn Balor vs. Randy Orton (SmackDown Live, 5/14) - ***¾
7. Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan (Raw, 5/6) - ***¾
8. WALTER vs. Pete Dunne (NXT UK, 5/22) - ***¾
9. Ali vs. Andrade (SmackDown Live, 5/21) - ***¾
10. Drew Gulak vs. KUSHIDA (NXT, 5/29) - ***¾

TOP 10 TV MATCHES (2019)

1. Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio (SmackDown Live, 1/15) - ****¾
2. Adam Cole vs. Aleister Black vs. Matt Riddle vs. Ricochet vs. Velveteen Dream (NXT, 3/20) - ****½
3. Cedric Alexander vs. Tony Nese (205 Live, 3/19) - ****½
4. Johnny Gargano vs. Velveteen Dream (NXT, 2/20) - ****¼
5. Kofi Kingston vs. Kevin Owens (SmackDown Live, 5/28) - ****¼
6. DIY vs. The Undisputed Era (NXT, 3/6) - ****¼
7. Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair (SmackDown Live, 3/26) - ****¼
8. Kofi Kingston vs. Cesaro vs. Sheamus vs. Samoa Joe vs. Rowan vs. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan (SmackDown Live, 3/19) - ****¼
9. Velveteen Dream vs. Buddy Murphy (NXT, 4/17) - ****¼
10. Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio (SmackDown Live, 1/22) - ****¼


1. Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles (Money in the Bank, 5/19) - ****½
2. Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match (Money in the Bank, 5/19) - ****¼
3. Kofi Kingston vs. Kevin Owens (SmackDown Live, 5/28) - ****¼
4. Kofi Kingston vs. Kevin Owens (Money in the Bank, 5/19) - ****
5. Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match (Money in the Bank, 5/19) - ****
6. Kofi Kingston vs. AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn (SmackDown Live, 5/7) - ****
7. The Usos vs. The Revival (Raw, 5/20) - ****
8. The Usos vs. Daniel Bryan & Rowan (SmackDown Live, 5/7) - ****
9. Cesaro vs. Ricochet (Raw, 5/27) - ****
10. Ali vs. Andrade vs. Finn Balor vs. Randy Orton (SmackDown Live, 5/14) - ***¾

TOP 10 MATCHES (2019)

1. Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston (WrestleMania, 4/7) - *****
2. Daniel Bryan vs. Ali vs. Kevin Owens (Fastlane, 3/10) - ****¾
3. Ricochet vs. Johnny Gargano (TakeOver: Phoenix, 1/26) - ****¾
4. Velveteen Dream vs. Matt Riddle (TakeOver: New York, 4/6) - ****¾
5. The War Raiders vs. Aleister Black and Ricochet (TakeOver: New York, 4/6) - ****¾
6. Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio (SmackDown Live, 1/15) - ****¾
7. Asuka vs. Becky Lynch (Royal Rumble, 1/27) - ****½
8. Adam Cole vs. Johnny Gargano (TakeOver: New York, 4/6) - ****½
9. Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles (Money in the Bank, 5/19) - ****½
10. Brock Lesnar vs. Finn Balor (Royal Rumble, 1/27) - ****½

WWE TOP 25 (May)

1. Kofi Kingston (22.5)
2. Seth Rollins (19)
3. Ricochet (18.25)
4. Roman Reigns (18)
5. Baron Corbin (17.5)
6. AJ Styles (16)
T7. The Usos, Sami Zayn (15.25)
10. Daniel Bryan (15)
T11. Drew McIntyre, Elias (14.5)
13. Nikki Cross (13.5)
14. Jack Gallagher (13.25)
T15. Becky Lynch, Bobby Lashley (12.75)
17. Lacey Evans (12.5)
T18. Ali, Andrade (12.25)
20. Rowan (11.25)
T21. Cesaro, Humberto Carrillo (11)
T23. Bayley, KUSHIDA, The Miz (10.25)


1. Bayley (60.5)
2. Becky Lynch (44.75)
3. Sasha Banks (34.5)
4. Nikki Cross (33.25)
5. Bianca Belair (32.25)
6. Mandy Rose (30.5)
7. Charlotte Flair (30)
8. Nia Jax (29.25)
9. Asuka (27.75)
10. Ronda Rousey (25.5)
11. Naomi (24.25)
12. Peyton Royce (23.75)
13. Natalya (23.5)
14. Kairi Sane (23.25)
15. Carmella (21.5)
T16. Billie Kay, Sonya Deville (20.75)
18. Sarah Logan (20)
19. Tamina (19.5)
20. Io Shirai (19)
T21. Shayna Baszler, Toni Storm (18.5)
23. Lacey Evans (17)
24. Ruby Riott (16.75)
25. Liv Morgan (16.5)


25. Adam Cole
Points: 43 | Last Month: 20

This slide for Adam Cole isn’t going to last much longer. After becoming NXT Champion at TakeOver XXV, expect to see Cole have more of a cushion now that he’s the top dog in the third brand of WWE. Especially so after his great match with Johnny Gargano for the championship at TakeOver. Frankly, it’s about time for him, and we’ll see how he can do going forward with that championship. I predict some big things for him.

24. Scott Dawson
Points: 43.25 | Last Month: 21

Scott Dawson and The Revival fell off just a little bit after last month, but not by too much. Dawson dropped down to #24 but still managed to stay in the Top 25 by the thinnest of margins. He holds a slight advantage over his tag team partner, only because he worked that one match at the Royal Rumble that Wilder did not. So it goes.

23. Becky Lynch
Points 44.75 | Last Month: N/A

Hey, look at that. Another woman has finally joined Bayley in the Top 25. Her name is Becky Lynch, and the former Raw AND SmackDown Live Women’s Champion finally worked enough matches to get herself in this spot. Lynch likely shouldn’t see a nominal decrease in workload, with a looming title defense coming up against whomever at Stomping Grounds. Plus, she’ll likely be working more on Raw going forward now. At least somebody else has joined the party.

22. Sheamus
Points 45.5 | Last Month: 15

Well, when you continue to not work, you slide down. With nothing in the foreseeable future for Sheamus, this dive will unfortunately continue on for another month.

21. AJ Styles
Points: 46.75 | Last Month: N/A

Feels weird to say, but AJ Styles hasn’t been around the Top 25 at all this year. And this might be his only appearance for quite some time. After a very good May, Styles apparently has injured himself and is out for at least the next month. So AJ’s time in this Top 25 might be very shortlived. At least he had that great match with Seth Rollins at MITB. We can at least say that.

20. Jimmy Uso
Points: 47.25 | Last Month: N/A

As it’s been said before, the only reason that Jimmy Uso is not tied up with his partner is because of one singles match that happened earlier this year. Nevertheless, you know by now how good The Usos are. And after a strong month of May, they finally find themselves in the Top 25. With a heavy workload on Raw looking likely, expect that to remain a consistent piece of truth going forward.

T18. Jey Uso, Tyler Bate
Points: 47.75 | Last Month: N/A (Jey), 16 (Bate)

One half of The Usos and Tyler Bate find themselves tied up for the 18th spot in the Top 25. Bate didn’t work too much at all in the NXT UK brand in May and as a result took a slight dip down to 16th. Jey Uso, meanwhile, soared into the Top 25 after a very, very strong month with his brother Jimmy. That ascent could continue for he and his brother if things go right for them. And I mean, hey, they’re the best tag team in the world. So that’s looking pretty likely.

17. Velveteen Dream
Points: 48.125 | Last Month: 14

Much like some others, Velveteen Dream saw a drop this month just entirely based on workload. He didn’t work at all in the month of May. And as a result, he took a dip down to 17th. After TakeOver XXV and perhaps a TV match or too, Dream may very well see himself take a bit of a stronger leap going forward in June.

16. Samoa Joe
Points: 49 | Last Month: 13

Samoa Joe didn’t work too much in May, and that’s why he saw himself drop down from #13 to #16. He’s still in a good spot, but obviously working as little as he did, and not having any standout matches saw reason for a drop. We’ll see what the next venture for him is, given that the US Championship scene is up in the air right now. But given his track record this year, expect Joe to make the most of it, as he’s having a quiet renaissance right now.

15. Rey Mysterio
Points: 53.875 | Last Month: 10

Rey Mysterio finally falls out of the Top 10 after staying in there for quite some time this year. And that descent, unfortunately, might continue on. Mysterio has a shoulder injury that’s going to keep him on the shelf for a little while now, and as a result, might get passed over by quite a lot of people. Especially the person who he was just in front of, who of course he’s very much tied to in Samoa Joe. Get well, Mysterio, and come back guns blazing whenever that may be.

14. Ali
Points: 53.875 | Last Month: 18

Ali saw a rise in these rankings from #18 to #14 this month. That’s after quite a few standout showings on SmackDown Live and at Money in the Bank. Ali is obviously one of the best around, and he showed exactly why in the month of May. He may have been swiped of the MITB briefcase by Brock Lesnar, but he certainly would’ve been a worthy candidate for it otherwise. When he gets going again, whenever that may be, expect him to excel some more.

13. Bobby Lashley
Points: 56.75 | Last Month: 17

Bobby Lashley’s a very interesting case here. He didn’t have many standout matches, so to speak, in the month of May. But he got enough reps to jump up to 13th in this month’s rankings. It’s the compiling thing again, and that’s kind of just how it is in these rankings sometimes. But Lashley is definitely having more than a good enough year to justify his standing here, even if you may find yourself disagreeing with that opinion. The proof, as always, is in the pudding.

12. Baron Corbin
Points: 56.75 | Last Month: 21

Baron Corbin is getting boosted big time by a lot of compiling. But he’s still certainly showing off his strengths in multi-man matches. He had plenty of those in May, and that’s a big reason why he jumps all the way up to 12th in this month’s Top 25. No one’s saying you have to like him, and he probably isn’t the 12th best worker in the company. But, credit given where credit is due, and when you work so many matches, your ascent is inevitable.

11. Johnny Gargano
Points: 58.625 | Last Month: 8

Johnny Gargano is obviously one of the best in the entire company. The reason for this fall out of the Top 10 is of course due in large to a workload decrease in NXT the past few weeks. But that of course isn’t too surprising, just based on how the formula works down in Full Sail. Whether or not he gets himself into the Top 10 after next month will largely hinge on how much he’s used and what kind of boost the match with Adam Cole at TakeOver XXV will give him. Hint: Likely a big one!

10. Cesaro
Points: 60.25 | Last Month: 11

A nice increase in points allowed for Cesaro to make his way into the Top 10. Maybe he’s not discussed enough, but he’s having a very, very good year so far. His recent string of matches with Ricochet have elevated him in a big way, and if he keeps going down on that path then we might need to talk about him being in the Top 5 very soon. At this point, he’s still one of the best in the entire company, and that, meanwhile, should definitely not come as too much a surprise.

9. Bayley
Points: 60.5 | Last Month: 9

What is there to really say about Bayley that hasn’t already been said? She is easily the MVP of the women’s division and was given her flowers, so to speak, in May when she won MITB and then the SmackDown Women’s Championship later in the month. She’s been the workhorse of the division, working the most matches out of anybody by a country mile this year amongst her peers. That likely won’t change anytime soon, so expect her to stay a consistent threat around here as long as she’s given the ball to run with.

8. Seth Rollins
Points: 68 | Last Month: 12

Seth Rollins jumps back into the Top 10 after a couple of months of hanging around the teens. Rollins’ efforts were mightily aided by a banger of a match with AJ Styles at Money in the Bank for his Universal Championship. While Rollins will be feuding with Baron Corbin for the foreseeable future, there’s still no doubt that he’s one of the better worker sin the company when he’ son. He certainly proved that in May, and that’s why he’s now in the Top 10.

7. Andrade
Points: 68.875 | Last Month: 7

After gaining over 10 points, Andrade remains at #7 in the Top 25. Andrade hasn’t been working too much this year, but definitely saw a big workload in the month of May, working numerous matches on SmackDown Live. He also played a big part in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, which certainly assisted him in staying where he’s at right now. We all know he has the talent to see a big jump. Time will tell to see if he’s given that ball to run with.

6. Drew McIntyre
Points: 73 | Last Month: 6

Drew McIntyre stays at #6 in this month’s Top 25. Mac saw a near 15-point increase this month, and it certainly helps out when you’re wrestling nearly every week. There’s obvious character concerns when it comes to him, and whether or not people are tired of seeing him. But Mac is still showing to be a pretty good wrestler as far as in-ring action goes. Thus, he stays a consistent piece in this month’s Top 25.

5. Daniel Bryan
Points: 76.375 | Last Month: 4

Daniel Bryan isn’t working the rigorous schedule that many may have expected. But, Bryan’s still making the most of his opportunities. And for his efforts, Bryan is ranked #5 in this month’s Top 25. He’s shifted over into the tag team scene, and that’s definitely seen a nice change of pace for him. He’s worked great matches with The Usos and has been a very big boost to Rowan’s cause too. We’ll see if he can continue to boost his cause as time progresses, and if he can remain a threat to be in the Top 10 all year. Ah, who am I kidding? Of course he will. It’s Daniel Bryan.

4. Kofi Kingston
Points: 81.25 | Last Month: 5

Kofi Kingston’s run has been sensational since February. After a strong month of May, Kingston finds himself just one point off Finn Balor as the #4 wrestler in the Top 25. Kingston has been booked about as well as any face WWE Champion has been in recent memory. He’s had great matches and great title defenses over the past few weeks, and that doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon, either. Kofi should be able to catch Finn Balor at some point soon, especially if his workload doesn’t increase. It will be a fun battle to see who can catch whom, as Aleister Black is within striking distance too.

3. Finn Balor
Points: 82.75 | Last Month: 3

Finn Balor has recently been given a bit of a break, but the IC Champion did enough to remain the #3 wrestler in the Top 25. Balor’s workload is going to likely have to increase, especially if he wants to keep his status as the #3 wrestler with Kofi Kingston hot on his tail. We’ll see if a workload increase helps his cause or not. For now, Balor is #3, but definitely is starting to feel the heat.

2. Aleister Black
Points: 90.125 | Last Month: 2

Aleister Black hasn’t wrestled a match in a very long time. He still is #2 on the Top 25. That should tell you everything about the start of his year, no?

1. Ricochet
Points: 126.25 | Last Month: 1

Ricochet continues to set the pace, as he still remains the #1 ranked wrestler in the Top 25. It’s probably easier at this point to track when he’s going to hit 200 than when someone else is going to catch him. Especially if he continues to have great matches with Cesaro on Raw. He’s having a remarkable year so far, and it’s super exciting to watch.