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Rico's Playhouse Podcast
Playhouse Shorts: Hollywood & the Black Film Maker
Rico's Playhouse: Ice Cube Threw the Wrong Oop in Players Club
Rico's Playhouse Podcast: "No Disrespect, But Chicago Still Better"

This week on the playhouse, @PlayboiRico is joined by his #ShopTalkChi co-host @larryislegend. In what was supposed to be a playhouse short host Rico and Larry get caught up in what makes Chicago the greatest city ever they discuss chicago and its impact on slang, culture, fashion, music, and food

Playhouse Shorts Ep.3

On this edition of Playhouse Shorts, @PlayboiRico is  joined by Professional Wrestler @raykushington. They discussed the early beginnings of wrestling, the attitude era, who inspired Ray to wrestle, and are favorite moments/wrestlers.

Playhouse Shorts Ep.2: The History of Reality TV

On the 2nd Episode of Playhouse Shorts @PlayboiRico sits down with the co-host of Rico's Playhouse @miabias to discuss the history of reality tv. We discussed favorite classics such as Real World, Road Rules, Flavor of Love, For the Love of Ray J, and many more of your favorites

Rico's Playhouse Podcast: "We Must Protect Dark Skin Aunt Viv At All Costs"

This week in the playhouse, @PlayboiRico joined by @tha1b_at, @kingpuffdaddy23, @Diamond_ChaseMi, & @jenocidee. As we drink black love aka Dusse & Lemonade we discussed On the run 2 ticket prices, why we must protect darkskin aunt Viv at all cost, how logic divorcing his wife is fire, and more

Rico's Playhouse Podcast: Danity Kane Was Overrated

This week in the Playhouse we discussed Cardi B's Pregnancy rumors, Tory Lanez pressing Travis Scott, how a man skipped work for 6 years and no one noticed, as well as how Danity Kane was overrated @PlayBoiRico

Rico's Playhouse Podcast: House Of Payne is the N*gga version of Blackish

In a bonus episode of the pod, @PlayBoiRico is joined by hilarious vlogger @Maggienoliaaaaa and they discuss why House of Pain is the nigga version of Blackish, favorite fast food chicken spots, why the Baba's on 71st & Jeffrey fell off plus much more

Rico's Playhouse Podcast: Russian Boolette

This week in the Playhouse(@PLAYBOIRICO) we have the Legendary Russian Boolette Group message. We discuss Rick Ross and his musical legacy, Women and their love, hate affair with shade, things about the opposite sex that we judge them for, and many other crazy topics

Rico's Playhouse Podcast: Lightskin Aunt Viv stayed in a Ashley Stewart Top

This week in the playhouse we have Chicago’s own @djroyal_lscity. We discuss Blac Chyna’s mouth services, Rae Carruth wanting custody of his child, and what would you do if you woke up and the person next to you wet the bed.

Rico's Playhouse: Chicago slang is like the N word Don't use it
Rico's Playhouse Podcast: That's How P*ssy Poppin Came About"

This week in the Playhouse @PlayboiRico is joined by @eizzysahir @coolie2kold @theehughearly. This week we discuss Quincy Jones wild stories, Biggie Being Better Than Ross, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, and the Gucci Mane Biopic.

Rico's Playhouse Podcast: Tisha Campbell look like Littefoot

This Week In the Playhouse @PlayboiRico is joined by @diamondsdosage @valeriecharnett @ciarajibri. We discuss power of the pussy, Martin Reboot, Tisha Campbell and Martin burrying hatchet. So sit back relax and enjoy Rico's Playhouse. 

Rico's Playhouse Podcast

This week in the playhouse we are joined by @xoxoxminnie @icujockingjazzy @barackoboogie where we discuss minute men/how long is too long for sex, J. Holiday tweaking on Aunty Mary, as well as a list of our favorite dirty mac songs. So sit back relax and enjoy Rico's Playhouse.

Rico's Playhouse: "How Ciara Boujee But Was Wearing G-Unit Sneakers"

This Week in the Playhouse we are joined by @marcuskincy and @ohh_harmon where we discussed an array of topics such as Monique vs Netflix, the Tragic Death of Fredo Santana, Lean abuse, and Ciara forgetting where she came from. So sit back relax and enjoy Rico's Playhouse.