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Reforming college basketball

So... let’s rap:

Imagine a world where the truth isn’t kept from you at all. You’re told from the jump that the system is built to work against you. Not because you’re inferior or unworthy. Simply because you pose the biggest threat. The status quo has remained because it allows for a certain demographic to remain centered. To remain powerful.

Going a step further, you realize that’s the entirety of the vision of this country.

Why it was so important to have you blindly reciting allegiance to a flag your ancestors bled for but are marginalized by.

Why it’s been so important to shun Colin Kaepernick to the capacity that even the blindest, most willfully obtuse minds & eyes see through the thinly veiled smokescreen.

America, the greatest country in the world? America the beautiful? Let’s talk America the manipulators of history. America, the appropriator.

Thank BasedGod for Linda Miley. Gifted instructor at Walton Elementary in Virden (Ad)Dition, Mississippi (Yes. It needs its own zip code & municipality.) Where the pledge once stood, from my third-grade acceptance on, we did brain teasers to begin the day. Mild conversation was encouraged but only topical. This, ironically, ended up being the environment I was in during the morning hours of September 11, 2001.

She promptly turned down (not off) the volume of the radio we normally listened to in the background & pointed the conversation to HG Wells “War of the Worlds” & Dan Seymour’s subsequent interpretation on “The Mercury Theatre on the Air” in 1938. To this very day, that obsession with starting my day with brain stimulation is a very telling facet of my life. Apps galore project consistent & introspective teasers & ensuring to rise before the sun allow for the process to go unimpeded.

In this depiction of dopeness personified, black athletes are then treated the same as non-persons of color. Realistically speaking, if you consider for efficiency, this could be applied regionally. Everyone seems to hate the idea of free agency & players decisions have yet to be (& likely never will be) met with resounding respect.

You likely expected another word there but literally, if you understood all of the monsters working behind the scenes, the least the players deserve is the chance to choose their destination ONCE in their career for themselves, solely.

But, let’s stay on task. Instead of treating “amateurism” as such hot lava, essentially telling athletes to shut up & stick to dribbling a ball, why not encourage everyone? Imagine a system where it was understood & appreciated that playing professional sports is a realistic goal for many & support that transition so that everyone involved prospers. Imagine basketball players being allowed to enter the draft out of high school or stay in school three years, enough time to finish a degree contingent upon studies & work habits; if they go undrafted they’re still allowed to go to college.

What’s the point of punishing someone trying to feed their family? They failed to be drafted. Cool. Personally? Let’s see how hard this kid works for the next three years to enter that draft. Same for football. It’s bad enough that we still haven’t found suitable protection to reduce concussion effects. Let’s continue to manipulate the already marginalized. That sounds like baseless rhetoric & conjecture huh? Unrealistic! You probably thought. But… what if I told you the NHL and MLB already have similar systems in place?

Society looks at celebrities to pick them apart for jokes as opposed to stealing ideas. Blue Ivy is already an Grammy-nominated producer because her parents empowered her to be herself. & sure, they can afford to replace a microphone if she broke it but humor me:

1: Shouldn’t the lot of your investment be in your child & their growth, as opposed to these material items you’ve purchased that can easily be replaced

2: You can’t have room for the new & improved if you’re clinging to the old. You also have to fail in order to improve. Blue doesn’t even know what a Grammy really is yet, but you could tell, as we all did that she wasn’t happy about losing & wanted to be back there again.

Our kids deserve this investment. This belief. Our parents not knowing how to properly give it to us has to stop being an excuse one day.  History repeats itself when we don’t get better. Things have gotten better, marginally. So, the work must continue. & this shit is hard. But it was much harder for those before. That’s why it cannot stop here.

Not a single white player was named in the recent FBI probe. Why? In this country, as it stands, a white player would never have to choose between ethically, by NCAA standards mind you, & feeding his family. Same goes for those implicated & arrested. Assistant coaches. Players forced to sit out.

Meanwhile, the real crooks continue to fight behind the scenes, citing the 13th amendment to defend the bullshit stance that players shouldn’t be compensated when they’re making coaches, NCAA execs, shoe companies & everyone but their damn families billions of dollars.

So now that we’re back to reality, back to the moment, it’s quite clear, in Smoove’s humble opinion:

Pay the players or lose the players. NBA scouts just want film & to know a player can play. That can happen overseas. The G-League. A hypelong Ball hater even considered restarting his career in the BBB league, so the space is there. Own it. They stole it from under the Indians anyway & stole us from our land to work it. Why you think they wanted to speak softly & carry a big stick? Because an educated, empowered black man is a weapon of mass destruction like any other.

But first, we got to be honest. About it all. Find that mirror, King.