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Four ways to heal from past traumas
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Many people have been through a turbulent time in our life where it either took a long time to get over it or we are still dealing with the pain it has caused. Holding onto past traumas can prevent you from moving on, accomplishing a task, or even having a good mental health. These are some ways to help with healing from past traumas.

Write it Out

It’s time to get to the root of what is bothering you. It’s not always easy talking to another person about what is going on, but it still helps to get it out in some way. Grab a pen and journal, or even pull up the notes app on your phone or tablet. Start getting your thoughts out. It can be as simple as writing a few words describing your emotions. Under those, describe what it is that has caused you to feel that way. Also write out what makes you feel better as well as things to either change the situation for the better or listing out the positives from it.

Seek Therapy, For the Culture

There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeing a therapist. It can actually do more help than harm when dealing with a past trauma. When you go to therapy, you are seeing a professional who does not know anything about you except for what you open up to them about. The therapist is not there to pass judgement that maybe a friend or family member would, but they will offer you suggestions to think positive and encourage behavior that is healthy for you mentally. There are also new affordable ways to get therapy such as apps that connect you to a licensed therapist through text, audio, or video. Don’t be afraid to open up about what you’ve bottled up.

Forgive Others or Even Yourself

Forgiveness is definitely easier said than done. However, it can lift a huge weight off of your shoulders. Holding on to hurt or anger that someone may caused you doesn’t benefit your mental well-being. Forgiving doesn’t mean you’ll forget what happened, but it’s about removing the resentment. The other person could have moved on with their life and living peacefully, but because you are still holding this grudge, you are allowing negative energy to surround you. Even if you blame yourself for trauma, being able to have a self inventory and realizing you cannot change the past will motivate you to focus on improving for the present and future.

Burning Ritual

Now time for one of my favorites, The Burning Ritual! Yes, this method will require a little fire, so grab a lighter. This type of ritual is a way to release things good or bad into the universe. A lot of people do this during the beginning of the year or around a full or new moon, but it’s up to when you feel it is the right time. Set up for the ritual by using either a bonfire setup, or a pot to pure a fire in. It’s recommended to do this outside for safety reasons as well as making sure the negative energy is not released in your home. You will first want to have a clear and open mind, then write out all of the negative aspects of your life and the traumas that still consume your mind. After, read everything you’ve written out loud and before placing in the fire, state that you will no longer allow the bad energy of these things to affect who you are and that you release them from your life.

There are many ways to start the healing process of a past trauma. It’s ultimately up to you to decide how you choose to let go of the bad vibes and feelings of those situations. Even if you’re not currently dealing with any pain, these methods are also good for gaining a new perspective on your life in a positive light! Let me know how you heal from traumas in your life!