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What's behind Fortnite's popularity?
Getty/Vaughn Ridley/Epic Games

Getty/Vaughn Ridley/Epic Games

It’s an intriguing concept. A match consists of 100 players in one map, with the goal being the last person or team standing to survive. The game is called Fortnite. But why are the UMBC Retrievers basketball team, fresh off of pulling off the greatest upset in NCAA tournament history beating a one seed, shouting it out after becoming the first 16 seed to ever win a game in March Madness. Why is Drake, Travis $cott and Juju Smith-Schuster breaking streaming records on Twitch, and why does the streamer they played with have a net worth of $3.5 Million(!)?

It can all be explained by the awareness it has in its users and its own self awareness as well.

I started playing two months ago. My roommates egged me on, but when they told me it was free, I figured I would try it out. Not being a hardcore gamer by any means, I had no headset at the ready, but it they made sure to let me know that I’d need one since communication would be key. We filled our squad up to 4 people (the maximum for each team) and readied up.

It all starts in an airborne bus flying across the massive map and is typically when your team decides where to drop. Quite literally you drop in by skydiving, with nothing but a pick axe, as the race to the loot begins. Most everything can be hit with your pick axe to collect materials to build with, from defensive forts to offensive barriers. Lots of the items you can grab are laying around but there are also a few ‘chests’ with a chance at more rare items, ranging from materials, to health kits, and various guns & explosives

But Fortnite isn’t just a firefight, it’s much more about survival. The looming threat being the ‘storm’. As the game progresses, the map shrinks into progressively shrinking safe zones, as the health depleting storm keeps you moving towards the action. And as more and more people get eliminated, the amount of powerful weapons available increases through supply drops. All of this is to say that there are multiple factors that need to be accounted for, and why having a good team is so important.

. One reason why the game is so popular though, is the even playing field. In games like COD and NBA 2K, there's an advantage for those who put in the hours or even the cash. But in Fortnite, your chance of winning really just depends on how good you can build, shoot, and strategize around the map. The only things you can purchase is various outfits and celebrations, none of which give you an advantage. But the aspect of magical realism is just as key to its fame.

Epic Games

Epic Games

While there is great detail in the weapons and the world itself, the physics aren’t as realistic, and that can be pretty entertaining when playing, or watching other people play. One twitch streamer called Ninja has become so good at the game, that he pulls in tens of thousands of viewers per stream, and even tens of thousands of dollars in donations. There’s a strangely pleasurable feeling in seeing someone “ball out” in Fortnite. It’s comparable to an amateur and a master painter making art with the same materials.

Fortnite is constantly changing though. Different items and weapons come and go throughout its various updates, but if something new, like a damage trap, becomes popular, it’ll be there for the long run. They’ll even create new towns that are added to the map, with more opportunities for loot and fortifying. The developers are constantly trying new things and trying to conform to the users.

Most recently, Fortnite has released the game for IOS (iPhone & iPad) in its entirety. I tried the IOS version first hand, and other than the graphics & framerate, it really is the same game. What’s more impressive, they’ve implemented cross platform playability. That means that a 4 person squad could have someone playing on a PS4, Xbox, PC, and iPhone, playing in the same game. This may just be the best development, and last week it made Ninja’s stream with Drake possible in the first place. It gives the user a sense of freedom from platform conformity, and possibilities for a more social gaming experience.

There’s many reasons to like Fortnite but the opportunities you have to play it are at the top of the list. We’ve also seen these days the youth will play and/or watch, what they want, when they want, but they also want to be heard. And yes it sounds cheesy, but that’s exactly what this game has looked to accomplish. As the fan base continues to grow and their crowd gets larger to source from, this game will be here for the long run.

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Most anticipated albums of 2018

There’s a couple of things that come to mind when I think about New Years; it’s new beginnings, new energy, new people, new opportunities, and most importantly, new music. Every year when it feels there’s no way the music atmosphere can get that better, I’m  hit me with that “Iight BET” text message from the new year.  New music releases in 2018  means new sounds, waves, flows, tunes, artists, etc. When it’s not the usual artists dominating, there’s always some new faces that make big noise for themselves.  Despite push back old heads give us, music is in a great spot. With all of these diverse  categories of hip-hop specifically tailored to different crowds, you would think complaining about the state of music would experience some cutback.  But people are never satisfied. Either way it goes,  I’m excited to hear  what’s in stored for our 2018 Life soundtrack. I’ve come up with the list of rappers whom in which I’m excited for releasing new music this year.

Migos - Culture 2

Coming off an astounding year, Migos are already prepping for their upcoming album Culture 2, which drops on January 26th. This release falls a day before the one year anniversary of Culture. With two single already in rotation (Motor Sport and Stir Fry), I’m interested in what direction the group is taking the sound & vibe this next go round. I don't know if it’s because of the Quality Control compilation release, but the buzz doesn't feel entirely the same as it did last year. However, I have faith in Migos to drop that flame. I'm looking forward to hearing my guy Offset (aka the BEST MIGO out the group) to do work on the album. . 

Rae Sremmurd - Sremmlife 3

SremmLife 3 has been teased on several occasions by Mike Will Made It and the group through social media and interviews. Back in August while with speaking with Tim Westwood , Swae Lee confirmed that SremmLife 3 was just about complete. Prior to that, Slim Jxmmi initially said initially that the third album was going to be a departure from the Sremmlife series, but later, Swae changed the plans up. We haven’t got an actual release date yet, but we were told it’s supposed to drop sometime in January. I’m not sure if it will since release dates always change, but I’m certain Sremmlife 3 will drop for us sometime in the first quarter of 2018.

On a side note, I really wish they would start dropping their albums in the spring time so their records could blow up and get in the summer rotation.

YG- Just Re’d Up 3

When we last heard YG on his Red Friday EP, he said on Public Service Announcement intro "Just Re’d Up 3 coming soon.” YG has been quietly working in the lab, whether with Mustard for the album or assisting with features with other rappers. He’s dropped some loosie singles post-Still Brazy in Fuck it up, YNS & Pop it Shake It. It’s about to be about two years since Still Brazy dropped (which i think is top album of 2016 despite some push back since the album missed Mustards’ presence) and I think it’s about time for a new YG album in order to prep us for the summer.

Nipsey Hussle - Victory Lap

It's about DAMN time our playa’ potna Nipsey Hussle is finally dropping Victory Lap on February 16th. I’ve been a fan of his music since Hussle in the House dropped and he’s grabbed me with his mixtapes series Bullets Aint Got No Name and The Marathon. After Crenshaw dropped in 2013, Nipsey started teasing us with Victory Lap, but it was starting to reach Detox status. But it seems like Victory Lap is finally about to happen. If my boy Cyhi could delay his album process and drop heat like No Dope on Sundays, then I have all the faith in Nipsey.

Travis Scott- Astroworld

Travis Scott is for the people and he proves it every single time with each new project release. Birds in The Trap Sing McKnight is still holding it down as we’re we wait for Astroworld. Huncho Jack with Quavo was cool and all, but we all are waiting for what’s coming with their own projects. Last year, Trav dropped three throwaway records; Green and Purple with Playboi Carti, The Butterfly Effect, and A Man. I’m anxious to hear what new sounds he's got cooking in the works with Mike Dean. He had a great all star cast on his last album and i’m interested in who's making contributions this next go round. Will he outdo Birds and Rodeo? Stay tuned.

Schoolboy Q- TBD

Blank Face was the album of 2016, point blank period. Schoolboy Q came through with the heat and it still sticks today. If you follow Q on Snapchat or his IG stories, then you would know he’s putting the finishing touches on his next album. He’s already warned us that he’s taking the mainstream route with the production. We don’t know much about the new album yet but I can guarantee you that Q’s is about to lace us with some heat the TDE way.

Jay Rock - TBD

Jay Rock has been silently working on his next album for awhile now. TDE has already made their power move by dropping King’s Dead with Kendrick and Future, which not only will serve as a single for The Black Panther but also the first single off his upcoming Album. We don’t have a lot of information regarding the album, but judging off the snippets, I'm looking forward to the album. I can’t wait until the second single comes out.

Future - TBD

We’ve been long overdue for a new solo Future album. Last year, he pulled a double whammy on us dropping FUTURE & HNDRXX, both albums which could possibly be argued as the best albums of 2017.  The only thing missing is a Grammy nomination but only time will tell.

Between the rumors of Beast Mode 2 with him & Zaytoven and finding he will be curating the soundtrack for the Superfly remake, there’s no telling exactly what direction Future is going to go with his music. All we can tell you is that expect some new heat soon. To keep it a buck, I really hope somehow we can add No Wallet into the mix.

Drake - TBD

At the end of “Do Not Disturb,” Drake said,  “Takin summer off, cause they tell me I need recovery/ Maybe gettin’ back to my regular life will humble me/ I’ll be back in 2018 to give you the summary.”  We really don’t know what Drizzy has in stored for us this year, but based on the snippets that’s dropped on social media, he’s been working. Even though I would much rather prefer him to take the year off and really put his foot into the next album, he’s going to do what he want to do. All I can hope for is more flame to come on the way.

Kanye West - TBD

As an OG Kanye stan,  these days I feel bittersweet about him as a whole from his recent music to how he is as a person.  Even though I’m not as fond of him as I was before, there’s still some love for Uncle Ye deep down. Not only do we want the best for him, but we also want the mild sauce flowing back in his veins.

He was very quiet for the most of 2017 minus a verse on Cyhi’s Dat Side. We’ve heard from numerous members of G.O.O.D. Music that Kanye is back on his “five beats a day for three summers” flow. I’m not believing anything until I actually hear it. But the good thing about Ye’s music is that you’ll never know what to expect from him. So for that, I’m interested to see where he will take it since he’s been so quiet.