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Ball Don't Lie - "WTF is going on?"

Joe misses his first of an expected six episodes this season, but don't fret. Scott & Pierce hold it down for you on this TWO-HOUR edition of Ball Don't Lie.

Sound Off
Jimmy Butler/KAT/Wiggins/Timberwolves Drama
NBA Media Day
Why ‘Kyrie to the Knicks’ makes no sense
Ending the ‘Everyone wants to be a Laker’ narrative
Expectations for the NBA season
NFL Week 3 recap
Jimmy G torn ACL
Rams injuries
Carson Wentz return in Philly
Patrick Mahomes & the Chiefs are 3-0
Can the Jags win the Super Bowl with Blake Bortles playing like mid?
NFL Week 4 predictions
First impressions of 'The Joker'
Can the DCEU, X-Men right the ship?
Mini-35th and Addison
The Cubs folding down the stretch
Grading the 2018 Chicago White Sox
The return of 'Red Shirt Tiger' sundays
Goofy Mog of the Week

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What 2 Watch: Thursday May 10th

We don't have any basketball until Sunday. What the fuck am I gonna do with my life for the next three days?

While I try and maneuver my way through this thing called 'Life without the NBA', there's some pretty high stakes games on tonight, including a Game 7 in the NHL, a possible sweep in the Bronx, and Tiger and Phil teeing off at TPC. Enjoy your Thursday!

Boston Red Sox v. New York Yankees
7pm EST, MLB Network, MLB.TV, MLB At Bat app

The Evil Empire is back on top. The Yankees have won 17 of 18 and go for the sweep of the Red Sox tonight in the Bronx. It's been late hits from Aaron Judge in game one and Brett Gardner last night that have given the Yanks the edge. Now CC Sabathia goes for win #240 and a series sweep of their rivals.

(John Woods/The Canadian Press)

(John Woods/The Canadian Press)

Winnipeg Jets v. Nashville Predators, Western Conference Semifinal Game 7
8pm EST, NBCSN, NBC Sports App

Thanks to an unusual playoff alignment in the NHL, the two best teams in the Western Conference are playing in the semis. The Jets are trying to make their first Western Conference Final since Winnipeg got their hockey team back a few years ago. The Preds have unfinished business after losing in the Stanley Cup Final last summer, and a Game 7 L at home would crush a lot of spirits in Smashville. Look out for Winnipeg's Dustin Byfuglien, Nashville's PK Subban and Filip Forsberg in this one.

Minnesota Twins v. Los Angeles Angels
10pm EST, FS1, Fox Sports GO, MLB.TV, MLB At Bat app

The Twins take a five-game winning streak into Anaheim to face the Orange County Angels. Jose Berrios (3-3, 3.98 ERA) meets Mike Trout for the very first time as Minnesota looks to break even with the Indians in the AL Central. Garrett Richards (4-1, 3.93 ERA) is red hot coming off of his best outing of the season against Seattle last week.

San Francisco Giants v. Philadelphia Phillies
1pm EST, Facebook

The Phillies go for the four-game sweep in this matinee affair. It would be their fourth of the season, their third at home where they're 14-5. Two teams over .500 and you can watch them while you dodge your family's desperate attempts to get your attention. Fun fun fun!

The Players Championship
1:52pm EST, Golf Channel, ESPN+

TPC at Sawgrass is the biggest non-major of the PGA Tour season, and while golf usually isn't appointment TV for me, it is when Tiger Woods is playing. You factor in he's teeing off with Phil Mickelson? Some mid-afternoon golf just turned into really good background noise for ya boy.

West Ham United v. Manchester United
2:45pm, NBCSN, NBC Sports App

Man U heads to East London in need of a point to secure the second spot in the Premier League table. There awaits former gaffer David Moyes, who got sacked 10 months into his stay at Old Trafford in 2014. Current Man U manager Jose Mourinho has a lot to figure out about his lineup before the summer transfer window opens.

The Best Nike commercials ever

Today, seeing the familiar swoosh or those three words - Just Do It - symbolizes only one company - Nike. It's one of the most recognizable companies in the world and has been so for the last 30 years thanks to its a rapid ascent in the 80s due in part to a basketball player named Michael Jordan (you might have heard of him) and his signature shoes and landmark commercials.

Before then, commercials had not been a major marketing ploy for shoe companies, but because Nike had a signature athlete, they broke the norm and over the next thirty years would create some of the most influential commercials on American pop culture.  Here's our list of the greatest Nike commercials of all time.

Honorable mentions

Bo Knows – In the 80s and 90s, Bo Jackson was unlike any athlete anyone had ever seen.  An outfielder for the Kansas City Royals and a running back for the Los Angeles Raiders, it seemed there wasn’t anything Bo couldn’t do.  If he could play two professional sports, simultaneously, then what else could he do?  It’s as if he knew everything.

Nike Freestyle – At the turn of the century, the worlds of basketball and hip hop were starting to merge. Ballers were trying to rap and rappers were trying to be ballers, and an underground movement highlighted by little known shoe company And 1 led to the marriage of the two lifestyles. In 2001, Nike released a commercial spotlighting this new wave, starring NBA players & street legends. It perfectly enthralled the hip hop audience of basketball and became one of the most popular Nike commercials ever.

5. Chicks Dig The Long Ball

This 1998 commercial featured former Atlanta Braves pitchers Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine.  Around this time in baseball, home runs were en vogue and everyone was fascinated with the moonshots and high home run numbers that were happening around the league.  Drawing in women viewers to a sport is always a plus and in baseball, which is seen as boring, if you can do so, you’re winning.  Nike saw this and capitalized.

4. LeBron’s first

There is no athlete that had as much hype and attention starting their professional career as LeBron James.  NO ONE. The scrutiny he was under in high school was unlike anything any of us had ever seen before.  Even Sports Illustrated put him on the cover saying James would be the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft as a high school junior. Leading up to his debut, many wondered would he live up to the hype?  Would he be a cautionary tale?  LeBron and Nike gave a “what if” glimpse into LeBron’s debut with a hilarious ending.

3.  Earl and Tiger

In 2009, Tiger Woods’ fall from grace started. Once one of the most beloved and admired athletes on the planet, Woods became embroiled in a scandal that revealed him being unfaithful to his wife. After the public beating & the apology tour he embarked on, Nike released a 30+ second commercial. Shot in black & white, the commercial shows Woods staring into the camera as a 2004 audio clip from his late father, Earl, is mixed in. Eerily, his father seems to be asking him “if he’s learned anything”. Tiger and his father had an extremely close relationship and if someone gets in any trouble, they’ll look to their parents for solace. Earl passed in 2006 but this commercial brought that fatherly advice, if you will, together.  It personally gave me chills.

2. It Must Be The Shoes

In 1988, Michael Jordan and Spike Lee were known but not the names they are now. Once this commercial hit the small screen though, their stock rose immeasurably. Lee, playing the part of overzealous fan Mars Blackmon, just had to know the source of Jordan’s talent on the court. How is he dunking so easily? How is he flying through the air? It’s gotta be the shoes! But Jordan insisted otherwise. A landmark commercial which launched the careers of both men and the company.

1. I Am Not A Role Model

There hasn’t been a commercial that has sparked as much social and political debate as Nike’s 1993 I Am Not A Role Model commercial featuring Charles Barkley. Barkley emphatically stated that “just because I dribble a basketball doesn’t mean I should raise your kids”. The commercial started a series of conversations across the country about whether or not athletes should be role models or not. That’s another article for another day but there’s no denying the impact of the commercial.