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THE MOGCAST EP. 4 - Toxic HeadAss Community

Rhodan kicks off The Mogcast under the Licks and Stains Act. Mogs speak on the westside Car2Go Mercedes lick heard around the world, to the jug that is Ye’s Coachella merch... GY calls in via Google Hangouts from the Crib. Also, coping post-Nip, Mogs talk toxic masculinity....Is it time to unpack and unlearn the dumb shit? Peace, mogs! Episode 4 is here!

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Ball Don't Lie EP 46 - The Marathon Continues

Pierce and Scott remember the life of a West Coast legend, the late, great Nipsey Hussle. Then, Nitzan Bluvstein from the Count the Dings' Friday Mailbag & the Daily Ding and Ruthless Aggression's Chris Novak joins the pod to talk the Marvel Cinematic Universe and tell you to buy your fuckin Endgame tickets already.

And remember: Hussle & Motivate.

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Victory Lap, a playlist for Nipsey Hussle

On March 31st, 2019, Nipsey Hussle, born Ermias Davidson Asghedom, was gunned down outside of his Marathon clothing store in South Los Angeles at the young age of 33. Nipsey was a rare breed in hip hop who not only spoke words of wisdom, love and positivity, but pushed us to empower each other and reinvest in our communities, not just with his words, but with his actions.

As a fan, his murder doesn’t seem real yet. I keep recalling the night I discovered Nipsey in high school. It was during the blog era and I was in search of new music for the new year. There were five rappers in particular who caught my hear: Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Wale, Freddie Gibbs, and Nipsey. I don’t remember the song - it may have been Speak My Language but I’m not 100% positive - but I remember his voice; it was unique, and he spoke like a wise cousin who’s been through some shit and is passing the game on down to you.

And he was. Nipsey’s music reached you on a different level. He glorified our communities in a way that didn’t break us down but built us up. He was prideful of his neighborhood; he bought land in his community and gave his people job and business opportunities. He opened his own clothing store in the hood just a few years ago. It was same store he was at with his daughter when he prematurely lost his life.

Nipsey had so much guidance left to give us. So much that it’s a shame to sit and write this right now. Nevertheless, while he may not be here in the physical, his music, his knowledge, his light and love are never going away. That’s why The Barber’s Chair worked quickly to put together this playlist of Nipsey’s greatest hits to help us all heal. Whether you have been a Nipsey fan for years, or you’re looking for a place to start, join us in celebrating the life of a legend.

RIP Nipsey.

A Letter to Nipsey
Prince Williams/Getty Images

Prince Williams/Getty Images

In my 28 years on this earth, I’ve never been the type to cry over a celebrity’s death. I managed to handle losing icons like Michael or Mac, but for the most part I’ve learned to come to grips with death simply because it’s apart of life.

That all changed March 31st, 2019. The day you died.

The news hit me like a ton of bricks. I was in the middle of a recording when I saw a picture of your body laying on the ground. It made me sick. All I could do was pray, and wish the best for you, but God had other plans for you.

Your death tore the entire team up. I found myself locked in a bathroom shedding tears, something I had never done before. It felt like I lost an old mentor, someone who along the way felt like family. Your music got me through some of the toughest times in my life and helped shape the man I am today. I remember when Hussle in the House dropped in 2009; I was so intrigued by the energy you spread on that record, reminiscent of another West Coast legend in the homie Snoop.

You followed up with The Marathon the very next year, which played a pivotal role in my college years, as did most music released during the Blog era. The one that most stood out in my most was Bigger Than Life, the hidden track at the end of the tape. At the time, I couldn’t completely comprehend your message, but I understood it came from a place of sincerity. Your music suddenly had new meaning to me, and from that day on it played a tremendous role in my transition into an adult.

I was there for your coming out party, the infamous Crenshaw tape. I was fresh out of college working for my mom’s while starting my first freelance gig with Elite Daily. We were all nuts when you announced your Proud to Pay campaign, charging $100 for one of 1,000 physical copies of the album while the digital release was free to download. It was so unique and out of the ordinary that I wasn’t sure what to expect, but you stuck with your guns and sure enough, you sold every unit in less than 24 hours. Even Jay saw the vision and bought 100 copies in support. It just goes to show that real recognizes real.

Your music was an inspiration to black creatives and kept us going through this Marathon we call life. You gave us the blueprint, told us to trust in our own process and have the upmost faith in our vision. In your abbreviated lifetime, you shaped yourself into the example of what a strong, wise, powerful black man is supposed to be, and for that I am forever grateful for you. It’s painful that you were taken from us so soon, especially considering you were in the prime of your career after your Grammy nom for Victory Lap.

Above all else, your focus stayed on building up your community - through your words and your actions - and making the world a better place for your family. God bless Lauren and your blended family, and surround them with love. You may no longer be here in the physical, but your spirit lives on forever. Your legacy will not die. We will make sure of that. Now more than ever, it’s up to us to take the mantle and lead the revolution you started.

The Marathon continues for us, and we’re going to hold you down by picking up where you left off.

Long Live Neighborhood Nip.

Best projects of February 2018

It was a slow start to the calendar year in regards to music releases. It's not to say we weren't blessed with several high-quality projects in January, but the drip of new drops was an incremental one. The floodgates opened up wide for the month of February leading to a frenzy of project releases and upcoming announcements. If the first two months were any indicators of the rest of the year, March and beyond are shaping up quite nicely.

Before we jump ahead to the rest of 2018, let's pump the breaks real quick to discuss the most recent month that has passed us. Eyeless and Just JT of The Barber's Chair are here to share their 3 favorite music projects from February, along with a couple honorable mentions that should also be on your radar.

Black Panther Soundtrack (Curated by Kendrick Lamar/Top Dawg Entertainment)

Eyeless: Living up to the hype in a modern world of hyperbolic expectations is a difficult task in this climate. Between the unrelenting attention drawn towards the blockbuster film and the vaunted persona of the popular music label, thousands, if not millions of eyes and ears were pointed towards the direction of this soundtrack. Boy, TDE did not miss with the creation and curation of the Black Panther OST. Director of the first major Marvel film year Ryan Coogler had entrusted the keys of the music vehicle to one of the most well known and successful hip-hop/RnB collectives in the game who did not fumble when given the opportunity. TDE's creative prowess was on full display throughout the entirety of the album, making lyrical and melodic ties to the actual movie without seeming too forced.

The obvious duality between the film's protagonist T'Challa and antagonist Erik Killmonger can be felt even if you haven't watched Black Panther yet (if you haven't seen it yet...the fuck are you waiting for?!?!?). But after watching the movie, the strong connection points can definitely be noticed about the split narratives for each character. The necessity of a seemingly out of place track like "Paramedic!" was extremely important in giving an authentic and representative sound for where the Bay Area native Killmonger was coming from. It's one thing to have a star-studded lineup of features like Black Hippy, SZA, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, and 2 Chainz for example. Features like that will only guarantee views. It's also a major responsibility to ensure the major talent that's acquired doesn't get squandered.

The in-house production crew at TDE made sure this did not happen. And as an added bonus, they gave preemptive shoutouts/looks to artists such as SOBxRBE, Mozzy, and Jorja Smith, not when they were at the peak of their ascension, but while they were in the stages of rising to stardom. By also incorporating African tribal sounds on tracks like "Redemption," TDE did a great job of mirroring the aesthetics of Black Panther, the film. This collaborative effort reminded us, not invented, what the standard of what a quality Original Soundtrack is supposed to sound like. Hopefully, Marvel/T.D.E./Ryan Coogler cemented a new trend of movie studios giving the reigns to a music label or collective to handle the duties of creating a whole soundtrack. The results of Black Panther the soundtrack and the movie should be proof enough that this is a successful and lucrative idea that should continue in the future.

Favorite tracks: Paramedic!, Seasons, I Am, King's Dead

JT: At this point, what else is there to say about this amazing cast of individuals formerly known as Top Dawg Entertainment? Everything they touch  always turns into gold and with their contribution towards The Black Panther soundtrack, they continue down their path of making quality music that sets them apart from the competition. The soundtrack received just as much hype as the motion picture did. Director Ryan Coogler did a great job of lending his trust towards TDE to create a body of work that is a representation of the film. Once you see the movie (hopefully you’ve seen it already) , you’ll recognize so much more of the connections between each character throughout the soundtrack. You can also recognized which song play well into the scenes of the movie. I just wished the movie could have incorporated more of the soundtrack sounds into the movie. What would’ve made the first fight scene between T’Challa & Killmonger so much more epic is if they had played King’s Dead in the background. Just imagine hearing the 2nd half of King’s Dead with Kendrick verse in the background while Killmonger is telling the people of Wakanda,“Is this your King” right before he threw T’Challa over the cliff. TDE did a hell of a great job with the guest Artist plaeements, especially when it came to showcasing the newer acts such as Mozzy, SOBxRBE, Jorja Smith, & Khalid. Even though Kendrick was all over the album, he still played his part in the background while letting the artist get their shine on. Paramedic is my favorite cut off the soundtrack. The sound is representation of the Bay Area and it’s plays an authentic part to describe where Killmonger was from. That made me more interested in wanting to hear what other music that group has out. Also with Kendrick’s actual tracks, each one sounds different from the last. What makes it better is how the songs don’t even like sound like throwaways off of DAMN. I hope that with TDE curating The Black Panther soundtrack that it brings back a trend of more artist curating movie soundtracks.

Favorite Tracks: X, I Am, Paramedic, King’s Dead, Seasons, Big Shot

Nipsey Hussle - Victory Lap

Eyeless: For the amount of years that Nipsey Hussle has been in the rap game, it is and it isn't a shock for Victory Lap to be his first major record (via Atlantic) label release. It is a shock because of his prolific mixtape run and relevance for a decade plus. It is also not a shock because of how Nipsey carries himself. I watched the hour plus Rap Radar interview and could tell how much of a self-reliant, business savvy individual he was. Patience is key when it comes to developing something from the ground up and he made sure to adhere to this policy. "I'm a master to my faith, plus I'm the type of nigga to own the masters to my tape" was a sentiment that was echoed throughout Victory Lap, meaning that he didn't jump at any deal without doing a thorough vetting process of the contract. When a deal that was favorable to him on HIS TERMS became available, he took it.

The same careful and meticulous attention to detail was present when constructing Victory Lap, an album that'll surely make many Top 10 end-of-the-year lists and will be remembered well beyond 2018. Before we even get to the lyrical content, I gotta take a minute to appreciate the sonics of the album. Money Makin' Nip has an incredible ear for beats, a skill that should not be undervalued in the slightest. Paired with supernatural talents of MixedByAli, from the first track to the very last, Victory Lap just sounds crisp and refined. Listeners can tell how much time and dedication was put into creating the foundation of the album; nothing sounds cheap or rushed. A plate of freshly prepared filet mignon as opposed to a re-heated McDonald's burger.

I can't take credit for this analogy for the project but someone on Twitter said that Victory Lap sounds like a TED Talk over a Rick Ross beat selection, which is not meant to be slanderous towards anyone. What I took away from that statement was Nipsey was spittin' free game and dropping knowledge to all of the listeners. He's a street dude that imparts relatable wisdom to those within and outside the purview of the block. The weight of each bar had the impact of a seismic earthquake because of his lively delivery, controlled flow, and cadence which accentuates every point he is trying to make. This album fucking slaps. From the purest of hip-hop purists to grimiest of thugged out goons, there is something here to be appreciated by every hip-hop fan: passionate lyrics, ethical messages, motivational advice, impeccable production, and a cohesiveness as a whole project.

Favorite tracks: Rap Niggas, Young Niggas, Blue Laces 2, Hussle & Motivate

JT: It’s been a long time coming for Neighborhood Nip but after 5 years of patience and anticipation,  he finally dropped his debut album Victory Lap and I couldn’t be more satisfied at how everything turned out. Everything about this body of work feels organic, focused, strategized, & straight to the point. From the singles releases of Rap Niggas, Last Time That I Checc’d, and Dedication, to the interviews conducted through Rap Radar, Hot 97, or The Breakfast Club, etc.  I can say that Twitter was spot on with the analogy of Victory Lap sounding like TED Talk on Rick Ross beats. What I love the most about this album outside of the music slapping was the overall message Nipsey was pushing of starting from the bottom, building your way to the top, & becoming self-made. You can feel that aura all over the album everytime you press replay. When listening to records like Hussle and Motivate, Millions While You Young, Real Big, & Young Nigga, the sudden urge of getting up off your ass  and making something of yourself consumes you. Next Thing you know, you out here feeling like you can take over the world just because Nip said so and showed that it was possible. Personally for me, I think the chorus of  Dedication perfectly describes the tone of Victory Lap and what it stands for.

Dedication, hard work plus patience

The sum of all my sacrifice, I'm done waitin'

I'm done waitin', told you that I wasn't playin'

Now you hear what I been sayin'


Between that and Kendrick Lamar completely bodying the beat, Dedication is one of my go-to records to play in order to keep myself motivated as im clocking into my day job. My favorite part is when Kendrick raps,  “I spent my whole life tryna make it, tryna chase it/ The cycle of a black man divided, tryna break it/ You take a loss? Shit, don't cry about it, just embrace it/ Minor setback for major comeback, that's my favorite.” I can feel and relate to those lines so much in life right now.  Nipsey’s storytelling as just as impactful as his overall theme and message on the album. His 3rd verse on Blue Laces 2 gives you the chills as Nipsey broke down the story of helping his homeboy after he got shot. Another story that stands out was on Young Nigga when Nip mentioned his older brother burying a hundred thousand in their backyard for about a year and when he dug it out, the money was molded. He said him, his sister, and his mothers were sitting in their living blow drying the money. That picture in my head of that is mind blowing and I can only imagine what everybody was feeling in that room. MixedByAli did an incredible job of mixing Victory Lap making sure that the sound of the album was crisp and refined. Victory Lap has proven to me that patience truly is key when it comes to creating a solid body of work. This album already shows me that it’s going to stand the test of time. Those 5 years of waiting on Victory Lap were worth it.

Favorite Tracks: Dedication, Rap Niggas, Hussle & Motivate, Blue Laces 2, Keys to The City 2, Real Big, Right Hand 2 God


Skyzoo - In Celebration of Us

Eyeless: There's nothing wrong with enjoying and being accepting of the latest trends in hip-hop; diversity and growth are all very important. I enjoy (some) of the newer waves but at heart, I'm an East Coast, boom-bap, hip-hop traditionalist. If you need a break from the polarizing evolutions of this fine genre, look no further than Skyzoo's 7th studio album, In Celebration of Us.

For those unfamiliar, Skyzoo is an underground New York rap legend who first gained notable recognition with his collab project with 9th Wonder titled Cloud 9: The 3 Day High in 2006. Ever since then, Sky's pen game has remained one of the most consistent of recent memory. He is a slick spitter with an intelligent mind that does not waste a single line or verse, giving it 100% effort with every project. A rapper's rapper who is a traditionalist when putting an emphasis on lyrics, but is not musty in the slightest when it comes to being a "traditionalist." On In Celebration of Us, Sky goes through the record having a backdrop perspective of his life story. His prior studio releases were autobiographical to an extent, but this project feels even more personal. He gives us access into his life while he walks us through the journey of his childhood to the present, juxtaposing it with current societal issues like the civil rights of a young black male.

Broad day like jumping out in the way

When one is jumping up outta the front and finding it's aim,

Or, divying a bag with who you're beside every day

And splitting points like you dotted your name,

'cause know that all of these green lives that used to be here,

Matter like these black lives that these blue lives shoot outta fear

Vivid storytelling has always been a strength of Skyzoo's, who does not half-heartedly paint a picture of life through his eyes on In Celebration of Us. Even if you've never listened to a whole project of his, start here. He sounds as fresh and energized as he did with his official debut more than a decade ago.

Favorite tracks: Forever in a Day, Heirlooms & Accessories, Crown Holder

2 Chainz- The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It

JT: 2 Chainz has become everybody’s favorite go-to rapper in the present day. He’s came a real long way from back in the day when he was known as Tity Boi (I still call him that LOL) and was a member of Playa’s Circle and dropped their bill Lil Duffle Bag Boy with Lil Wayne. These days you can find Chainz killing it on features, mixtapes, Ep’s, etc. So it wasn’t a surprise when he decided to pick back up from where he left off in 2017 by dropping a surprise 4 track EP  The Play Dont Care Who Makes It.  The EP was short yet sweet and right to the point. Real talk I cannot wait until it’s summer time so I can ride through Downtown Atlanta with the windows down blasting Lamborghini Doors. Picture this: you riding down 85/75 South through downtown Atlanta on a beautiful Saturday afternoon with Lamborghini Doors blasting with the drop top and you just so happen to see the city skyline. That my friends is what God wanted y’all.  Right after releasing of the EP, Chainz follows up with the announcement of his new album Rap or Go to the League.  Even though I'm a huge fan of Chainz & am always in awe of his Mixtapes & EP’s, for some reasons his album don't entirely get the same response from me. Don’t get me wrong  I LOVE it when Chainz is in album promo mode because the themes of his albums is always creative and the promo always keeps everybody anxious of what’s to come for the album release .

Favorite Tracks: Lamborghini Truck, Ok Bitch

Eyeless' Honorable Mentions:

Cozz - Effective


JT's Honorable Mentions:

SKYZOO- In Celebration of US
Cozz- Effected
Moneybagg Yo - 2 Heartless
G Herbo- Humble Beast Deluxe Edition
Blac Youngsta- 2.23

Nipsey Hussle 'Victory Lap' Review


Atlanta, LA, & Chicago are my personal top three cities that have been running hip-hop since the 2000s; from the sonic sounds to the cultural impact including style of attire, lingo, swag, impact, & influence. Each city has had their shining moments throughout the 2000s with Atlanta leading the scoreboard. Chicago had it’s legendary moment with the introduction of Drill music to the the world in 2012.

Recently after careful review and consideration of the last 2-3 years, it’s safe to conclude that the West Coast rap scene has the best quality music right now. This isn’t to take away from the New West movement that took place back in the early-mid 2000s right around the time rapper Game dropped The Documentary. But Im loving today’s West Coast music coming from YG, Ty Dolla Sign, RJ, AD, & lets not forget the current king of the West and his label, Top Dawg Entertainment, which also happens to be the best team in hip-hop right now. But among all of these current LA greats lies one whom we’ve all been anticipating for this year in 2018: Nipsey Hussle.

Neighborhood Nip had announced his debut album Victory Lap back in 2013 after releasing his acclaimed mixtape with DJ Drama titled Crenshaw. Between releasing projects in between time while dealing with constant pushback resulting in the delay of the album, it was certain that Victory Lap was Detox status. But low and behold, Nipsey decided to drop his first single Rap Niggas on us. Not only did he drop his single but he actually gave us a release date for his debut. Talk about a double Whammy.

Nip continued to drop his singles, “Last Time That I Checc’d” with YG and “Dedication with Kendrick Lamar.He also dropped Been Down with Swizz Beatz, however it didn’t make it on the album tracklist. Each track that released was nothing short of amazing.It was refreshing to hear the direction Nipsey was going in for his debut album. All it did was heighten our expectations more. The album ended up being everything that we imagined when it officially released on February 16th.

According to Nipsey, the theme of Victory Lap is the collection of his significant life stories that shaped his existence and  overall meaning of the album, his brand and what he stands for as a entrepreneur.

It’s tough to really sit back and pick which favorite tracks stand out the most because just when you think you’ve found those important life gems necessary on cuts like Dedication, you let the album play and hear Blue Laces 2, Hussle & Motivate, & Status Symbol 3. All of sudden you’re motivated all over again and are ready to get back out there and get back on your grind. Dedication with Kendrick is one of my favorite tracks on the album. When I listen to that record, it truly sets the tone for what the entire album stands for. Everytime I hear the hook, I get the chills and reminder to keep continuing to “step my shit up” in life. Not to mention, Kendrick blessing us again with another fire feature, where he makes mention of a conversation him & Nipsey had with Top and Snoop during the 2017 biopic premier of All Eyez on Me.

Hussle & Motivate is another favorite of mines off the album, from the Annie sample flip to the cash money shit talk that will drive you and make you question what you doing with your life. This is a record where you need to play this either when you first wake up in the morning or when you’re on your way to work.

On his recent Breakfast Club interview, Nip said he was able to clear the Annie sample through Jay-Z and found out that back when Jay originally cleared the sample for his song, Hard Knock Life, he negotiated a deal where every rapper after him can use that sample as well. Hearing him tell that story made me appreciate the record more and reminded me why Jay-Z is who he is today: the greatest of all time. Hov did that so hopefully you won’t have to go through that.

Not only does this album promote the message of entrepreneurship, success,& being self-made, but also contains albums cuts like Status Symbol 3, Keys to the City 2, & Succa Proof that bang when you’re in the whip. Right now, Victory Lap is the best Rap album of 2018. Granted that we still have a long year ahead, It really took Nipsey 5 years in the making to create this incredible body of art and Im confident that not only its going to stay in rotation all 2018 but is going to age very well in the long run. Long live the Marathon. 

Random Acts of Podcast Ep.172: 90's R&B Groups Episode

On this weeks episode of @RAOPodcast the guys go over our bracket for top male/female R&B groups from the 90s, we give our honest opinions on the Black Panther movie, man caves being garbage, Nipsey Hussle's new album and a ton more other topics. If you're sensitive to Black Panther spoilers please skip 30 minutes into the podcast

Most anticipated albums of 2018

There’s a couple of things that come to mind when I think about New Years; it’s new beginnings, new energy, new people, new opportunities, and most importantly, new music. Every year when it feels there’s no way the music atmosphere can get that better, I’m  hit me with that “Iight BET” text message from the new year.  New music releases in 2018  means new sounds, waves, flows, tunes, artists, etc. When it’s not the usual artists dominating, there’s always some new faces that make big noise for themselves.  Despite push back old heads give us, music is in a great spot. With all of these diverse  categories of hip-hop specifically tailored to different crowds, you would think complaining about the state of music would experience some cutback.  But people are never satisfied. Either way it goes,  I’m excited to hear  what’s in stored for our 2018 Life soundtrack. I’ve come up with the list of rappers whom in which I’m excited for releasing new music this year.

Migos - Culture 2

Coming off an astounding year, Migos are already prepping for their upcoming album Culture 2, which drops on January 26th. This release falls a day before the one year anniversary of Culture. With two single already in rotation (Motor Sport and Stir Fry), I’m interested in what direction the group is taking the sound & vibe this next go round. I don't know if it’s because of the Quality Control compilation release, but the buzz doesn't feel entirely the same as it did last year. However, I have faith in Migos to drop that flame. I'm looking forward to hearing my guy Offset (aka the BEST MIGO out the group) to do work on the album. . 

Rae Sremmurd - Sremmlife 3

SremmLife 3 has been teased on several occasions by Mike Will Made It and the group through social media and interviews. Back in August while with speaking with Tim Westwood , Swae Lee confirmed that SremmLife 3 was just about complete. Prior to that, Slim Jxmmi initially said initially that the third album was going to be a departure from the Sremmlife series, but later, Swae changed the plans up. We haven’t got an actual release date yet, but we were told it’s supposed to drop sometime in January. I’m not sure if it will since release dates always change, but I’m certain Sremmlife 3 will drop for us sometime in the first quarter of 2018.

On a side note, I really wish they would start dropping their albums in the spring time so their records could blow up and get in the summer rotation.

YG- Just Re’d Up 3

When we last heard YG on his Red Friday EP, he said on Public Service Announcement intro "Just Re’d Up 3 coming soon.” YG has been quietly working in the lab, whether with Mustard for the album or assisting with features with other rappers. He’s dropped some loosie singles post-Still Brazy in Fuck it up, YNS & Pop it Shake It. It’s about to be about two years since Still Brazy dropped (which i think is top album of 2016 despite some push back since the album missed Mustards’ presence) and I think it’s about time for a new YG album in order to prep us for the summer.

Nipsey Hussle - Victory Lap

It's about DAMN time our playa’ potna Nipsey Hussle is finally dropping Victory Lap on February 16th. I’ve been a fan of his music since Hussle in the House dropped and he’s grabbed me with his mixtapes series Bullets Aint Got No Name and The Marathon. After Crenshaw dropped in 2013, Nipsey started teasing us with Victory Lap, but it was starting to reach Detox status. But it seems like Victory Lap is finally about to happen. If my boy Cyhi could delay his album process and drop heat like No Dope on Sundays, then I have all the faith in Nipsey.

Travis Scott- Astroworld

Travis Scott is for the people and he proves it every single time with each new project release. Birds in The Trap Sing McKnight is still holding it down as we’re we wait for Astroworld. Huncho Jack with Quavo was cool and all, but we all are waiting for what’s coming with their own projects. Last year, Trav dropped three throwaway records; Green and Purple with Playboi Carti, The Butterfly Effect, and A Man. I’m anxious to hear what new sounds he's got cooking in the works with Mike Dean. He had a great all star cast on his last album and i’m interested in who's making contributions this next go round. Will he outdo Birds and Rodeo? Stay tuned.

Schoolboy Q- TBD

Blank Face was the album of 2016, point blank period. Schoolboy Q came through with the heat and it still sticks today. If you follow Q on Snapchat or his IG stories, then you would know he’s putting the finishing touches on his next album. He’s already warned us that he’s taking the mainstream route with the production. We don’t know much about the new album yet but I can guarantee you that Q’s is about to lace us with some heat the TDE way.

Jay Rock - TBD

Jay Rock has been silently working on his next album for awhile now. TDE has already made their power move by dropping King’s Dead with Kendrick and Future, which not only will serve as a single for The Black Panther but also the first single off his upcoming Album. We don’t have a lot of information regarding the album, but judging off the snippets, I'm looking forward to the album. I can’t wait until the second single comes out.

Future - TBD

We’ve been long overdue for a new solo Future album. Last year, he pulled a double whammy on us dropping FUTURE & HNDRXX, both albums which could possibly be argued as the best albums of 2017.  The only thing missing is a Grammy nomination but only time will tell.

Between the rumors of Beast Mode 2 with him & Zaytoven and finding he will be curating the soundtrack for the Superfly remake, there’s no telling exactly what direction Future is going to go with his music. All we can tell you is that expect some new heat soon. To keep it a buck, I really hope somehow we can add No Wallet into the mix.

Drake - TBD

At the end of “Do Not Disturb,” Drake said,  “Takin summer off, cause they tell me I need recovery/ Maybe gettin’ back to my regular life will humble me/ I’ll be back in 2018 to give you the summary.”  We really don’t know what Drizzy has in stored for us this year, but based on the snippets that’s dropped on social media, he’s been working. Even though I would much rather prefer him to take the year off and really put his foot into the next album, he’s going to do what he want to do. All I can hope for is more flame to come on the way.

Kanye West - TBD

As an OG Kanye stan,  these days I feel bittersweet about him as a whole from his recent music to how he is as a person.  Even though I’m not as fond of him as I was before, there’s still some love for Uncle Ye deep down. Not only do we want the best for him, but we also want the mild sauce flowing back in his veins.

He was very quiet for the most of 2017 minus a verse on Cyhi’s Dat Side. We’ve heard from numerous members of G.O.O.D. Music that Kanye is back on his “five beats a day for three summers” flow. I’m not believing anything until I actually hear it. But the good thing about Ye’s music is that you’ll never know what to expect from him. So for that, I’m interested to see where he will take it since he’s been so quiet.