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Monday Morning Glory: I told you Sam Darnold was trash

I told you!

Didn’t I say that shit?

Didn’t I tell you niggas Sam Darnold was trash?

I’ve been saying it since his very first game at USC, a loss to Utah which ironically became his only loss that season. He set school passing records that season and led the Trojans to a miraculous win over Penn State in one of the wildest Rose Bowl games of all-time. Darnold was immediately pegged as a Heisman favorite for 2017 and a surefire first-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. However, while the country was busy hugging Sam Darnold’s jock strap, I tried to warn you…

“He’s just another USC quarterback,” I said.

How many times have y’all fell for the great jig in the sky before? Carson Palmer put together a solid career, but THAT is the benchmark for Trojan QBs in the league in the modern era. Matt Leinart had the hype of John Henry’s hammer but never lived up to it in Arizona. In fact, his backup, Matt Cassell, who threw all of 33 passes in four years of college, went onto have a more successful pro career than the former Heisman did.

Mark Sanchez made it to back-to-back AFC Championship games, but the highlight of his NFL days was the butt fumble.


John David Booty won a couple of Rose Bowl’s but with a name like JOHN DAVID BOOTY it was clear NFL success wasn’t in his future... Matt Barkley somehow is still on an NFL roster while owners, execs and media members alike are still lying to themselves about Colin Kaepernick… and Cody Kessler is…. Cody Kessler.

Simply put, the track record of success for USC quarterbacks in the pros is not that high, but regardless Darnold was expected to go first in the draft. The Browns shockingly knew better, that’s why they went with Baker Mayfield. Saquon Barkley to the Giants, no matter how bad Eli Manning is, was a slam dunk for the one true team of New York, but of course, that other team paying rent at Metlife couldn’t keep from making the same mistake.

You’d think the Jets would learn from past experiences, seeing that they traded up to draft Mark Sanchez nine years earlier. But nope… insanity reared its ugly green head again as they traded up and selected Darnold in April’s draft. A turnover-prone quarterback being stuck under the bright New York City lights in year one with unreal expectations of leading a franchise that hasn’t made the playoffs in eight years? What could go wrong?

Despite throwing a pick-six on his first NFL pass, Darnold shined in his NFL debut in Detroit. Since then, the Jets have gone 2-6, and Darnold is regressing badly. He’s eclipsed 200 yards passing in just three of his last seven games, has four multi-pick games this season (a league-high 14 in total), and has led the Jets to only 33 points in the last three games. He’s having a hard time reading pro defenses too, as evident here in whatever the fuck kind of pass that was..

The Jets were the worst possible environment for Darnold, and his continued regression could cost head coach Todd Bowles his job soon. Another coach could come around and save him, but in a city like New York that crowned him before his scepter was made, the damage could already be done.

Sam Darnold might end up being the best USC QB to hit the league since Palmer, but after Sunday’s FOUR-INTERCEPTION performance, I’m gonna take my victory lap, smoke my cigar and pour some henn dawg as I gloat and accept your apologies.

Maybe you’ll listen to me next time I call a quarterback trash.



Honestly this was all Kyle Fuller. All Floyd needed to do was not drop the ball and get tripped up, but at least he’s on the stat sheet. Also… funny to see Leonard Floyd has scored more touchdowns in his career than “healthy scratch” Kevin White.

The Saints took down the last undefeated Sunday, beating the Rams in a Superdome shootout. I don’t care if we get this game in LA or New Orleans… Roger Goodell better get on his David Stern, make some calls, and make sure we get this game in January.

Michael Thomas is a bonafide top 5 receiver in the league. If that wasn’t clear before, it certainly is after he paid homage to the O.G. Pope Joe Horn with the flip phone celebration in the endzone to seal the game.

Double the points for the Snoop shirt in the postgame presser.

Since we’re staying in Louisiana, let’s shine a spotlight on those losers from Baton Rouge.

LSU, welcome to your tape.

ESPN spent the better part of the last week hyping the shit out of the big clash between #1 Alabama and #3 LSU. There was that wonderful promo about Tua’s greatness, and how he hasn’t seen an atmosphere quite like Death Valley. There was College Gameday and Alex Bregman’s proclamation that Tua wouldn’t even be in the game in the second half cause the Tigers were gonna blow em out!

Then there was pregame… the world fell in awe at the Fehoko family and their Haka. Man white people love making shit their own…

…and then there was Odell, happy as a clam he doesn’t have to run routes for Eli Manning this week.

Death Valley was HYPE! The world was HYPE! THIS was the year LSU finally takes down the mighty Crimson Tide!


29-0. At the crib. Don’t ever tell me another goddamn thing about LSU. They are the OKC Thunder of college football… the hype seems fun to buy into early, but in the end they’ll always leave you unsatisfied like this poor girl.

79th and Halas EP 108
The Baker Mayfield era begins in Cleveland

If you’re one of those people that completely skips over Thursday Night Football then you missed out on something special this week.

There wasn’t that much buzz around the Browns and the Jets; I was still excited but I had friends saying they’d only care if Baker Mayfield was starting. My roommate has Jarvis Landry on his fantasy team so he caved and decided to watch anyway.

Many felt Tyrod Taylor was on a short leash but I wasn’t buying into that narrative. Each of the Browns’ first two games would have been won if a few more field goals went their way. However, Tyrod just so happened to choose this game to play his worst half of football.

The offense sputtered for 28 minutes and I went from “Tyrod is playing the full game” to “He’s a drive away from getting benched”. Their struggles don’t solely fall on Tyrod, but the fans were hungry for change. They knew they had the 1st overall pick waiting on the sideline; that’s a potential fire-starter. Unfortunately, Tyrod eventually went down with a concussion but signs were pointing to him being pulled at the half anyway.

I was nervous for Baker, though. The Jets have legit talent on the defensive side of the ball. He had never faced a secondary with guys like Trumaine Johnson, Morris Claiborne, and Jamal Adams while at Oklahoma.

Well, Baker shut me and all of his doubters up immediately. His first two throws were absolute lasers between Jets defenders - my roommate and I gave each other that look to make sure we saw the same thing. Troy Aikman made a comment that the offense looked like they had more urgency once Baker came in (well yes, because Baker had to come in and run a 2-minute drill.) We still needed to see how he looked with the offense slowed down and the run game implemented.

As you’ve probably heard by now, the Cleveland Browns came back and ended up winning their first game since Week 16 of 2016. The starting QB that game? Robert Griffin III.

It just felt like there was something special in Cleveland Thursday night. The first field goal from new kicker Greg Joseph had a curve so strong on his ball, it looked like a higher power forced it between the uprights. Carlos Hyde celebrated his birthday with two touchdowns, all while his wife was in labor with their son.

The whole night felt like a celebration. The win coming in Cleveland was just another reason to celebrate.

I had to feel bad for Tyrod. He was brought in to be the starter and couldn’t win the first two games for reasons beyond his control. But when Baker came in, the whole feeling in Cleveland changed. Carlos Hyde ran harder, Denzel Ward stripped Robby Anderson after getting beat on a route, and the Browns picked off Sam Darnold twice. I love Josh Gordon, but without being able to rely on him now, the offense just looked more sure of itself. The confidence of everyone elevated their play. Jarvis Landry is the guy now and Antonio Callaway flashed all the potential in the world.

Head coach Hue Jackson says he needs to look at the tape before naming a starter for next week’s game in Oakland, but we already know what the tape reads. He did more than bring the Browns back from near-disaster; he inspired hope in the entire city of Cleveland.