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79th and Halas EP 124 - "Green Bay, this is your conscience"

Scott and Flows are joined by the homie Steve to break down the upcoming Bears season!

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Ball Don't Lie - "Drew Brees Don't Know Choppa Style"

KOLR-10 sports anchor Dan Molloy joins Pierce and Scott this week to talk about the MLB hot stove and the White Sox pursuit of Manny Machado. Plus Dan's been covering the Kansas City Chiefs all year, so we'll get his thoughts on Championship Sunday, the Bears possibly signing Kareem Hunt, the trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home and much much more!

White Sox offer contract to Manny Machado
Possible collusion in MLB
Odds Manny signs with White Sox
Bears end-of-season press conference
Chuck Pagano hired as DC
Cody Parkey's future in Chicago
Nagy not shooting down Kareem Hunt to Bears
AFC Title Game preview
NFC Title Game preview
Kyler Murray declaring for NFL Draft
James Harden having another MVP season
Kyrie Irving and the Celtics' woes
Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer
Goofy Mog of the Week

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79th and Halas EP 107 - Growing Pains
The Bear truth: how will Chicago overcome the week 1 Tragedy

Yeah....that shit happened.....

The heart of Bears fans were ripped out of their chest by the one legged Aaron Rodgers who rallied the Green Bay Packers from a 20-point deficit to a win over the Chicago Bears. If you watched this game, you witnessed a historic NFL Films moment. This was by far the most amazing thing that football Jesus, aka Aaron Rodgers, has ever done.

 But enough of praising that cheesehead, let’s talk about these dam Bears.....

What in the entire fuck happened after halftime? Did everyone forget that this was a road game at Lambeau Field? Did they really think a 20-point lead was all that it took to beat one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time!?

There’s so much to be said about Sunday’s loss, but the real question is how can the Bears bounce back from this L?

Game Management

In the end, it all starts from the top. As a new head coach, Matt Nagy has to learn how to effectively manage the game from a coaching perspective. The Bears ran a underwhelming total of 21 designed rushing plays throughout the entire game. In which, six of these runs came in the the third quarter after the Packers were only down by one score.

That’s so fucking unacceptable. Why wait until it’s a one score game to burn the clock out? Especially when you have one of the most effective running backs in the NFL....


It’s the first game of the season and many players are still shaking off the rust from a long offseason. It’s still not an excuse to play beneath your full potential. The Bears defense played beyond expectation in the first half (Khalil Mack...say less, Sheesh....)

The second half, not so much....Granted, there wasn’t much that the defense could do on certain plays (I.e. that gorgeous fucking pass from Rodgers to Geronimo Allison could not be defended.)

But a dropped interception by Kyle Fuller that could have sealed the game is unacceptable. Giving an injured, immobile Aaron Rodgers nearly six seconds in the pocket to expose the blown man coverage by Prince Amukamara that led to a 75-yard Touchdown by Randall Cobb is UNACCEPTABLE!

Offensively, Mitchell Trubisky has to play better. He looked like a franchise quarterback in the first half, passing 18 for 21 with one rushing touchdown. In the second half, he looked like a rookie, blindly running around the pocket and overlooking a WIDE OPEN Trey Burton. Running into your own offensive linemen and causing your own fumble is UNACCEPTABLE. I understand that this was probably the biggest game of Trubisky’s short career, but you have to develop nerves of steel  and maintain your elite level of play. Step that shit up Mitch.


In the words of the late Dennis Green, the Bears are who we thought they were. They’re young and make rookie mistakes, but they are very fucking good. The defense is a force to be reckoned with, and once the offense begins to truly click, score boards will light up like Christmas trees. You don’t just walk into Lambeau and dominate the Packers with shear dumb luck.

They can’t allow this loss to destroy their season. Learn from the past mistakes and perfect the craft of winning, Chicago. Green Bay is in the past. Seattle is next.

79th and Halas EP 103 - Fuck 12
Bear the pain, trade Jordan Howard
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears offseason has been a busy one. For the second time in 10 years, the Mccaskey family forked out big dollars for an elite WR, giving QB Mitchell Trubisky enough weapons to develop into an elite Player. The Bears offensive roster has upgraded tremendously, but there is one more move that the bears must make for the sake of the team...

That nigga Jordan Howard gotta go

Don’t get me wrong, Howard is a fucking beast! Averaging nearly 1,200 yard rushing seasons is no easy feat. He’s easily one of the Top 5 running backs in the NFL. But let’s face the truth: that won’t last long

Dominant power Running backs come and go every year. Remember When Eddie Lacy was good? How about Peyton Hillis? Alfred Morris?. There are VERY FEW runningbacks  that have a shelf life over 4 years, and those running backs can catch the football. Jordan Howard can’t do that.

Howard is a pro style running back. He will thrive best  in singleback & “I” formations, which the Bears will see less of with new coach Matt Nagy. Although, most of Howard’s great runs have come from outside zone plays, he lacks breakaway speed. His acceleration is great, but he’s overall slow as fuck and he definitely isn’t gonna get any faster as the years continue.

At best, Jordan Howard has about three good years left, meaning he’s at the peak of his career and he’s closing in on the end of his rookie contract. Why not trade him while his value is high? The Chicago bears can put him on the Block and possibly get a 2nd & 3rd rounder or even two 2nd round picks for him! 

So is Tarik Cohen the answer? Hell no. The kid is a beast, but he’s a tiny ass nigga. No way he can bare 20 carries a game for an entire season. If someone make that trade this year, the Bears can/should draft a younger, more versatile back with breakaway speed such as Rashad Penny, Derrius Guice, Sony Michel,  even Nick Chubb.

Getting to know new Chicago Bears HC Matt Nagy
David Eulitt/Kansas City Star

David Eulitt/Kansas City Star

The Chicago Bears aggressively got their man Monday, hiring Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy to be the 16th head coach in franchise history. So far we don't know the years or the terms, but coaches aren't on a cap and GM Ryan Pace was extended through 2021, so expect it to be around a four-year deal.

Outside of the Raiders, who were enamored at the thought of throwing a bag at Jon Gruden, every team with a coaching vacancy were looking for this year's version of Sean McVay, the young offensive prodigy who turned the LA Rams offense into the best in the NFL in 2017. Pace identified that prodigy, just like he identified Mitchell Trubisky a year ago as his quarterback of the future.

Nagy (that's NAG-ee Bears fans) is now tasked with molding Trubisky into that guy. Nagy was an All-American at Delaware before ripping up Arena Football with the Georgia Force. He's a guy that has a chip on his shoulder; he feels like he was good enough to play D-I football and in the NFL. He's hungry to prove he belonged in the NFL from the beginning, and now he'll get the chance of a lifetime to do it in Chicago.

Nagy left a VERY kush real estate job and took a risk with his wife and family of four to work his way up from the bottom of Andy Reid's staff in Philadelphia. He started as an intern in 2008, and eventually worked his way to offensive quality control coach. He moved with Reid to Kansas City in 2013 to be the quarterbacks coach of the Chiefs, and was promoted to offensive coordinator before this season. He's the only coach Andy Reid has given playcalling duties to, and when the team sputtered after a hot start, Nagy was given more control of the offense, guiding them to a strong finish on the way to an AFC West title.

Nagy took an offense that struggled to do anything under Alex Smith despite four double-digit win seasons, and got a career year out of Smith, throwing for 4,000+ yards, 26 touchdowns and five interceptions in 2017. Chiefs ranked 5th in NFL in total offense with 375.4 yards per game, 6th in points per game (25.9), 7th in passing yards (256.5), 9th in rushing (118.9) and led NFL with the fewest turnovers (8).

When the Chiefs were forced to start rookie Kareem Hunt week one in New England, Nagy brought the league's leading rusher out of him, 1327 rushing yards for the season. Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce also had 1,000 yard receiving seasons under Nagy this year.

“I think he thinks a little different from coach (Reid) and kind of adds to that, where now you’re kind of getting some of the spice that’s not your typical West Coast offense,” Smith said, according to the Kansas City Star.

Nagy is also a pretty cool guy and relatable in the locker room. “Awesome — killer,” Smith said. “When he got to be up in the room in front of everybody as a coordinator, you never know how guys are going to handle that. I think the thing all of us appreciate is that he didn’t even blink."

Nagy's secondary job this season was grooming rookie QB Pat Mahomes, who is expected to push out Smith for the starting job last season. But leading up to last year's NFL Draft, he coveted Mitch Trubisky. Now he'll take his aggressive run-pass option offense to Chicago, where Trubisky is waiting to develop in his second year in the league.

Nagy becomes the latest under Andy Reid's tree to become head coach. There's currently six of Nagy's former assistants coaching in the league, including Panthers' Ron Rivera, the Bills' new HC Sean McDermott, and Eagles HC Doug Pedersen, who turned second-year QB Carson Wentz into an MVP candidate for the 13-3 Eagles before his December ACL injury.

Awaiting him at Halas Hall is a team with talent bursting at the seams, but unable to fully let loose on the NFL. Jordan Howard is a beast of a running back, and Tarik Cohen was the sparkplug in a dead offense this season. Adam Shaheen didn't perform much, but projects to be an under-the-radar tight end if Nagy can bring the Travis Kelce out of him. Receiver Cameron Meredith returns from ACL injury as well, along with a defense that has top 10 potential when 100% healthy.

The Bears could have waited it out for Eagles QB coach John DeFilippo, but you can't hire a coach until their team is out of the playoffs, and the Bears want to jump the gun to convince defensive coordinator Vic Fangio to stay before Tuesday's deadline.

This is Ryan Pace going for broke. He knows he has one shot left at hiring a head coach in Chicago, and if he's going to keep a job in this league, he can't hire another retread like John Fox, and he can't wait around and miss on his choices while other teams get out in front of them. He moved quickly for his coach, he has his young quarterback in tow, and now they have a day to keep their defense intact. Even the most skeptical Bears fan has to be excited about the stones of this hire.

As for Nagy, I think his gamble paid off.