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Rico's Playhouse Podcast: "We Must Protect Dark Skin Aunt Viv At All Costs"

This week in the playhouse, @PlayboiRico joined by @tha1b_at, @kingpuffdaddy23, @Diamond_ChaseMi, & @jenocidee. As we drink black love aka Dusse & Lemonade we discussed On the run 2 ticket prices, why we must protect darkskin aunt Viv at all cost, how logic divorcing his wife is fire, and more

Ball Don't Lie Ep.12: "F*ck NBA Twitter"

This week on Ball Don't Lie, the guys sound off about NBA Twitter's idiocy and hypocrisy plus touched on Steph & Kyrie's injuries, who's the favorite to win it all, how far can the Cavs go, Loyola's March Madness run, ep. 4 of Atlanta & is Logic a scumbag?