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Ball Don't Lie EP 56 - Durant Strong

Scott and Flows break down the NBA Finals as the Warriors force a Game 6 and one final game at Oracle. More on Kevin Durant's injury and how it effects the series and the entire NBA. Can Kawhi's Raptors get it done and bring a title north of the border, or will the Warriors complete a miraculous comeback?

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79th and Halas EP 122 - Offseason Moves

Scott and Flows are back to preview the start of the new league year! What moves should the Bears make once free agency begins, who should they target in the draft, and much more!

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79th and Halas - Heartbreak on the Lakefront

It's a sad day for 79th and Halas as Pierce joins Flows and Scott after the Bears heartbreaking loss to the Eagles in the Wild Card Round.

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MONDAY MORNING GLORY: How much longer will 'THEY' deny the Bears?


What more do you have to do to earn respect? Field the most dominant team in the NFL? Hold the NFL’s top offense to six points and zero touchdowns? Go from worst-to-first in the span of a year? Exorcise your demons against THAT team and THAT quarterback? The one who made it a point to remind everyone how much success he’s had in your home crib.

What else do the Chicago Bears have to do for the nation to consider them as a legitimate Super Bowl contender?

The Monsters reclaimed the NFC North for the first time in eight years on Sunday, beating the Green Bay Packers 24-17. The game was never a certainty for the Bears; a ridiculous fake punt failed at midfield, giving Packers QB Aaron Rodgers good field position and setting themselves up for the game-tying touchdown & two-point conversion. On the next Chicago drive, Tarik Cohen coughed up the football deep in Packer territory, handing the knife back to the surgeon that has carved up this franchise up game-after-game for most of the last decade.

All of a sudden, serenity suddenly turned into panic. The familiar feeling of impending doom started to creep up from behind the loyal Bears fanbase, starving for success after four-straight seasons of putrid, last-place finishes.

But while Packers fans stood by with smug looks on their faces, anticipating another comeback win from their arrogant gunslinger, there was just one problem…

No one told the Bears defense they should be worried.

“We don’t know how to quit,” said Bears defensive lineman Akiem Hicks post-game. “There’s so many guys in this room that care about one another and have bought into what we’re trying to build here and want this to be a great team… that when we’re up against the wall, we’re gonna keep fighting.”

Leonard Floyd, the second first rounder taken during the Ryan Pace era, sacked Rodgers on the following play, and the defense held for a 3-and-out on that drive. Quarterback Mitch Trubisky then lead the Bears on a five-play, 45-yard drive capped off with a Trey Burton touchdown that put Chicago ahead for good.

“I’m most proud of the type of guys we have in our locker room, the culture we’ve created,” said Trubisky, who bounced back from the worst game of his career a week ago against the Rams and completed 20-of-28 passes for 235, two touchdowns and no interceptions. “We know that nobody really believed in us on the outside in the preseason or even throughout the season, but we know what type of team we had.”

The defense held serve, picking off Rodgers in the endzone - his first in 402 passing attempts, FOX wouldn’t fail to remind you - and sealing a division crown for the Bears. It was a fairytale moment for the city of Chicago, long haunted by number 12 and his penchant for sucking the hope from the hearts of those who bleed orange and blue. This is how it had to happen. This is how the Bears needed to win the division. This is how they needed to show the nation that Chicago can compete for the Lombardi Trophy.

Alas, what was the biggest story on NFL Gameday Prime that night?

“What is the Bears biggest liability?”

What more must they do to prove to the Shannon Sharpe’s and the Stephen A. Smith’s of the world that they belong?

A week ago, the narrative from national media was that the Rams don’t play well in the cold, but in reality, Vic Fangio devised the perfect gameplan to stop an explosive LA Rams offense (one that the Eagles duplicated last night). During the week, it was how the Cowboys are more dangerous in the playoffs than the Bears. Yes, that same Dallas Cowboys team that laid a goose egg in Indianapolis on Sunday. This week, it’s how Trubisky is the “weak link” that will hold the Bears back. Soon enough, they will run out of red herrings, and they’ll have to admit the truth: the Bears have the George Halas trophy, and a trip to Atlanta, well within reach.

All they have to do is take it.


George Kittle and the San Francisco 49ers won’t be playing in January, but they just got a huge win on Sunday over a Seattle Seahawks team fighting for a wild card spot. You’d think Kittle would be on cloud nine, but really, he was trying to hurry the fuck up and get to San Jose for Sunday’s WWE TLC show.

First off, that shirt is fucking fire. As a lover of wrestling tees, vintage and new, I commend his style choice. You can never go wrong with a Stone Cold Steve Austin tee. It’s the Ol’ Reliable of pro wrestling tees! You know when you wear one, you’re gonna receive tons of compliments not just from fans, but normal people who stopped watching wrestling when they realized in fifth grade that they liked girls, but damn that Stone Cold Steve Austin was a mean sumbitch wasn’t he?!

Also, I understand it… Priorities first. Why do I wanna be here answering all these stupid ass questions to help some writer from The Athletic write his post-game recap when Becky Lynch, Asuka and Charlotte are about to tear each others faces off in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match and I’M ALREADY LATE?!?!?!?!?! Fuck your questions bruh bruh, I need to get to these ringside seats ASAP!

79th and Halas - "Three Up, Three Down" feat. JR Bang

JR Bang of the First Black Champ podcast joins Scott and Flows to celebrate the Bears’ sweep of the divisional gauntlet, and discuss the keys to the Bears’ success before previewing Sunday’s game against the New York Giants

79th and Halas - The North Remembers
79th and Halas EP 107 - Growing Pains
Nagy Wonka and the Monster Factory

After a shaky beginning to the season, Mitchell Trubisky flashed his potential by posting passing touchdowns leading the Bears to a 48-10 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was a huge win for the Monsters of the Midway as they establish their place as one of the top teams in the league heading into an early bye week. Here are my takeaways from this week.

Trubisky is taking form

As you may have noticed, I’m a huge critic of Trubisky’s play. It’s not that he doesn’t have the ability to be elite; he just hadn’t embraced the realization. Well toss all that shit out the window because the kid dropped the mic at Soldier Field this Sunday.

For the most part of the game, Trubisky was clean in the pocket, calmly dicing up a poor Buccaneers secondary. He showed no signs of “happy feet” and remained poised under pressure. He progressed through his reads, although many of the plays appeared to be designed to disguise the first read by leading defenders onto decoys. Still, Trubisky tossed some absolutely gorgeous passes to receivers in full stride, proving that he can be an elite QB.

Hell, he damn near looked like an MVP candidate. But we gotta chill… it’s only one game.

The Real MVP?

Although Trubisky isn’t knocking on the MVP door, another Chicago Bear is breaking it off the hinges. The most dominant player in the NFL, Khalil Mack, proved his worth yet again, posting another sack and forced fumble, putting him at five sacks and four forced fumbles for the year. There is no doubt that Khalil Mack will more than likely walk away with the Defensive Player of the Year award, but can he pull off the nearly impossible task of securing the MVP trophy on the defensive side of the ball? 

The last defensive player to win MVP was Lawrence Taylor in 1986. Taylor single handedly changed the face of football as the pioneer of the 3-4 outside linebacker and the sole catalyst for the creation of the H-back position. Don’t get me wrong, Khalil Mack probably won’t cause of the creation of two new positions, but the way he tears shit up on a frequent basis, he just may change the forefront of offensive scheming. There isn’t a player in the NFL this year that has made more of an impact for a franchise than Khalil Mack, and I’m pretty sure that is what the league’s overall MVP award is suppose to emphasize.

Forgotten Hero?

Overall, the Bears look like an entirely new team. From the trippy two quarterback “Willy Wonka” formation, to the high-powered wide receiver depth, there are definitely no signs of John Fox left on this franchise. Unfortunately, the backbone of Fox’s basic offense and arguably the backbone of the Bears franchise prior to the hiring of Matt Nagy has been a forgotten soldier during the Bears recent success.

Jordan Howard has appeared to play second fiddle to Tarik Cohen throughout the first quarter of the season. During the landslide victory against the Bucs, Howard only recorded 11 carries, and those were all in garbage time during the second half. It doesn’t appear that the Bears are willing to completely do away with the under-appreciated workhorse - he’s played in 65.31% of the Bears snaps this season, but Cohen has been the hot hand that Nagy wants the ball in.

Based on the pace of the offense , It just seems that Cohen is more fit for the various schemes that Nagy has designed. This was an issue that everyone knew would arise before the season, and Sunday showed that the Bears may not need their dominant running back as much as we think. I wouldn’t be surprised if the young star was shipped away in the upcoming weeks.

Tough trail ahead

After the bye week, the Bears will face their true test as they travel south to face a surprisingly competitive Miami Dolphins, followed by a huge battle at home against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. If the Bears can withstand those two challenges, a Super Bowl could be in the near future.

(cover photo by Erin Hooley/Chicago Tribune)

79th and Halas EP 104
The Bear truth: how will Chicago overcome the week 1 Tragedy

Yeah....that shit happened.....

The heart of Bears fans were ripped out of their chest by the one legged Aaron Rodgers who rallied the Green Bay Packers from a 20-point deficit to a win over the Chicago Bears. If you watched this game, you witnessed a historic NFL Films moment. This was by far the most amazing thing that football Jesus, aka Aaron Rodgers, has ever done.

 But enough of praising that cheesehead, let’s talk about these dam Bears.....

What in the entire fuck happened after halftime? Did everyone forget that this was a road game at Lambeau Field? Did they really think a 20-point lead was all that it took to beat one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time!?

There’s so much to be said about Sunday’s loss, but the real question is how can the Bears bounce back from this L?

Game Management

In the end, it all starts from the top. As a new head coach, Matt Nagy has to learn how to effectively manage the game from a coaching perspective. The Bears ran a underwhelming total of 21 designed rushing plays throughout the entire game. In which, six of these runs came in the the third quarter after the Packers were only down by one score.

That’s so fucking unacceptable. Why wait until it’s a one score game to burn the clock out? Especially when you have one of the most effective running backs in the NFL....


It’s the first game of the season and many players are still shaking off the rust from a long offseason. It’s still not an excuse to play beneath your full potential. The Bears defense played beyond expectation in the first half (Khalil Mack...say less, Sheesh....)

The second half, not so much....Granted, there wasn’t much that the defense could do on certain plays (I.e. that gorgeous fucking pass from Rodgers to Geronimo Allison could not be defended.)

But a dropped interception by Kyle Fuller that could have sealed the game is unacceptable. Giving an injured, immobile Aaron Rodgers nearly six seconds in the pocket to expose the blown man coverage by Prince Amukamara that led to a 75-yard Touchdown by Randall Cobb is UNACCEPTABLE!

Offensively, Mitchell Trubisky has to play better. He looked like a franchise quarterback in the first half, passing 18 for 21 with one rushing touchdown. In the second half, he looked like a rookie, blindly running around the pocket and overlooking a WIDE OPEN Trey Burton. Running into your own offensive linemen and causing your own fumble is UNACCEPTABLE. I understand that this was probably the biggest game of Trubisky’s short career, but you have to develop nerves of steel  and maintain your elite level of play. Step that shit up Mitch.


In the words of the late Dennis Green, the Bears are who we thought they were. They’re young and make rookie mistakes, but they are very fucking good. The defense is a force to be reckoned with, and once the offense begins to truly click, score boards will light up like Christmas trees. You don’t just walk into Lambeau and dominate the Packers with shear dumb luck.

They can’t allow this loss to destroy their season. Learn from the past mistakes and perfect the craft of winning, Chicago. Green Bay is in the past. Seattle is next.

79th and Halas EP 103 - Fuck 12
79th and Halas - Return of the Mack