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What happens to the Bullet Club?


In the aftermath of New Japan’s New Beginning of Sapporo, we have begun to see the cracks within the Bullet Club. Cody attacked Kenny Omega after his match with Jay White, showing his true intentions to become the true leader of the Bullet Club. What does that mean for the Bullet Club, and the Elite, in 2018?

Ever since AJ Styles left New Japan two years ago, Kenny Omega has been the de facto leader of the Bullet Club, even forming a sub group within with Matt and Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks called The Elite. Omega has been on a chart rising run, becoming one of the best wrestlers in the world. Through the past two years, a few Bullet Club members have questioned Kenny's leadership; Tama Tonga is the normal hot head within the group who feels he is better than everyone & Adam Cole felt that he should be the leader due to his dominance in ROH. Once Cody Rhodes entered into the picture, it all changed.

Cody’s personality is demanding, brash & controlling, the perfect combination of a heel leader. Cody has become an indie star, trying to become the center of attention of every promotion he joins. Once Cody started to embrace his lieutenant role in the Bullet Club, it seemed that he wanted more. From interrupting Omega’s matches, challenging Okada for his championship and his fascination with Kota Ibushi, Cody’s obsession with becoming leader of the Bullet Club was heading towards a dark path. At New Beginning of Sapporo, the inevitable happened, Cody snapped.

NJPW World

NJPW World

After losing his title to Jay White, Hangman Page comes down and interferes with White’s celebration to issue a challenge for the U.S. Championship, but Kenny pulls the belt from him and gives it to White, as a sign of respect to him. Cody comes out enraged because he feels that Kenny took a moment away from Hangman Page. Kenny and Cody shove each other and Omega ends up pushing Matt Jackson to the floor, creating even more tension. At this point Kenny apologizes for his actions and heads out the ring with Cody, but then Cody grabs Omega and gives him the Cross Rhodes. Hangman Page grabs Kenny as Cody is ready to lash Kenny with a chair before KOTA IBUSHI makes the save. Cody rushes out as Kenny and Kota stand in the ring and embraced, reuniting the Golden Lovers.

So what happens to the Elite? Does everyone in the Bullet Club choose a side? In the recent Being The Elite episode, Cody explains his actions on why he attacked Kenny and why he should become the leader that Kenny was supposed to be. The most pivotal part of the episode was the ending as Kenny & Kota meet up with the Young Bucks, alluding that the Young Bucks will be siding with Kenny.

Due to matchups and how each member was presented throughout 2017, Kenny & The Young Bucks will likely end up on the opposite end of Cody, Hangman Page & Marty Scrull. Bullet Club members Bad Luck Fale, The Guerrillas of Destiny, Chase Owens and Takahashi were nowhere to be found during this revelation, so the public wonders how do they fit into the picture.

Cody vs. Kenny can become a main event at any promotion, from ROH, NJPW to their upcoming event “All In”. Realistically, they can drag this to Dominion or they can face each other in the G1 Tournament. While The Elite are fine kayfabe wise, this creates a much-needed change within the story of the Bullet Club. All eyes will be on the Bullet Club, not just for their wrestling style but their unique storyline. Did this attack plant seeds for Kenny Omega’s rumored decision to go to the WWE in 2019? Only time will tell.

New Beginnings for New Japan as the promotion turns the page on a new year

This was one of those wonderful weekends where wrestling took over, from Japan to the Americas. NJPW New Beginning in Sapporo (Night 1 & 2) did not disappoint as new storylines were created for 2018. With surprising title changes and a possible dissension in one of the most over groups in the world, NJPW showed why they are one of the best companies in the world.

Suzuki v Tanahashi

Suzuki is a coldblooded wrestler, a character that only he can portray, and it was to perfection. It’s no secret that Tanahashi is injured but Suzuki did not care, laughing at his injuries as he continued to push Tanahashi to the limit. Tanahashi is the king of selling as he kept grabbing his leg after every move; his injury hindered his movements especially after performing the High Five Flow. Suzuki was so merciless that after he hit his Gotch Driver, he proceeded to not pin him and quickly put him in a submission. Tanahashi did not give up but was screaming in pain as the ref put a stop to the match. Suzuki becomes the new Intercontinental Champion and now Tanahashi can fully heal his numerous injuries and come back for a rematch for the ages.

New U.S. Champion

While a lot of viewers did not think that Jay White was going to defeat the incredibly popular Kenny Omega, I thought different. After watching Tanahashi lose his title to Suzuki, I knew that anything was fair game within this title match. White’s WK12 match left much to be desired as he continues to find his footing in NJPW and Kenny was trying to help him every step of the way. While this match was good (Not great, the crowd didn’t quite take a liking to Jay White), it told a better story after. Hitting the blade runner on Omega and subsequently pinning him, there was a stunning silence, then the unthinkable happened.

The Elite are No More?

If you watch NJPW quite often, you can notice the disagreements between Cody & Kenny Omega. Both are considered the leaders of the Bullet Club/Elite. From Cody almost throwing the towel at Dominion in Omega/Okada II to Cody’s fascination with Kota Ibushi, Kenny’s former tag team partner. Once Kenny lost, Adam Page went to Jay White to show that he is next challenger, Kenny allowed Jay White to walk off in peace as a deserving champion. Cody runs to the ring and argues with Kenny to let him know that he’s not being a good leader. The Young Bucks try to break up the fracas and suddenly Kenny pushes Matt to the canvas. After the Bucks leave the ring, Cody acts like he’s making up with Kenny as he grabs him and gives him the Cross Rhodes. No one is there to protect Kenny, until Kota Ibushi runs down the ramp to save Kenny. The pop was immense as Kenny & Ibushi’s wrestling history runs deep. The Golden Lovers are back and this shakes up the dynamic of NJPW.

Predictions for WWE in 2018

Photos courtesy of WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling


Braun Strowman becomes WWE Champion by Summerslam, holds the title for at least six months.

It’s beyond evident that 2018 is going to be Strowman’s year. After bursting onto the scene last year, he’s managed to be one of the most popular superstars on the entire roster, and is able to work very strong matches for a big man. While he won’t be in the title picture at Wrestlemania (that’s for Roman Reigns), Reigns and Strowman will reignite their big feud from last year and work most of the summer/fall with WWE. It will be somewhat similar to The Rock and Stone Cold from the early 2000s, as they’ll put on a series of excellent matches for the second straight year.

Brock Lesnar leaves WWE


Well, at least he’ll be leaving on far better terms than last time. I don’t think Lesnar is leaving to go back to UFC or act or anything. He’s just going to kinda disappear into the wilderness. Lesnar’s going to be 41 in July and has been through hell and back with various injuries and ailments over the years. It just seems like it’s time for him to hang it up. He already works a limited schedule and WWE doesn’t lose anything not having him around to be champion while only working a few dates every couple months. In fact, the main event and title scene become that much more interesting with him not around.

Kenny Omega goes to WWE


This seems like it’s just a matter of time, as New Japan’s top star has accomplished just about all he can over there. While it’s not necessarily a sign of anything, Omega working with Chris Jericho at Wrestle Kingdom is going to continue to raise speculation. WWE generally has a big NXT signing to unveil at each Takeover, so they have four (or five) chances for Omega to be that guy.

Daniel Bryan is cleared, has at least one match


This one seems like a slam dunk. His program with Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Shane McMahon is clearly heading for a match between Bryan and McMahon. The interesting thing will be to see what Bryan has left in the tank and if it leads to another match after.

Revival become Raw’s top tag team


Just like how Sheamus and Cesaro were Raw’s breakout tag team of 2017, The Revival will hold that role in 2018. They had too many good matches to count in their time in NXT and both got brought down by injuries in 2017. As they head into the new year healthy, look for them to compete for the tag titles soon, especially with Dean Ambrose’s injury sending the tag title situation into a flux.


The Rock goes in the WWE Hall of Fame


WWE needs a headliner and no one else makes sense. It would be better if Wrestlemania was in Miami, but The Rock is a draw anywhere he is. Plus, you already know he’ll be around for Wrestlemania weekend. My only request is that Stone Cold inducts him.