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THE MOGCAST EP. 4 - Toxic HeadAss Community

Rhodan kicks off The Mogcast under the Licks and Stains Act. Mogs speak on the westside Car2Go Mercedes lick heard around the world, to the jug that is Ye’s Coachella merch... GY calls in via Google Hangouts from the Crib. Also, coping post-Nip, Mogs talk toxic masculinity....Is it time to unpack and unlearn the dumb shit? Peace, mogs! Episode 4 is here!

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Throw your diamonds up for more than a decade of heat with the new TIDAL-exclusive Roc La Familia playlist from The Barber's Chair! The greatest hits from the most prolific label in hip hop history.
Listen here:

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Roc La Familia - A Barber's Chair Playlist (TIDAL exclusive)

Throw your diamonds up for more than a decade of heat from the most prolific label in hip hop history. This playlist is TIDAL exclusive. Blame Jay-Z…

Listen to the new bangers playlist on Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music!
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WrestleMania might be over but you can still rep Becky Two Belts with the brand new #FreeTheMan tees up now on the Barber's Chair Net merch shop

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M.I.D. Summer: Three takeaways from the Wyoming sessions

Chaos begets excellence in the strange world of Kanye West. At least it used to. It's similar to T'Challa's advanced body armor: the more negative blows Ye's accumulates, the stronger his kinetic energy becomes when working on the latest composition. History has proven that he thrives in a chaotic environment, which is often self-made by spewing outlandish statements or ranting on stage psychotically.

Source: Chris Rock

Source: Chris Rock

We've seen this narrative play out several times over his solo career. It's like a Sixth Sense for Kanye loyalists: he just made an ass out of himself publicly...but that means he's about to drop some fire for the summer. From the Mike Myers headjerk (once) to the Taylor Swift incident (twice) to the public scolding of media personalities (the keyboard need an infinity sign), Kanye has never shied away from controversy. It's the catalyst that drives the conceptually forward-thinking music creative that's within. Until 2018.

This method showed signs of deterioration during the manic frenzy that was The Life of Pablo era in 2016. Although it was widely considered to be a lower-tier release in his catalog, TLOP provided flashes of brilliance like the chilling and cinematic "Ultralight Beam" that reminded many fans why they put up with Kanye's bullshit outside of the music.

Even the shaky rollout that was all-but-off-the-rails culminated with one of 2016's biggest events in entertainment: Yeezy Season 3, a runway show that doubled as an album release party for 18,000 people at a sold out Madison Square Garden. Lasting memories were created there while his ignorance off the boards was brushed to the side (but not forgotten).

We're a little more than a month removed from the last release from the Wyoming Sessions and it's becoming increasingly obvious that the self-proclaimed genius had failed with his experiment in the grandest of ways. "Failed" because of the collective lack of care for the final execution of the projects. "In the grandest of ways," because of the collateral damage he caused along the way (see: "Slavery was a Choice" and M*GA/Dragon Energy).

When he announced the lineup of five consecutive weeks of new releases - Pusha-T, himself, Kid Cudi & himself, Nas, and Teyana Taylor - while primarily handling the production as well, it was safe to assume that G.O.O.D. Fridays were finally back.


Compared to Hawaii and the glorious run in 2010 resulting in a classic album, the Wyoming Sessions proved to be weird cousin Arnie from Hey Arnold: recognizable, but awkwardly shaped and dull. Aside from the whole Drake fiasco, it was hardly a Cruel Summer from the vaunted G.O.O.D. Music camp. But it wasn't a complete trainwreck. 

Here are a few thoughts I had about the "experience" overall:

1. Pusha-T was the Trojan Horse of the experiment

DAYTONA had to work. As the pace car for this five-week circuit, it had to be damn near perfect; to many, it lived up to expectations. If the long-awaited true follow-up to My Name is My Name was anything less than stellar, the already mild anticipation for the rest of Wyoming would have dried up even quicker. Serving up the purest brick of Peruvian white, the G.O.O.D. Music President delivered his best solo project to date with DAYTONA; raw, cut with no filler whatsoever.

Ye & Mike Dean really shined with the minimalist production paired with gritty sampling to create a menacing atmosphere. His delivery is grimy, yet relaxed and confident like it hasn't aged a day since Lord Willin'. Most importantly, there were no stale bars or wasted lines from Push; similar to a technical boxer accruing points over the course of a fight to earn the decision in the 12th round, as opposed to the knockout artist getting winded by the fifth bell. For an added measure to retain maximum attention towards Wyoming, there was "The Story of Adidion."

Terrance and Aubrey have traded their fair share of subs in years prior (essentially over a BAPE hoody), but after the scope of the battle was lined up with "Infrared," Drake quickly responded with a clip that has presumably in the chamber for a while, saved for a moment like this. "Aight, bet," said the Virginia Beach native and proceeded to expose a lot of shit about Drizzy that the public wasn't privy to (sidenote: you're allowed to enjoy Scorpion AND still think "YOU ARE HIDING A CHILD" is hilarious too. Let these jokes breathe).

There's an unconfirmed report from a credible source that Ye learned about Aubrey's now-public son when he brought Drake to Wyoming for a writing session. If this is true, it's very possible that Kanye gave this ammo to Pusha-T, strategically use him as a conduit to create a huge controversy for maximum attention. If so, it might be time for Kanye to reevaluate his promotional tactics. The numbers and metrics may have inflated because of it, but is a (supposed) shady move like worth a loss of credibility, Ye?

2. Nas and Teyana Taylor deserved better, especially Teyana

Teyana Taylor signed to G.O.O.D Music in 2012. Since then, she's had 1. a few placements on Cruel Summer; 2. released VII, a solid, but under the radar studio album; 3. an incredibly skilled and sexy performance for the "FADE" music video. Limited as they may be, she has shined with every opportunity given to her and has been patiently waiting to show the world why she should be considered a true force in RnB. An album executively produced by arguably one of the most important producers since the start of the millennium was supposed to launch her to that height.

Keep That Same Energy deserved a traditional and proper rollout, complete with lead singles and visuals to match. Hell, at the very least, she deserved a completed album. Waking up to texts from friends, the day after it was supposed to drop (!), when it didn't, to realize it wasn't the final version you thought was coming out (!!), should never be the way to first hear your "completed" album. Teyana sang her ass off on KTSE, but the production and final mixing arrangment felt incomplete.

And with Nas, I don't know. Maybe Escobar Season was experiencing Climate Change 'cause this ain't it, chief. And he knows that. The album felt rushed and disjointed, as if the lyrics were recorded acapella and blindly matched to beat stems at the last minute, without any final input from the artist.

On the process of recording with Kanye. “Wyoming was weird.” 😅

— Eric Diep (@E_Diep) July 27, 2018

When I heard the news about NASIR, I was expecting seven "We Major" level tracks.  That bar was set way too high. But it looks like a more carefully thought out, traditional hip-hop project from Nas is coming soon:

And another Nas album on the way. He has been in with Swizz Beatz and RZA.

— Eric Diep (@E_Diep) July 27, 2018

3. Rev. Ty Dolla $ign and 070 Shake are co-MVPs of the Wyoming Summer League


TY Dolla Sign

The five TY$ tracks every new fan needs to know

Not much to say about Ty; in 2018 he has definitively cemented his status as an RnB star with his incredible run over the past three years, a run that started with Free TC. Many jokes flew about the mediocre nature and output of the Wyoming Sessions, but none of these shots landed in the vicinity of $.  Say what you will about Kanye, but he's a veteran at utilizing his guest features as elements on instrumentals in bold and sublime ways. Ty Dolla $ign's harmonizing and gospel-esq vocals stole the show on "All Mine," "3Way," "Wouldn't Leave," and "Freeee (Ghost Town Pt 2)." 

070 Shake, however, didn't have an established base prior to the Wyoming experience. Being a relatively unknown artist, the New Jersey native had the most to prove, and, when called upon, brushed off that chip on her shoulder with ease. She undoubtly made a mark with a distinct and haunting vocal presence on "Santeria," "Ghost Town," and "Not For Radio,"; songs that feature Push, Ye, Cudi, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Nas, and Diddy. Not a terrible way to start off one's career. If she's not shelved as a background artist only brought out for experiments (*coughs* Teyana deserved better), then the sky's the limit for Shake's future with G.O.O.D.

Kids See Ghosts did take us a little over a year-and-a-half to just get it tight and where we wanted it to be... Months went by, and we just kept working on it and chiseling away at it. It was funny to us when people were talking about how the album was rushed or last-minute. I knew what it took. I was there the whole time. - Kid Cudi for Billboard; July 2018

Many consider Kids See Ghosts as the most well-round project to come out Wyoming. Stripped of excessive arrogance, Kanye and Cudi (whose hums were in peak form) created a powerful 7-track diary of sorts, detailing their bouts with depression and mental health. The primary influencers of Mike Dean, Plain Pat, and Dot the Genius, as they've done on previous work (i.e. 808s & Heartbreak, Man on the Moon) made the duo sound as sharp as they've been in the past decade. Thoughts can be birthed quickly and finalizing the product could take 7 days, but that kind of focus to make sure that the arrangement of sounds and performance from the lyricists/singers normally isn't overnight.

It can work for some, but it's not for everyone. Aside from Kanye playing active defense against the opening track's attempt at not sounding like a trainwreck, KSG had a sense of completeness that ye (lyrics scrapped and recreated in 8 days), KTSE, and NASIR did not have.

Music opinions are subjective and number ratings are arbitrary but if I'd have to rate the Wyoming experience, it'd be 2.5/5; the 2 representing the successes (DAYTONA and KSG), the .5 representing the half-baked ideas of the other 3.

Each collection arguably had at least one song with replay value beyond 1-listen:

1. Push's grizzly and boastful "The Games We Play" (No jewelry on, but you richer than everybody // You laugh a little louder, the DJ say your name a little prouder //And we don't need a globe to show you the world is ours);

2. "No Mistakes" featuring Charlie Wilson (I'm definitely gonna need an hour-long Kanye-less version that loops Uncle Charlie's chorus like what someone did with the horns from SpottieOttieDopaliscious);

3. A therapeutic Cudi glides on "Reborn" which featured a Kanye that suddenly remembered how to rap his ass off on a Graduation era type of feel for the overall song;

4. "Bonjour" feels like the perfect soundtrack to sail along the Amalfi Coast to, boo'd up, with a never-ending glass of expensive alcohol in hand, without a care in the world. NASIR deserved 6 more of these.

5. From the raps and to boldly sang vocals, Teyana bodied her performance on the sample-driven and orchestral "Rose in Harlem." KTSE suffered the most from "demoitis," but she, as best as she could, rose to shine from the fractured cement better known as the Wyoming Sessions;

Ball Don't Lie ep. 20 - The Season Finale ft. @Al_Patron

It's the season finale of Ball Don't Lie! Author & creator Al Patron (@Al_Patron) joins the crew to wrap up the NBA season. Are the Warriors a dynasty, and how long will their window be open for? We also talk about the ridiculous of LeBron James stans and has the GOAT debate finally been laid to rest? Also what's our overall grade on the NBA, did Drake catch the biggest L in Hip-Hop history, and our final Goofy Mogs of the season.

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Kanye West VS Cancel Culture : Yeezy wins

Cancel (can·cel  \ ˈkan(t)-səl ) verb " to destroy the force, effectiveness, or validity of 

 A digital bullet with murderous motives, packed with lethal power aiming to end careers, the word cancel has become a weapon against questionable behavior yet more often than never, the target is left unscathed. Many problematic faves appear to be crafted from a cloth stitched with confidence, controversy and Teflon. The fiery outrage of mass calls for cancellation rarely transforms lively careers to ashes.  

Understanding the terms and conditions of the word "cancel", the heavy, sometimes harsh and swift judgement of the public leads to a new proposed cancellation every three to five business days. With social media encouraging little-to-no privacy among celebrities, exposing the entirety of their stardom to fans, their views, opinions and behaviors are also placed under a microscope. The validity of cancellation may vary from person to business, to brand to app. 

Recently, Kanye West, a man whom may offer many reasons to be under anyone's cancellation radar, is the latest celebrity to face backlash for political views, controversial statements and brash behavior.  His return to the spotlight debuted a more peculiar Yeezy than normal. Sporting a MAGA cap, Kanye's Twitter rants about creative licenses, supporting Donald Trump and "free-thinking" caught the attention of many, for better or for worse.

The abrasive comeback of Kanye West earned him the side eye from many fans, foes and friends, his time on TMZ is where many drew the line. Mr. West appeared on TMZ and alleged that the enslavement of African people, kidnapped and sold to colonizers and trekked across the Atlantic was a choice in which the victims could have opted out. 

“When you hear about slavery for 400 years ... for 400 years?” he said. “That sounds like a choice.”
— Kanye West

The disregard for historical accuracy and cultural ignorance placed Kanye West on the fast track to destination cancellation. As if his political support of Donald Trump, a man whose platform succeeded based on the suffering and mistreatment of those who create Kanye's fan base, wasn't enough, his remarks on slavery echoed "WAKE UP MR WEST" sentiments across the internet. 

Immediately, TMZ correspondent Van Lathan assertively interjected, informing Kanye West of the danger and ignorance of his statements, reminding him that he is indeed entitled to believe what he believes yet the underlying issue with his proclamations. The interview, rightfully, caused a Twitter storm, unpredictable by anyone. Kanye West transformed into Coonye and many dealt with the weight of visioning slavery as a choice with the comical hashtag #IfSlaveryWasAChoice. 

It has been proven many times that although Twitter births hilarious jokes, awkward interactions,  sometimes successful events and endless memes, not all hashtags are created in vain. Twitter has successfully impacted political campaigns, created social awareness, ended and began careers and highlighted racial disparities in professional and casual settings. When Twitter "does its thing" the results are often in favor of the majority. But when it comes to cancelling Kanye, the tides have turned. 

Still, the call for cancellation was not answered by all. While some of Kanye's famous friends sought to privately (and some publicly) direct Kanye to the error of his ways, the artist was met with some support. Yeezy stans, various rappers, MAGA trolls and the Ankh-Right's finest free thinkers all flew to his defense.  

The freedom of speech allows anyone, including Kanye West to be loud and wrong with potential consequences to provocative statements. In the case of Kanye, the clap-back targeted his career.  For some his antics became intolerable and the cancellation commenced.  Almost a month following the weary night of the TMZ appearance, Kanye has released new music which many vowed not to support, yet somehow his album still came out on top. While others who make statements that get them "cancelled" must issue iPhone press releases and apology tweets, somehow Kanye thrives in mania. 

His latest album Ye, his solo project created while in Wyoming, did not suffer. Ye had rappers, fans, media personalities and more flying to Wyoming for a listening party, streaming the project and carrying on about his genius. The case of Kanye offers many conclusions that are not provable with quantitative statistics. Either way, Kanye came out victorious over cancel culture. Who gets the credit (or the blame) for Ye's rise to the top of the charts? Did his cosign from Donald Trump encourage the MAGA crowd to support their new brethren or were people not serious in their call for cancellation?

The failed cancellation of Kanye West suggests that he, like others, have amassed a level of stardom and success that comes with an invisible impenetrable cloak. No matter what he does, he has proven that he can say anything and still have the support of millions. What does this say about the effectiveness of cancel culture? Where is the line drawn?   

Celebrities must realize the power of influence and the potential their words have to change the world. Kanye's statements aren't as damaging coming from a random person with 600 Twitter followers and a 9-5 as they are coming from someone with his platform. Kanye has the clout levels to mold impressionable minds. His political views, and historical blunders have undeniable impact and blur the line between right and wrong. When the MAGA crowd got the Kanye co-sign they were further pushed from seeing the error in their ways and used him as a reasoning to support their deadly ideals. 

As far as who allows fame and fortune to correlate to influence and power, the people carry the burden. As a culture, we have the ability to strip superheroes of their immortal powers by not supporting their artistic endeavors. Drawing a line and cementing the placement on what will and will not be supported is seemingly tricky yet simplistic in nature. James Baldwin writes  "The precise role of the artist, then, is to illuminate that darkness, blaze roads through that vast forest, so that we will not, in all our doing, lose sight of its purpose, which is, after all, to make the world a more human dwelling place."

Rico's Playhouse: Steve Harvey had the Toupee G

This week in the Playhouse we are joined by 2 Stickz, the hottest young producer out of Chicago (@2stickz), as well as Brace Boogie (@braceboogie) whose new single "Birthday" is taking over Chicago. During the episode we cover Bill Cosby, Kanye, as well as how Steve Harvey tricked the world for years with the perfect lining. So sit back relax and enjoy Rico's Playhouse.

Random Acts of Podcast ep. 182: Who Invented Trap Music

On this week's episode of RAOP, we bring on @34Kel_ & @MacknSweetJones and chop up about who invented trap music, COONYe West being Trump's puppet, Kel's new mixtape, which rappers not really from Atlanta and a ton more other topics. This might be the most Atlanta podcast episode to hit the internet EVER! Remember to send in your listener questions, #TheyNeedTheirAssBeat or #RealNiggaOfTheWeek submissions, email us at or call 424-260-RAOP to leave a voicemail.

34 Kel: The Art Of War-
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Five DJ battles we'd love to see in 2018
Hot 97

Hot 97

Hip-hop has been an impactful force that only continues to grow upward. At it's barest roots, the DJs - not the "hit the shuffle on the playlist" imposters - are largely responsible for the growth of the genre. Since the mid-80s when scratchin' was  more than just a hobby, pioneers such as DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash innovated and transformed the shape of hip-hop and helped to push it to the forefront of popular music.

Not only were they responsible for incorporating old-school soul records, DJs created an atmosphere of fun. In the early stages, B-boys and B-girls would break dance over beat breaks. But that beat break also allowed MCs to freestyle and impress the crowd.

Tthe terms DJ and producer have been synonymous with each other. It's not to say that every single producer DJs, but the most elite beat conductors are familiar with turntablism.

In February 2017, out of nowhere, legendary producers Just Blaze and Swizz Beatz held an impromptu battle in front of an intimate crowd of "who's who". People from Busta Rhymes to Alicia Keys to Ebro were there to witness this historic event. For nearly three hours, Just Blaze and Swizz went back and forth for the internet's pleasure.

Everything, I mean EVERYTHING was played from their impressive list of production credits. A true performance from two of the realest to ever do it. There were grumblings about additional beat battles between other major producers, but nothing has happened as of late.

I'm just trying to type this into existence and hope for the best: WE NEED MORE DJ BATTLES TO HAPPEN IN 2018 AND BEYOND.

Televised, live-streamed or ticketed events could be highly lucrative, plus it would be another evolution of entertainment for the hip-hop culture. I picked five potential battles (with links of samples from each person's catalog, broken up in 2 sections: "Hits" and "live chops")  that would be incredible to see.

Pharrell vs. Mike WiLL-Made It

One of the best to ever do it versus one of the best in the game right now. I can't even categorize this as a matchup between new school and old school because this nigga Pharrell is always ahead of his time and immortal. Mike WiLL is just as innovative when it comes to pushing the envelope with production. It would be interesting to see these two producers duel because of the range and versatility of their styles. One track could just smack you across the face because of the sheer power of the drums and their very next selection could leave you even more off balanced because of how unusual the sound it.

Hits: Pharrell: Frontin' ft. JAY-Z, Mike WiLL: Future ft. Pharrell, Pusha T, and Casino - Move That Dope

Live chops: Pharrell - Kid Cudi - Surfin', Mike WiLL:  Kendrick Lamar - DNA (the 2nd half, specifically)

Madlib vs. The Alchemist

An underground hip-hop fan's dream, Madlib and The Alchemist are highly respected producers with close attention to detail when it comes to creating. They may not have invented sampling, but they are among the elites when it comes to mastering this technique. Alc and Madlib are known for diggin' in the crates to find the most obscure record from years ago to create an interesting new-aged, high-quality beat. It would be a sight to see these two go beat for beat, but the live chops would definitely be the highlight of the show.

Hits: The Alchemist: Jadakiss and Styles P - We Gonna Make It, Madlib: Mos Def ft. Slick Rick - Auditorium

Live chops: The Alchemist: Curren$y ft. Prodigy - The Type, Madlib - Freddie Gibbs ft. Danny Brown - High

Just Blaze vs. Kanye West

Swizz Beatz deserves all the respect in the world for his contributions to hip-hop and music, but what Just Blaze did in that beat battle was just unfair. It felt like Just had home field advantage. Even if the venues were flipped, Swizz would still have had to play catch up. Showmanship and putting on an actual performance by being animated is important but the number of hits Just Blaze had lined up back to back to back were incredible.

For that reason, mixed with his use of the sampler and drum machine, Just was the king that night. Roc-a-Fella's student-turned-professor Kanye West could be the one to knock his crown off. Not only is Ye's production catalog extensive and diverse, his skills on the drum machine are otherworldly. Kanye versus Just Blaze would be a marquee battle for the ages. They can go beat for beat, sample for sample, chop for chop, without dusting each other. Shit might end up in a draw.

Hits: Just Blaze: Erick Sermon ft. Redman - React (S/O to NBA Street Vol. 2), Kanye West: Watch the Throne - Niggas in Paris

Live chops: Just Blaze: Dipset - Built This City, Kanye West: Christian Dior Denim Flow ft. Everyone

Timbaland vs. Metro Boomin

Who knows where this could go! A battle between of one music's all-time greatest producers in Timbaland and one of hip-hop most prolific producers right now in Metro Boomin might end up left of everyone's expectations. I have a feeling these two would focus on the fine details of craftsmanship for a majority of the battle then just end the show with an onslaught of bangers to transform the crowd into a nightclub. Young Metro may have been typecasted as just a trap producer but he has really showed his versatility as of late with his choices of where he wants to take his sound: unpredictable. Timbaland has effortlessly lived in the world of hip-hop, RnB, and pop, always remaining consistent and relevant in his 20+ year career. Timbo may have the slight advantage, but Metro would be a worthy adversary that's up to the challenge.

Hits: Metro Boomin: Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi - Father Stretch My Hands (Part 1), Timbaland: JAY-Z ft. UGK - Big Pimpin'

Live chops: Metro Boomin: Travis Scott ft. Future and 2 Chainz - 3500, Timbaland: 6LACK - Grab the Wheel

9th Wonder vs. DJ Premier

We have two of the GOATs of hip-hop production going head to head with each other. Gang Starr's DJ Premier versus Little Brother's 9th Wonder would be a battle that would generate a lot of buzz from old crowds and new. A few speakers may get blown out during this contest. 9th and Preemo obviously know their way around a turntable; their scratchin' performances alone would be worth the price of admission. The broken soulful sample flips during the "live chops" portion would literally put a new spin on old classics. Even though these two are students of the game that rose to prominence in the 90s and 00s, their sound still remains youthful to this day.

Hits: 9th Wonder: Little Brother ft. Joe Scudda - Lovin' It, DJ Premier:  M.O.P - Ante Up

Live chops: 9th Wonder: NipseyHussle - Face the World, DJ Premier: Ludacris - M.V.P.

Most anticipated albums of 2018

There’s a couple of things that come to mind when I think about New Years; it’s new beginnings, new energy, new people, new opportunities, and most importantly, new music. Every year when it feels there’s no way the music atmosphere can get that better, I’m  hit me with that “Iight BET” text message from the new year.  New music releases in 2018  means new sounds, waves, flows, tunes, artists, etc. When it’s not the usual artists dominating, there’s always some new faces that make big noise for themselves.  Despite push back old heads give us, music is in a great spot. With all of these diverse  categories of hip-hop specifically tailored to different crowds, you would think complaining about the state of music would experience some cutback.  But people are never satisfied. Either way it goes,  I’m excited to hear  what’s in stored for our 2018 Life soundtrack. I’ve come up with the list of rappers whom in which I’m excited for releasing new music this year.

Migos - Culture 2

Coming off an astounding year, Migos are already prepping for their upcoming album Culture 2, which drops on January 26th. This release falls a day before the one year anniversary of Culture. With two single already in rotation (Motor Sport and Stir Fry), I’m interested in what direction the group is taking the sound & vibe this next go round. I don't know if it’s because of the Quality Control compilation release, but the buzz doesn't feel entirely the same as it did last year. However, I have faith in Migos to drop that flame. I'm looking forward to hearing my guy Offset (aka the BEST MIGO out the group) to do work on the album. . 

Rae Sremmurd - Sremmlife 3

SremmLife 3 has been teased on several occasions by Mike Will Made It and the group through social media and interviews. Back in August while with speaking with Tim Westwood , Swae Lee confirmed that SremmLife 3 was just about complete. Prior to that, Slim Jxmmi initially said initially that the third album was going to be a departure from the Sremmlife series, but later, Swae changed the plans up. We haven’t got an actual release date yet, but we were told it’s supposed to drop sometime in January. I’m not sure if it will since release dates always change, but I’m certain Sremmlife 3 will drop for us sometime in the first quarter of 2018.

On a side note, I really wish they would start dropping their albums in the spring time so their records could blow up and get in the summer rotation.

YG- Just Re’d Up 3

When we last heard YG on his Red Friday EP, he said on Public Service Announcement intro "Just Re’d Up 3 coming soon.” YG has been quietly working in the lab, whether with Mustard for the album or assisting with features with other rappers. He’s dropped some loosie singles post-Still Brazy in Fuck it up, YNS & Pop it Shake It. It’s about to be about two years since Still Brazy dropped (which i think is top album of 2016 despite some push back since the album missed Mustards’ presence) and I think it’s about time for a new YG album in order to prep us for the summer.

Nipsey Hussle - Victory Lap

It's about DAMN time our playa’ potna Nipsey Hussle is finally dropping Victory Lap on February 16th. I’ve been a fan of his music since Hussle in the House dropped and he’s grabbed me with his mixtapes series Bullets Aint Got No Name and The Marathon. After Crenshaw dropped in 2013, Nipsey started teasing us with Victory Lap, but it was starting to reach Detox status. But it seems like Victory Lap is finally about to happen. If my boy Cyhi could delay his album process and drop heat like No Dope on Sundays, then I have all the faith in Nipsey.

Travis Scott- Astroworld

Travis Scott is for the people and he proves it every single time with each new project release. Birds in The Trap Sing McKnight is still holding it down as we’re we wait for Astroworld. Huncho Jack with Quavo was cool and all, but we all are waiting for what’s coming with their own projects. Last year, Trav dropped three throwaway records; Green and Purple with Playboi Carti, The Butterfly Effect, and A Man. I’m anxious to hear what new sounds he's got cooking in the works with Mike Dean. He had a great all star cast on his last album and i’m interested in who's making contributions this next go round. Will he outdo Birds and Rodeo? Stay tuned.

Schoolboy Q- TBD

Blank Face was the album of 2016, point blank period. Schoolboy Q came through with the heat and it still sticks today. If you follow Q on Snapchat or his IG stories, then you would know he’s putting the finishing touches on his next album. He’s already warned us that he’s taking the mainstream route with the production. We don’t know much about the new album yet but I can guarantee you that Q’s is about to lace us with some heat the TDE way.

Jay Rock - TBD

Jay Rock has been silently working on his next album for awhile now. TDE has already made their power move by dropping King’s Dead with Kendrick and Future, which not only will serve as a single for The Black Panther but also the first single off his upcoming Album. We don’t have a lot of information regarding the album, but judging off the snippets, I'm looking forward to the album. I can’t wait until the second single comes out.

Future - TBD

We’ve been long overdue for a new solo Future album. Last year, he pulled a double whammy on us dropping FUTURE & HNDRXX, both albums which could possibly be argued as the best albums of 2017.  The only thing missing is a Grammy nomination but only time will tell.

Between the rumors of Beast Mode 2 with him & Zaytoven and finding he will be curating the soundtrack for the Superfly remake, there’s no telling exactly what direction Future is going to go with his music. All we can tell you is that expect some new heat soon. To keep it a buck, I really hope somehow we can add No Wallet into the mix.

Drake - TBD

At the end of “Do Not Disturb,” Drake said,  “Takin summer off, cause they tell me I need recovery/ Maybe gettin’ back to my regular life will humble me/ I’ll be back in 2018 to give you the summary.”  We really don’t know what Drizzy has in stored for us this year, but based on the snippets that’s dropped on social media, he’s been working. Even though I would much rather prefer him to take the year off and really put his foot into the next album, he’s going to do what he want to do. All I can hope for is more flame to come on the way.

Kanye West - TBD

As an OG Kanye stan,  these days I feel bittersweet about him as a whole from his recent music to how he is as a person.  Even though I’m not as fond of him as I was before, there’s still some love for Uncle Ye deep down. Not only do we want the best for him, but we also want the mild sauce flowing back in his veins.

He was very quiet for the most of 2017 minus a verse on Cyhi’s Dat Side. We’ve heard from numerous members of G.O.O.D. Music that Kanye is back on his “five beats a day for three summers” flow. I’m not believing anything until I actually hear it. But the good thing about Ye’s music is that you’ll never know what to expect from him. So for that, I’m interested to see where he will take it since he’s been so quiet.