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Playhouse Shorts: Hollywood & the Black Film Maker
'Paverbs': Tales of the city Vol. 2

Us men at times don't understand the simple concept of "Women can do it to". We also think that women are such emotionally irrational creatures that they can't separate sex from actual feelings. Which is completely false; this is 2018 & the power is theirs. Sometimes she just needs some sex & you're just around & haven't talked yourself out the action.

This can sometimes last for months, hell I've even had situations like this last for almost a year. But don't get it twisted; she doesn't care about you. Unless you've had conversations with this woman that say otherwise, don't assume you're anything more.

Also, don't assume you can sex a woman into developing feelings for you. It's impossible & the quickest way to get your heart broken. The most painful relationship a man can be in is one with a woman who's single. Just appreciate the moments, appreciate the sex & don't overestimate your importance.

Let's first dive into what an "off night" is. The best way I can explain it is this: even Michael Jordan didn't drop 30 every night. Every now & then he had some 15-20 point games sprinkled in. That didn't happen often but it doesn't matter; the fact still remains it happened.

It's the same with women, especially the high maintenance bad ones in the city that seem so unattainable. On most nights, for you, they are but every now & then they'll make an exception. Usually, this exception has nothing to do with anything you actually did so don't sit back & assume you just have all the juice. No, you were just around; you were chosen & you didn't talk enough to fuck it up. You've probably been nothing but nice to her for the duration of time that you've known her & she just might need that energy in her life tonight.

It could be a multitude of things that cause this "off night" to happen but the top three reasons I've witnessed are:

  • An athlete or entertainer boyfriend being caught cheating so she's liable to engage in revenge sex.
  • The holiday season when the city kind of slows down a bit & most of the people who she is living that life with are back at home for the holidays.
  • The forever undefeated boredom.

    If she's that fire she's used to money, she's been around it & if you don't have it you won't keep her around. But every now & then when the stars align perfectly she can be yours, for one night only.

The City is a crazy place, everything seems so replaceable. So in turn everything is devalued, especially people & your relationships with them. Like I've mentioned before, a Hollywood three months is a normal year. In REAL life that's still only 90 days, but that's more than enough time to create a false reality about people. You see the people in this life usually aren't your friends, but when you're living at this speed it sure can seem like it. When you see somebody every night for three months when most people don't last a week, it can create a false sense of friendship.

Now you start calling people the homie whose last names you don't even know. Every memory you have with this person is past 9pm & jaded with drugs & alcohol. But you're so conditioned by the city you forgot that regular people don't live this way. It's like you guys have like your own little country club that only a few are privileged to. But these people, because they aren't your friends, aren't going to call you at 2pm to hang out & just talk.

But at this point, that's all you know because you don't meet regular people because they don't live like you. They can't stay up until 4am every night because they have work in the morning. So now you have to hit the streets every night because that's the only place you aren't lonely at, which is one reason why everybody says the city is so fake. It's not really that people are THAT much faker than anywhere else. It's that life moves at such a rapid speed you don't notice that they don't love you like that.

Why Black representation matters

If you're into movies and television as much as I am, then man what a time to be alive! Successful black media is on the rise, all with traces of black excellence sprinkled throughout. In a time where the lack of opportunity for black creatives in Hollywood is a topic of conversation, we've seen a spike in quality black media over the past few years. But don't tweak, there's still much more room for needed improvement. Let's chat.

Imagine a world where Hollywood is dominated by the Jordan Peele's and Ryan Coogler's of the world, and the success of Donald Glover's and Issa Rae's are matched by Sterling K. Brown's & Tiffany Haddish's. In that short list, we get so many depictions of people of color shown within their works: we get a bunch of 20-something's still figuring out their love (and work) lives, a testament to modern-day slavery with the very real fear of what being black in America is like, and an African King who rules over the most technologically advanced city in the world.

These are very real and diverse characters that, to an extent, already exist in the real world. So why are we just now getting a glimpse of our very real potential?

Because Hollywood isn't big on risk-taking, and to them, we are a risk.



Representation matters in media. There are already black rulers, geniuses, geeks, professionals, you name it! But again, these are risks; as you can tell by the constant reboots, sequels and remakes, Hollywood isn't big on risk-taking. That's why it is so important for people like Jordan, Issa and Ava Duvernay to keep producing content that highlights the large-scale that is black existence.

Fact of the matter is, we are much more than hookers, thugs and slaves, and I'm tired of these being the go-to movies that the Oscars choose to recognize. Every now and then executives will gamble with these types of projects, and to their surprise they work, bringing in huge box office numbers or ratings. But just because a show has quality writing and acting, doesn't mean the studio will keep gambling on them (go check out Survivor's Remorse).

The future is watching. When I was a kid I watched all the classics. I grew up with Lizzie McGuire, Ren and Louis Stevens. I loved these characters...we all did. But their lives were quite different from ours. Sure, this was television, but this is all we had to look for ourselves in as kids.

When I came to the hard realization I was blackity-black-black as hell and I wouldn't REALLY be able to live in a 5-star hotel that my mom performed at, I turned elsewhere. I personally turned to X-Men - a group of outcasts that battled prejudice among humans. But children today need something to look up to. The young creatives of the future need to feel empowered in their black art and need to know that we are lit!

'Paverbs': Tales of the city

This is one a lot of people won't feel but I'm going to try to help you understand. When you living that life, especially in Hollywood, you meet so many people.

Think about it... let's say you go out four days a week. In those four days you might meet a group of women from out of the country, another group of women from out of town, a couple college girls as well as some girls who don't come out much but probably got drug out by their friends tonight.

The girls that you meet from out of town probably just want to party, so if they're in town for four days you might end up spending four straight nights with that group of girls. But they cycle out at the end of the week & a new roster comes in & it's the same thing rotated over & over again.

Also, people just fall off the map sometimes. People get girlfriends/boyfriends or maybe the occasional job or some people just end up moving back home because the city got too crazy. Everything is so fast so in three months the whole landscape of everything might have changed. The doormen at spots might be different, your favorite bartender might be gone... anything is possible. So a Hollywood 3 months is like a normal person's year because things switch over so fast when you are living at that speed. Everything & everyone, for the most part, is temporary.

Again, a Hollywood 3 months is like a normal year, so when you break that down 48 hours is like a week & half. If you meet a girl & she's living that life in a 48 hour span she probably meets about 10-20 guys & that's on a light week.

So from the time you take that IG or number down you are on the clock. I call it the "First 48". By noon of the next day if you haven't reached out to engage in some kind of conversation with her you're already losing. Also, you have to take into account that when you met her she was probably some type of intoxicated so she might not even remember that she met you in 48 hours.

You can play it how you want to play it but here's my advice: hit her up around Noon-2pm & tell her how nice it was to meet her & ask what she's getting into that night. See where she's going, make plans to pop up there, grab a drink, have a quick convo, keep it cool & then make plans for drinks for the following week.

Again, the first 48 hours is pivotal. How you play it will determine if you just see her around or if she's showing up with you.

First off, let's dive into who Tom Thibodeau is. He's the former coach of the Bulls during the D. Rose era & currently the coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves. He also should probably be in a jail for manslaugter for what he did to Luol Deng, Joakim Noah & D. Rose's knees but that's neither here no there. One thing he doesn't believe in is playing rookies. He values experience over potential in most situations.

Take that logic & apply it to women who just moved to the city. You can't date them, don't do it. They need to go through some stuff first before you can lock them down if that's your plan. LA is a crazy place: no matter where in America you come from there's nothing like it, especially for an attractive woman.

The allure is crazy & there's a 99% chance she's going to get some kind of caught up in it & she needs to. She needs to understand how the city works & get everything out of her system before you even attempt to put that type of life in front of her. Also the city has a way of making you the struggle version of yourself, especially if you have any type of self esteem issues which you don't need to be around for. Let her make her mistakes & go through what she has to go through & if it's real like that, ya'll will link up again when she's more settled in & has a little bit better understand of how the city works.

There's so much more that goes into a successful relationship besides having things in common with a person. When I was younger I thought similar interests were the end-all be-all but usually it isn't.

In most situations a person too much like you is actually a toxic situation. You don't need to date yourself; you need somebody to offset you & your faults & you need to be able to do the same with somebody else. Similar interests are cool but I'd rather have somebody around who forces me to be uncomfortable & puts me in those situations because that's how growth happens.

I think this tweet is pretty self-explanatory but I'll give you the story behind it.

Me & Scott were at this event & happened to meet these two women through one of my homies who were absolutely BEAUTIFUL. When they walked through the door I instantly knew they modeled & you know how much I love models. Usually I'm never bashful about shooting my shot but this time I backed off & kept it cool. Honestly, they looked like they were a little outside of my tax bracket at the moment.

Fast forward to the next day, one of my other homies calls me to recap the night. We get to talking about some of the girls who were there, then he mentioned them & then said they were going to come to the Doheny Room with us after, but she found somewhere to stay for the night....she's homeless.

There are so many stories like this around the city. So many women that you would never imagine would be living this way are living this way. The city is a crazy place.