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I did an ancestry DNA test, and here's how I feel about it

As you may know, Tax season has come and gone. Cars are getting Repo’d, New sneakers are getting dirty, and everyone is ditching Ruth Chris steaks for Bacon McDoubles. Countless amounts of dollars have been blown on useless material shit that gives brief moments of happiness and luxury.

I am not the one to Judge. After I paid off necessary bills, I tricked off thousands of dollars on luxury garments, meals and accessories

….but with my final $100 of “Play money” I decided to spend my last taste of wealth wisely.

….I bought an $89 Ancestry DNA kit

….and Chic-Fil-A with the other $11

I can’t lie, I was one of the BIGGEST criticizers of the current “trace your genetic roots through DNA” ordeal. I proudly donned my hotep hating hat.  “ Why would I pay the white man to tell me something that you should be entitled to for free!?” *in my Malcolm X voice*.

I also didn’t believe in the science behind it. So You can tell me what part of Africa I’m from, based on my saliva? Nigga please…

To be honest, , curiosity inspired me the most. February was a heavy month. After reading countless amounts of black history books, watching black panther, and arguing with the  faux “Woke” community about  how Wakanda can’t be your “roots” because its a fucking fictitious country, I was driven to find some truth about myself.

So I got the test:

The kit cost between $60-$89. I know its not cheap, but I’ve spent way more than $89 to spark my curiosity in more debaucherous situations

The test requires you to spit in a tube. (I know, some trifling shit right?) and ship it to their headquarters. You set up an online account to activate your results. A month later, your results come in.


Apparently I’m:

30% Congolese/Cameroon
29% Ivory Coast/Ghana
12% Great Britain
11% Southeast Africa

Dammit, I’m 12% White Man!?…well…..*Applies for better jobs, checks Caucasian box*

The results definitely put a smile on my face. Not because its accurate (I’m still skeptical of this shit) but because I don’t have the feeling of being entirely lost anymore. I now have a starting point to track my heritage If I wish to do so.  Even if the test is only 50% accurate,  I can now (somewhat) claim a specific country in Africa as my roots, Opposed to being oblivious to my specific heritage and just claiming “Africa” as if its a small country where everyone is made up of the same genetic makeup.

Is it worth the money?

I’d say yes.

Instead of buying another dashiki to show your “African heritage Awareness” take that money and actually attempt to track your heritage. even if it isn’t entirely accurate, It’s better to have some knowledge than to have no knowledge at all