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Post Trade Deadline Fantasy Outlook

We will be diving into the three offensive-centered trades made at Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline. Excluded are the trades of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Ziggy Hood and Dante Fowler because those don’t affect your fantasy teams. Amari Cooper and the Dallas Cowboys were going to be discussed here but I’m sure you’ve already formed your own opinion on that.

Houston Receives: WR Demaryius Thomas, 7th round pick
Denver Receives: 4th round pick, 7th round pick

Winner: Courtland Sutton
Loser: Keke Coutee

This makes sense for both teams but I do question the long-term outlook for the Texans. Will Fuller is out for the season and DT helps but he’s not as fast so I question how he’ll mesh with that role. Thomas has definitely lost a step and is still on a $14 mil/yr salary. Hopefully he’s willing to restructure his deal next season or the Texans may have made a mistake.

Fantasy Spin: Keke Coutee was poised to hop into that #2 receiver spot opposite of DeAndre Hopkins but he’s dealing with a hamstring injury and Thomas will surely command that role for the rest of the season. Deshaun Watson was about to have nobody to throw to on Sunday but this move helped prevent a potential offensive implosion. The biggest beneficiary of the week is Broncos rookie WR Courtland Sutton. Some of you did the right thing and grabbed him last week because all signs were pointing to this trade going through. He’s flashed enough potential this year for the Broncos staff to go all-in on him. Some sucker in your league probably put a claim in for Keke Coutee a week ago but I need you to run to your waiver wire right now to see if Sutton is somehow still there.

Philadelphia Receives: WR Golden Tate
Detroit Receives: 3rd round pick

Winner: Carson Wentz
Loser: Matthew Stafford

Although Golden Tate is 30 years old, he still has some years left in him. I loved him in Detroit’s offense so I’m glad they didn’t settle for a late round pick. Tate is a definite upgrade over Nelson Agholor and Jordan Matthews. Carson Wentz has been perfectly fine but Tate should help the offense be more efficient and maybe even open up the struggling run game.

Fantasy Spin: When you look at Matthew Stafford’s career stats, his interceptions went down right after Calvin Johnson retired. He wasn’t airing it out fifty times a game anymore and started throwing shorter passes. Unfortunately, I think those interceptions could be coming back unless they really commit to running the ball more. Golden Tate has tallied at least 90 receptions in each of the last four seasons. Those balls have to go somewhere. Expect an uptick in targets for Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones. Brandon Powell and TJ Jones have been mentioned as possible replacements in the slot but don’t be surprised if Theo Riddick starts lining up at receiver again.

Baltimore Receives: RB/WR Ty Montgomery
Green Bay Receives: 2020 7th round pick

Winners: Aaron Jones, Jamaal Williams
Loser: Javorius Allen

I didn’t realize how much the Packers didn’t like Ty Montgomery. Fumbling in the final two minutes of a game doesn’t help but this must have been brewing for awhile. They might as well have payed for his flight out of Green Bay. We should assume that Montgomery will be the backup running back to Alex Collins but the Ravens’ WR corps has some room to squeeze in if he wants to turn the clock back.

Fantasy Spin: Hopefully this means the Packers have finally realized what a talented pair of running backs they have in Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams. Ravens RB Javorius Allen plays his role well whether it may be in the receiving game or at the goal line but he’s not the type to break a game open. Ty Montgomery isn’t an overly dynamic player either so it’ll be interesting to see how they use him. The Ravens essentially acquired him for free so he may not be on the team long if they can’t figure out how to maximize his strengths. We just saw it happen with Brandon Marshall. Alex Collins shouldn’t be affected but I’m not touching Allen or Montgomery.

Fantasy Football 101

It’s been a long run, but the wait is finally over. Fantasy Football is back in action this week!

.....if you’ve drafted a team prior to week 3 of the preseason, shame on you. Stop being so thirsty....

Let’s admit it... the best part of fantasy football is the draft. Whether you conduct a live draft at your local B-Dubs or you sit in your underwear at home panicking as your online draft clock winds down, fantasy football drafts bring thrills to everyone.

Before you donate your cash to the future champion of your league, here’s a few tips on how not to suck this year.

If this is your first year, Understand the difference between Fantasy and Reality

Don’t be that idiot that drafts Tom Brady with the first overall pick. Do some research, learn the scoring system and the object of the game.

Join a league that’s right for you

if you’re playing fantasy football this year just for shits and giggles, join a shits and giggles league. Don’t put up $100 to play a game that you have no knowledge on. You’re just donating money.

Also, you can completely ruin a league. All it takes is for one novice team to make a stupid decision (like trading or dropping a star player because he had a bad week) to imbalance a league. Vice versa, If you’re a hardcore heavyweight that’s blood thirsty for championships, stay away from novice leagues. There is no way you can strategically dominate when everyone does unpredictable shit.

Create a draft strategy

Seriously. Most drafts only allow one minute per round to pick your player. Don’t go into a draft assuming that you’re gonna wing that shit and take home the crown. sit down for a minute and think about how you want to structure your team. Do you want to draft a stable of Running backs in your first few rounds? Or are you going to corner the market at wide receiver?

You could probably freestyle the first 4-5 rounds but after all of the obvious players are off the board, you can’t blindly pluck players off the board just because they are next up on the player Rankings. Do some research, see who’s good but not a household name, and snatch them up with a maniacal laugh.

Remember the Date of your draft!

This should be an easy one, but year after year I hear friends bitching about how they forgot the date and became victims of the autodraft.

Unless you want a blind old lady from Kazakhstan who has never heard of American Football to pick your team, I suggest you set a reminder on your phone.