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American politics for the foreseeable future

From a millennial perspective, the shittiest aspect of American politics is that a person feels obligated to pick a side based on your cultural upbringing or ethnicity. And it’s unofficially written that we must NEVER agree with the opposing party, regardless if their propositions make perfect sense.

The shit is obviously stupid, yet we continue to follow the trend.

I don’t want to pick a side, I want to do what makes sense!

Some days I’m super democrat liberal: prioritizing the citizen and building the internal morale of the country. …And Some days I’m Conservative as fuck: I don’t feel like we need to play the Superman of the world when we got shit to take care of at home. Unfortunately there’s currently no dominant Political party in America that thinks this way, but the future is bright for the rational thinker. In the next 20 years the Political climate will drastically change. We will begin to see:

More celebrity politicians

I would be beating a dead horse if I said that Trumps presidency has been a complete shit show, And I would be banned from the black community if I said anything positive about him. Whether we like him or not, Trump (In his shitty little ways) has merged the social and political climate into one, which opens the door for Social celebrities to transition into politics. Don’t be surprised if you see Oprah Winfrey and Kanye West on the 2020 ballots.

The Independent party will win a presidential election.

Yes, that nigga that everyone wonders “Who the fuck are you?” on the presidential ballot will become president in the foreseeable future.  The political parties are too one-sided for the typical millennial. Sonner or later, an Independent candidate will emerge with bipartisan ideologies that appeal to the majority of young America. ye West names on the 2020 Ballots. Hell, Chance the rapper might be president in 20 years.

The dominant political parties will have a facelift

The GOP’s conservative ways are slowly but surely coming to an end. Complete Conservatism is a dated, niggas ain't thinking like that anymore. The GOP will ultimately convert to millennial ways, reshaping the entire image of the Party. Don’t be surprised to see more black republicans in office. Believe it or not, We were republicans before, but thanks to racism and the KKK, we proudly don the blue donkey.