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79th and Halas Ep. 123 - "Amos is the Opps"

On this surprise episode Scott & Flows go over the recent Free Agency signings by the Bears and how they improve the team.

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Ball Don't Lie EP. 40 - He Gone (feat. @SD2Mics)

It's a sad day for Chicago White Sox fans. ESPN 1000's Shaun Davis joins Flows and Pierce to talk about Machado signing with the San Diego Padres, and where the Sox go from there. Then Joe weighs in on news around the NFL, what we want to see out of NBA All Star 2020 in Chicago, Kingdom Hearts 3 and our favorite video games of the last year.

Manny Machado spurns White Sox, signs with Padres
What we want to see out of All Star 2020 in Chicago
Joe on football
Super Bowl 53
Antonio Brown trade demand
Joe Flacco to Denver
Kyler Murray to the NFL
Kingdom Hearts 3
favorite video games of the last year
Goofy Mog of the Week

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The MOGcast - The R. Kelly effect

The MOGcast is a Chicago-centric podcast featuring four hard-working, slick mogs that are under the act.

What act? The act of four native Chicagoans being themselves and figuring it out in Brooklyn.

If you're a hustling transplant or just love authentic, random banter on music, sports, race and culture, then this podcast, scratch that -- This MOGcast -- may be for you.

Lastly, what is a mog? If you don't listen to the show, you may never know. And if you do, welcome! You're officially one of the mogs, joe! Yessuh!

79th and Halas - Heartbreak on the Lakefront

It's a sad day for 79th and Halas as Pierce joins Flows and Scott after the Bears heartbreaking loss to the Eagles in the Wild Card Round.

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Joe FreshGoods and adidas helps the city of Chicago welcome Derrick Rose home for the holidays

Whether or not you're a fan of Derrick Rose, the man or the basketball player, what's undeniable is his magnetic connection to the city of Chicago - HIS city. 

In anticipation of D. Rose's return to Chicago as his Timberwolves play the Bulls the day after Christmas, Joe FreshGoods linked with the folks at adidas to create some digital art around the United Center.

Joe’s art is captivating, and the city is embracing the love.

Rose is nursing a sore ankle but should play Wednesday. He’s making a run for both the Sixth Man and Most Improved Player awards, averaging 18.5 points and 4.6 assists per game for Minnesota while shooting 48.5 percent from the field, and just shy of 47 percent from three-point range.

Ball Don't Lie - "Phillip Rivers is the white Antonio Cromartie"

The squad's all here. Scott Flows and Pierce lament over the firing of Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg and the lack of faith in the organization before moving on from Sunday's Bears loss and onto this week's marquee matchup with the LA Rams! Plus, more football goodness from week 13, predictions for this Sunday, our thoughts on Kareem Hunt, Urban Meyer, the College Football Playoff and more!

Bulls fire Fred Hoiberg
Do you have faith in Garpax and the rebuild?
Chase Daniel brings back Bears fans' PTSD
Bears-Rams predictions
NFC East outlook
Chargers' chances in the AFC
Why no one gives a damn about the Texans
NFC Wild Card chase
Week 14 predictions
Goofy Mog of the Week! (who else would it be?)

79th and Halas - The North Remembers
Ball Don't Lie EP 24.5 - Uncovering MJ Retirement Conspiracy (ft. Jack M Silverstein)
35th and Addison EP 9 (ft. @SD2Mics)
35th and Addison EP 8

This week on 35th Pierce calls out Jose Quintana for having the worst season of his career, while telling Cubs fans to chill the hell out. Scott explains why he doesn't care if Eloy Jimenez or Michael Kopech get called up this season anymore, and we chat about the rise of the A's and Braves and the falls of the Yankees, Dodgers and Astros.

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35th and Addison EP 7 - Bring that boy home

Long Live Rico! Scott and Pierce are back to give their trade deadline grades. Plus A-Rod's comments on Yu Darvish in the Cubs clubhouse, the Nats not selling Bryce Harper at the deadline, Jon Lester & Sean Doolittle's dope responses to baseball's recent storm of bigoted tweets, what Scott wants to see from the Sox in the offseason, and how many more boxes does Eloy need to check before Hahn calls him up?

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Choose your side: White Sox or Cubs?

When you're born in Chicago, you have to choose a side. Your decision can be geographically-based on where in the city you're from, or which surrounding suburb you grew up in. It can even be based off family ties and who your favorite uncle - or the one you couldn't stand - cheered for.

But no matter how you do it, you have to choose your allegiance early.

South side or North side?

Black or blue?

Sox or Cubs?

Only two cities in Major League Baseball have multiple teams residing within city limits - the Angels, unlike the Dodgers, play in Orange County, & the Giants and A's, while both in the Bay, play in different cities. The Yankees play up in the Bronx while the Mets' home is in Queens, but the battle lines aren't drawn the same way in New York. The Yankees have been the mainstay for over a century, and while there's a fair share of Mets fans in New York City, they pale in comparison to the fanbase of the Evil Empire.

Chicago is a Bears town. When the Bulls are great, the city rallies behind the franchise in droves. Hell, even when the Blackhawks are winning the city turns up. But when it comes to baseball, the sibling rivalry gets real.

Cubs/White Sox might be a cordial battle on the baseball field, but in the stands, it's real. My first Cubs/Sox game was way back in '99, a Sunday Night game at old Comiskey Park, and Cubs fans were boxing it out with Sox fans down in the Infield Box seats. It's REAL! Even before the Sox got that 2005 World Series and threw it in the faces of Cubs fans for 11 years at every chance they got... there's not an interleague rivalry in baseball that matters more to its fans than the Bragging Rights of the Crosstown Classic.

The teams have met every year since 1997, and no matter if the Sox are good and the Cubs struggling, the Cubs dominant while the Sox are tanking (as is this weekend's series), or in the rare case, both teams are really really good, the Red Line series is appointment television. No one will forget Michael Barrett's punch on AJ Pierzynski that cleared the benches in 2006, or Carlos Lee's 2-out, walk-off grand slam in the 10th in 2001. What about Ozzie unrelentlessly trash-talking Wrigley Filed or when the Blackhawks brought out their newly-minted Stanley Cup and everyone was on the field like one big happy dysfunctional family.

And family is what we are. We come from blended, divided families where the arguments spark off every family reunion. There's always an Uncle Frank (not his birth name, but the name he gave himself because of his love for Frank Thomas) who gets drunk off his ass and wants to yell about how the Scrubs will live up to their name and be completely useless by September. He's a dick, but you love him (a bit) and his love for baseball all the same.

The series divides the best of friends, and even lovers. Fellas, don't take your obsessive Sox fan girlfriend to the game. It's all fun and games when she's downing 312's nuzzled against your neck, but the second Kris Bryant smashes one onto Waveland and the Cubs go up by 5, her afternoon is ruined and guess who ain't getting no secks tonight? That's right. It's you.

Cubs/Sox crowds are electric, no matter the standings or the score. In recent years, the brawls in the stands have come fewer and further between, but the same candor remains. Sox fans are still talking shit about the Cubs, even if the other team finally got their ring and their squad is at the bottom of the division. Cubs fans are still defensive, but now they have a shiny new trophy to hold over Southsider's heads. The rivalry has taken many shapes over the last two decades, but the fire remains inside every fan in Chicago.

And the ones who claim to be fans of both? Fuck them. If you're a real Cubs or Sox fan, you know all that shit is phony... you may not be the biggest of baseball fans, but everyone here knows you can't play both sides. That's worse than being a bonafide fan of the other team!

Allegiances mean everything in Chicago. Choose wisely, or risk getting stomped out on 35th for talking the wrong shit to the wrong person.

No seriously, Sox fans are angry people. They will fuck you up.

Rico's Playhouse Podcast: "No Disrespect, But Chicago Still Better"

This week on the playhouse, @PlayboiRico is joined by his #ShopTalkChi co-host @larryislegend. In what was supposed to be a playhouse short host Rico and Larry get caught up in what makes Chicago the greatest city ever they discuss chicago and its impact on slang, culture, fashion, music, and food

"But what about Chicago?"

Too often, this phrase rings out amongst the tongues of people who have never set foot on our soil. And for those that have, they’ve only frequented the intersections encompassed by skyscrapers and posh settings of the food and lodging kind. Everyone wants to talk about Chicago when guns are mentioned, but no one wants to TALK about Chicago when guns are mentioned.

Do you really care about our safety or are we just a talking point amongst politicians who couldn’t be bothered to spend one day in our reality? I started this piece questioning what tense I wanted to write this in, but I feel first person is best because this is the life I’ve lived. These are the streets I’ve walked through and been molded by. I will not claim to be an expert on gun violence here or anywhere else, but I’ve lost enough loved ones to know that it’s not coming to an end anytime soon.

And this isn’t casting a shadow on our city because it’s still a very beautiful place to live and dwell, but it’s infuriating to see the masses package us this way.We are more than guns and deaths and even for those who feel we’re not, what are they doing to help? If all you see beyond our beautiful skyline and classic architecture are clouds of smoke and chalk outlines, what contribution have you made to our communities who deal with these tragedies? It’s easy to talk about a problem without offering an actual solution, especially when it’s not your problem.

With the recent increase in public shootings, somehow Chicago gets mentioned as this epicenter of all things violent. When our tangerine-tainted president was running for office, my city was used as a focal point for the ‘inner-city’ and all its woes. Ironically enough, when that same Cheeto in a suit visited my fair city, he was casted away by the strong and resilient people who live here—the only city to do so. We are not our circumstances and that’s a concept that’s consistently overlooked. We thrive and prosper, despite lacking so much and being pointed out under the guise of pseudo-concern.

Recently Mayor Rahm Emanuel decided to close four high schools in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city, Englewood. If those children aren’t allowed a place to learn and be ’safe,’ what will become of them? How can you cast us as this dark place when you consistently take away our beacons of light?

For some children, school is a way to escape, to get a meal, to receive attention and care. When you rip that from them, you rip a sense of safety and wellness without providing an alternative. This comes right after over fifty elementary schools were closed in the most underprivileged areas. They’re literally being set up to fail. Then after high school, should they be lucky enough to complete it, where are the jobs to have them financially stable? Where are the mental health institutions for these kids or even their parents who need help coping with what they live through? Where are the after-school centers so the kids with late-working parents? The community centers where adults can learn financial literacy or job readiness skills? There is no one reason why we have so many new angels in our city but the aforementioned has a lot to do with these happenstances.

As Carl Sandberg describes us in his poem ‘Chicago,’ we are ‘…Stormy, husky, brawling…City of the Big Shoulders.’ We withstand and uphold through blistering winters, scorching summers, and everything in between. Our city is not perfect, but it’s imperative that we don’t forget the cards we are dealt. We were given a trash hand and have thrown out royal flushes time after time. Damn a lemon, we’ve been tossed lemon seeds and produced frozen lemonade slushies. We’re refreshingly cavalier, yet passionately loving. We hustle and fight and cry and win. We are not your politician’s safe word. We are not your sum-it-all to gun violence. We are not the mules of your campaigns. So when you ask what about Chicago, make sure you’re willing to truly find out.

Rico's Playhouse: Chicago slang is like the N word Don't use it
Who is Zach LaVine?

Hello Bulls fans,

A lot has happened for the Chicago Bulls in the last week. The final piece in the Jimmy Butler trade, Zach LaVine, made his Bulls debut against the Pistons this past Saturday and it was something to behold. His first shot as a Chicago Bull was a three pointer that went straight through the net. The crowd erupted with excitement, and rightfully so.


 There has been this misconception that Zach LaVine’s game consists of only being a “good dunker”.

Contrary to popular belief, there is a lot more to LaVine than fancy breakaway dunks. He is an ascending offensive talent with future All-Star written all over him. As the third scoring option last year on the Minnesota Timberwolves, LaVine averaged 18.9 PPG 3.4 RPG and 3 APG while shooting 45.9%. The potential is there, but the opportunity was not.

When the trade was made back on draft night, a lot of fans joked about LaVine’s ACL tear, saying he’s just another Derrick Rose. The medical field makes advancements rapidly and a year is a long time ago when it comes to recovering from an injury like that. The wonders of modern science have turned ACL tears into just a small hiccup for a good athlete willing to put in the work necessary to come back stronger.

 In his first two games as a Bull, LaVine was limited to 19 minutes of playing time against the Pistons, ending with 14 point, and 2 assists. He was even more impressive Monday in a win over the Heat, scoring 18 points, grabbing 5 rebounds, 5 assists, and 2 steals in only 20 minutes of action.

The more minutes LaVine plays, the more impressive he will be as a player. I'm looking forward to what LaVine, Kris Dunn, and Lauri Markkanen will become as trio for the Bulls. So far, I’ve been thoroughly impressed.

'The Chi' episode 1 review


As a Chicagoan, I never feel like the city is portrayed correctly on film. Maybe the first two Barbershop movies but even that shit was like “EH”. I’m from the south side and we don’t usually have anything filmed on our side of the city, nor do we have a good representation of the urban community, west or south side. So when I heard about “The Chi” I was skeptical until someone told me they use our lingo and use it correctly. Now I’m intrigued.

So I tune into the show and immediately I see the Sears Tower being viewed from 79th St. Every person with mild sauce in their veins knows damn well that’s impossible. It’s too much gun smoke on 79th to see that far AND clearly. But ok, “it looks nice” so I guess that’s cool.

Next we stumble upon what I presumed was the protagonist of the show. I thought this nigga was a girl for a brief minute and it didn’t help that he dressed like a lost member of LMFAO or Mindless Behavior. I’ve seen weirdos in every hood but not dressed like that.

Then we move on to his older brother who puts me at ease with his use of the Chicago colloquialism, “G”. His placement was perfect and he didn’t overuse it. The man did his research! Got to honor that. And with this very key word usage, I turned up the volume, smirked, and said “Let’s see what The Chi talmbout.” It also helped to hear everybody heat the police officer every chance they got.



It’s some other details that I could talk about that didn’t sit well with my inner Chicagoan, like buddy on the Pink Line at a Garfield stop. But to be fair, the atmosphere is there so far. I saw enough dreadlocks and sponge fros to make me feel at home. I enjoyed the kids in school. They have to be from Chicago in real life. There’s no way you can script those mannerisms on a couple of those kids.

The storyline itself has to grow on me and I’m going to give it some time. People are accidentally murdered in Chicago at times but the sequence of events in the show are a bit odd to a south side representer like myself. I honestly don’t know if I’m truly interested by the show because it’s an intriguing storyline or because it’s based in my city. But one thing I know is I will continue to tune in.

The Rise and Fall of Derrick Rose
Rob Carr/Getty Images

Rob Carr/Getty Images

I’m about to tell you something that you may not want to hear, but probably should have accepted a long time ago;

The Derrick Rose we knew and loved is long gone, and he's never coming back.

I’m actually surprised we’re still having this talk, but all across the country there are D. Rose fans that still hold on to the idea that Derrick will  return to the dominant days of his prime.

It hurts, I know it does, but once you accept it the healing process can truly begin.

But before we discuss Rose’s current status with the Cavaliers and in the NBA in general, its important that I refresh your memory on just how great D. Rose was...

The legend of Derrick Rose, or “Pooh” as he is lovingly referred to by family members, close friends and seemingly anybody in Chicago who’s ever taken a picture with him (personally, I can’t call another grown ass man Pooh, but y’all got it), started long before he stepped foot on an NBA court.

Whenever I think about the rise of D. Rose, I always come back to a story my boy Miles Stroter told me about a Thanksgiving Day tournament when he played for Keller Elementary:

“We signed up for a Thanksgiving Day tournament at Ada Park with a bunch of other CPS teams. Now up until this point, we had destroyed everybody we were playing G. So when we saw a first round matchup with Beasley, we didn’t think nothing of it.

All we knew was that couldn’t nobody out hoop Maurice, and wasn’t nobody bigger than me... boy was we wrong.

(Ken Goldfield/For The New York Daily News)

(Ken Goldfield/For The New York Daily News)

They won the opening tip, and the off guard got the ball while D. Rose jogged up the court toward the baseline. As he’s running, the forward sets a screen and the guard just tosses the ball toward the rim. We all looked up like ‘wtf is he doing!?’ , next thing I know D. Rose came flying outta nowhere and dunked on me.

We were amazed moreso than intimidated.”

Rose’s early success was just a glimpse into his future. D.Rose and some of those same teammates from Beasley went on to dominate opponents in Chicago’s supremely competitive Public League, leading his team to back-to-back state titles at Simeon High School.

Rose continued his winning ways under John Calipari at the University of Memphis, where he almost won a National Championship (due to NCAA violations their amazing season was wiped from the books; the millions of dollars generated by the Memphis Tigers were retained by the NCAA.). 

D. Rose’s athleticism was as explosive as it was effortless; we marveled as he recklessly bursts through the lane, contorting his body mid air while simultaneously avoiding the opposition to convert bucket after bucket.

Rose went on to become the youngest league MVP in NBA history, and as much as people want to use the analytics that dominate today’s game to discredit this award, if there was ever a year to deviate from just handing it to LeBron (he has a legit argument for the award every season) it was 2011.

Derrick led the Bulls from an 8th seed to a 1 seed while carrying the bulk of the load offensively.

And then it happened.

Up by 12 points with 1:10 left in a first round playoff game against the Philadelphia 76ers, Rose tore his ACL while driving through the lane like he’d done a thousand times before. The game was over. I'll never understand why he was still in, but the decision to keep him in completely altered the trajectory of his career.

For those of us who had watched him since we were in high school - some earlier than that - this couldn't be it. We couldn't believe that such a supreme talent could lose it so quickly. But truth be told, things would never be the same for Rose in Chicago.

Today if you mention Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook in the sentence you might get laughed out the room. But before the injuries took their toll Rose was the most athletic point guard the NBA had ever seen. Those acrobatic layups became few and far between, and the phrase "Vintage Rose" quickly became extremely annoying.

Things finally came to a head when Rose was dealt to the New York Knicks for Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant and the corpse of Jose Calderon. It was finally over, and man, that shit hurt.

The Derrick Rose era in Chicago wasn't supposed to end like that. D. Rose wasn't just any guy drafted by a struggling team, and that’s what made him special. He was one of us, born and raised on the South Side. If anybody knew what basketball means to the city, it was Derrick. He was our Allen Iverson, except imagine if Iverson went away to star at Georgetown only to come back home to Virginia and be named the face of a franchise.

(Damian Dovarganes / Associated Press)

(Damian Dovarganes / Associated Press)

After the trade Rose talked about having something to prove in NY, even switching his number back to 25, an ode to Simeon legend Ben Wilson. Unfortunately for Rose, his tenure with the Knicks became known more for his decision to go AWOL before a game in January than his actual performance on the court.

Now with the Cleveland Cavaliers and battling yet another nagging injury, Rose once again took a leave of absence from his team. And once again, he has come back assuring fans that he still loves the game and wants to prove that he can perform at a high level.

But at this point, what exactly can Derrick bring to a team?

Although 2011 was only 7 years ago, a lot has changed in the NBA, and with today’s game relying on pace and efficiency, volume scorers are rarely used anymore. Without the elite athleticism that separated him from everyone else, that’s what he has become.

While that may not work in a starting role, his numbers from last season look much different when coming from a bench player. In fact, Rose’s 18 points, 3.8 reb and 4.4 ast on 47% shooting are actually on par with the last TEN players to win the NBA sixth man of the year award

credit: Basketball Reference

credit: Basketball Reference

With Isaiah Thomas returning to action and Dwyane Wade showing signs of new life with the second unit, accepting a bench role may be the only way for D.Rose to make a contribution in the modern NBA.

Otherwise, we may just end up reminiscing on what could have been.