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Ball Don't Lie ep. 20 - The Season Finale ft. @Al_Patron

It's the season finale of Ball Don't Lie! Author & creator Al Patron (@Al_Patron) joins the crew to wrap up the NBA season. Are the Warriors a dynasty, and how long will their window be open for? We also talk about the ridiculous of LeBron James stans and has the GOAT debate finally been laid to rest? Also what's our overall grade on the NBA, did Drake catch the biggest L in Hip-Hop history, and our final Goofy Mogs of the season.

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Barber's Chair Live after Game Two of the NBA Finals

Check out Barber's Chair Live after Game 2 of the NBA Finals! Pierce and Scott are joined by Rico (@PLAYBOIRICO), the host of Rico's Playhouse, to discuss the Warriors' blowout of the Cavs, Steph Curry staking his claim to Finals MVP, and our predictions for Game 3. Plus a little Power, Game of Thrones and The Wire talk. This game was so bad we couldn't help ourselves.

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Barber's Chair Live after Game One of the NBA Finals (feat. @Mariannoo)

Check out Barber's Chair Live after every game of the NBA Finals on YouTube! Scott (@Scott_CEOofSUH), Joe (@Flowsandolini), Pierce (@HennyOmega) and special guests will talk about the game once the final whistle blows!

Tonight, it's Game One of the NBA Finals. Mariano Bivens (@Mariannoo) joins the boys to dissect Game One, including JR Smith's bonehead play at the end of regulation, Steph's magnificent game, LeBron's first 50-point playoff performance, Kevin Durant's struggles, and whatever the hell LeBron and co. showed up to the game wearing.

Ball Don't Lie ep. 19 - All that for a drop of blood?
Ball Don't Lie ep 18 - Same Old, Same Old
LeBron must find that killer instinct in order to get back to the Finals

 Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant. Kevin Durant. LeBron James. Dwyane Wade.

One of these things is not like the other. These particular names were chosen as they are often the most closely associated with the name that doesn’t belong.

4 certified killers. 1 plug.

Warning: Due to having seen LeBron James play since high school, things happening in Year 15 don’t impress, excite, or dumbfound me. Many in the basketball world have been waiting for the superpowers to dim to see where his commitment level is. How hard he works to improve the IQ. Quite frankly? So far, good…

Now? It’s put up shut up time.

Going back to Saint Vincent, Saint Mary’s, LeBron James has struck me as a “people-pleaser.” Someone who is so caught up in the well-being of those parties around them that they forget about themselves. Hell, going through the worst of the worst now helps me appreciate it more than ever.

The most difficult hurdle of being a savior is that those you’re saving have to be ready, willing & able. Ask Jesus Christ.

At this point, being ready, willing & able falls on the coaching staff. Sure, LeBron orchestrated the blowing up of the team & has his stand-in appearing admirably absent-minded at all times. But that doesn’t mean that when things get bad you revert to throwing guise on to the floor for familiarity reason.

Great things come to those who embrace discomfort. JR Smith, Tristan Thompson, Kevin Love & Jose Calderon flanking LeBron James isn’t going to win a championship.

It might will not be enough to beat the Pacers but it’s definitely not going to beat Houston or Golden State. It’s not going to even get past Philly; can you imagine Joel in that series?

So why bother?

LeBron is the ultimate servant. The ultimate teammate. My disdain for James stemmed [mostly] from his stans making comparisons to players that play a completely different style than he does.

Kobe never studied where his teammates liked the ball because he practices making shots with bad passes, shouldn’t we all?

His Airness never had to celebrate a young fella being the only person doing the right things because he led by example & played in an era where jobs depended on following his lead.

With that being said: *climbs to the mountaintop & screams through megaphone*

LeBron James is a point guard.

Kyrie Irving wanted out of Cleveland because he was never going to be the voice of reason. He was never going to be able to put his stamp on the franchise. But most of all, he hasn’t been allowed to play his game the way he envisioned it. Even as someone who’s purposely avoided praising James because you all do it enough, the only reason ANYONE wouldn’t want to play with James is when his play started dipping into their bag.

It sounds wild but look at all three of his championship teams: filled with high caliber players who could all carry the load for stretches. Any time in his career that LBJ has been asked to lead & show up consistently, his teams have failed.

This team is built in that same manner. Lue, the stand-in, has been forced to learn on the fly but will have to earn his money in this series. Being afraid to grow with the game has & will continue to kill many, many careers, & if LBJ is going to go down in the first round & vociferously return to be the butt of my jokes, it should be at his natural position, allowing him to get others involved & play to his strengths late in the game.

A lineup of LeBron James, Rodney Hood, Cedi Osman, Kevin Love & Larry Nance adds enough youth to the lineup that it doesn’t put you in a hole to start the game & this lineup gives you the best chance of allowing LeBron James to continually drive downhill & make the best plays. James has smiled more at Osman this year than any teammate ever. Hood is a swiss army knife waiting to be unleashed. Larry Nance Jr’s athleticism & lob release threat ability have made him a favorite of mine even during my series on taking back the Lakers franchise. Oh yeah! This lineup also moves James out of Love’s normal spot & puts Love back to a place where he’s not being bullied by younger, stronger kids.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the coin, the Pacers have to be feeling great about where they are. Great teams always have six starters. For the entirety of the year, it’s been a constant mental tussle regarding shifting Sabonis to a 5, Turner to the 4 & how to address the issue of Bogdanovic vs. Thad Young as the fifth starter. Needless to say, that’s six.

The Pacers also have committed to a style of play, one that continually fostered confidence within the organization throughout the course of the year thus allowing for opportunities for guise to go out & flourish. Sabonis came into the league with a pro-ready skillset. Victor Oladipo has never stood on a wing & watched somebody else create shots for him in his life.

But when you’re blindly chasing wins as opposed to having any semblance of a plan, nothing you attempt will succeed. The only thing OKC knows is that Russ is going to get his. Maybe one day someone will remember basketball is a team sport. Hi PG13!

Needless to say, coaching is & has played a huge part in the journey thus far & that will only ratchet up as the end of the series approaches. Sure, players decide games but, in this series, more than any other, the right players haven’t really been on the floor for either side.

Nate McMillan & Tyronn Lue played in very different NBAs. Nate, the late 80s-early90s style basketball where winning meant you normally had a star that led the way & everyone followed. You could see remnants of that mindset lingering with the PG13 ordeal, but guise skillsets improve each day. Not only do they want to be featured & utilized but it makes everyone else’s job easier. Which helps keep a coach around longer. Shouts to growth. & Nate Mac for being open to change.

Lue, of the early aughts, is actually the one who got to experience the growth of the game & appreciate that the more talented guise on the floor are overall, the better it is for everyone. But then again, when you don’t want to or know that you’re going to be a head coach. You don’t really prepare for it. You don’t do your research. Learning on the fly in front of the world is hell. Ever heard of the Butterfly Effect?

Well, T. Lue knows the Sunken Place well, shouts to AI.

Never would’ve imagined he’d end up back there simply for being awed by the aura of one LBJ., But if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. Ben Simmons took two years off just to show Sixers brass he is a 6’10” point guard. Imagine if someone had thought outside of the box with this 6’8” prototype.

Ball Don't Lie Ep.12: "F*ck NBA Twitter"

This week on Ball Don't Lie, the guys sound off about NBA Twitter's idiocy and hypocrisy plus touched on Steph & Kyrie's injuries, who's the favorite to win it all, how far can the Cavs go, Loyola's March Madness run, ep. 4 of Atlanta & is Logic a scumbag?

Did the trade deadline just make the Finals more fun?
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

It never ceases to amaze me how LeBron James and his teams tend to stay in the news. But with how badly the Cleveland Cavaliers have performed the first half of this season, the conversation was truly warranted. James has historically favored fellow veteran players as teammates, which have always been exploited by young and athletic teams.

The pot boiled over though when Isaiah Thomas began to openly gossip about this team. GM Koby Altman had to get some sort of deal done. Shedding their old and bitter players for youth with enthusiasm, and doing so without trading their 1st round pick from Brooklyn in 2018 was a win in both the short and long term.

But their first big win came quickly against the Eastern Conference-best Boston Celtics. Cleveland’s dominance in the 2nd and 3rd quarter showed the rejuvenation of the squad, physically and emotionally. Bursting with angst and adrenaline, and with an opportunity to crash the Paul Pierce Party, they wanted this. They needed this.

It’s now the part of the season where we ask whether the Cavs are back. But the answer is still being formulated. What we know though, is that LeBron is reinvigorated. Storming the court during play in excitement of Jordan Clarkson’s shooting display, when just days prior he didn't even acknowledge Thomas in celebration after draining a game winner. The hope though, is to get back to the Finals.

LeBron will lead the charge, of course, but this new bench should keep the team afloat while Kevin Love nurses his broken hand. It’s also given Cedi Osman big minutes as he’s flown around on defense, even checking Kyrie with success on switches. Ultimately this three-game win streak, with all games on the road, has been a step in the right direction.

All that matters and will matter though is whether they’ll be able to contend for the title in June. For the last four seasons (minus the '16 Finals) the Warriors have had LeBron's number. They’ve been happy to let LeBron take the tough shots, so long as he’s not able to create for his teammates, but his new teammates should make it a more competitive matchup.

Guys with pace, athleticism, and the ability to stretch the floor are harder to gameplan for than one dimensional shooters (ie. Crowder, Korver, Frye), And as the Thunder have shown us this season, the Dubs are vulnerable against athleticism.

Golden State still has the advantage in star power. They’ll have four of the five best players in the matchup, but the Cavs may have the superior bench. However, the concern in the Bay is whether or not their bench is depleted or bored, and Kerr tried fixing their issues in their game against the Suns last Monday.

Kerr let the players man the timeout huddles & the after-timeout plays Monday. While the idea was taken in a negative fashion by some, it certainly worked, blowing the Suns out by 40+, even getting Omri Casspi to outscore KD (19-17 points). Without assets, or incentives to make a trade, this was a Cavalier-esque boost.

Ultimately, the goal is the title, but the process is just as important, and the differing paths being taken are emblematic of how both of these teams operate. Though the lenient structure the Warriors have molded works for them, the Cavs have embraced the chaos. Hopefully, though, it’s a sign that we may have a competitive series come June.

Ball Don't Lie Ep.7: Koby Altman prolly loves white women

This week on #BallDontLie Scott & Pierce are joined by Complex TV's Chopz (producer of Everyday Struggle) and they go over the new Cavs additions, their Boston Garden blowout on Paul Pierce night, John Wall hating his teammates and much more

Hoops N Brews #68: Trade IT for Kemba & Batum

On episode #68 @Pavyworld and @reeltpj are joined by Kevin, The Irrational Cleveland Fan to talk Rockets vs Warriors, Cavs struggles, JR Smith, the Timberwolves chances, and TPJ says the Cavs should trade IT for Kemba Walker & Nicholas Batum.