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79th and Halas EP 122 - Offseason Moves

Scott and Flows are back to preview the start of the new league year! What moves should the Bears make once free agency begins, who should they target in the draft, and much more!

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Ball Don't Lie - "Drew Brees Don't Know Choppa Style"

KOLR-10 sports anchor Dan Molloy joins Pierce and Scott this week to talk about the MLB hot stove and the White Sox pursuit of Manny Machado. Plus Dan's been covering the Kansas City Chiefs all year, so we'll get his thoughts on Championship Sunday, the Bears possibly signing Kareem Hunt, the trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home and much much more!

White Sox offer contract to Manny Machado
Possible collusion in MLB
Odds Manny signs with White Sox
Bears end-of-season press conference
Chuck Pagano hired as DC
Cody Parkey's future in Chicago
Nagy not shooting down Kareem Hunt to Bears
AFC Title Game preview
NFC Title Game preview
Kyler Murray declaring for NFL Draft
James Harden having another MVP season
Kyrie Irving and the Celtics' woes
Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer
Goofy Mog of the Week

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79th and Halas - "It's Go Time"
79th and Halas - From Worst to First

The Bears go worst to first! Flows and Scott talk about Sunday’s season-ending sweep of the Vikings before looking ahead to the Bears’ first playoff game in eight years this Sunday against the defending champion Eagles!

79th and Halas - Pick your poison

Flows and Scott get you ready for Sunday’s season finale with the Vikings. Join them on 79th and Halas throughout the Bears playoff run!Celebrate your division champs by grabbing one of the NEW shirts straight from The Barber's Chair merch store!

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79th and Halas - "That's my kind of party"
Ball Don't Lie - "Phillip Rivers is the white Antonio Cromartie"

The squad's all here. Scott Flows and Pierce lament over the firing of Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg and the lack of faith in the organization before moving on from Sunday's Bears loss and onto this week's marquee matchup with the LA Rams! Plus, more football goodness from week 13, predictions for this Sunday, our thoughts on Kareem Hunt, Urban Meyer, the College Football Playoff and more!

Bulls fire Fred Hoiberg
Do you have faith in Garpax and the rebuild?
Chase Daniel brings back Bears fans' PTSD
Bears-Rams predictions
NFC East outlook
Chargers' chances in the AFC
Why no one gives a damn about the Texans
NFC Wild Card chase
Week 14 predictions
Goofy Mog of the Week! (who else would it be?)

79th and Halas - "Three Up, Three Down" feat. JR Bang

JR Bang of the First Black Champ podcast joins Scott and Flows to celebrate the Bears’ sweep of the divisional gauntlet, and discuss the keys to the Bears’ success before previewing Sunday’s game against the New York Giants

79th and Halas - The North Remembers
Monday Morning Glory: That's my quarterback

I’ve been on this earth for 27 years, 17 of which I’ve been a passionate, die-hard Chicago Bears fan. In that time, I’ve seen the following starting quarterbacks:

Shane Matthews, Jim Miller, Chris Chandler, Henry Burris, Kordell Stewart, Rex Grossman, Jonathan Quinn, Craig Krenzel, Chad Hutchinson, Kyle Orton, Brian Griese, Jay Cutler, Todd Collins, Caleb Hanie, Josh McCown, Jason Campbell, Jimmy Clausen, Brian Hoyer, Matt Barkley, and Mike Glennon.

These twenty quarterbacks range in quality from promising shithead (Cutler) to scrub (pick one) to overpaid immobile dumpster fire (Mike Glennon) and everything in between. So while I understand the city of Chicago’s apprehension to anoint Mitchell Trubisky as the savior of the historic yet playoff dormant franchise because of past wounds left untreated by less talented players, it’s time to admit the truth:

Mitchell Trubisky is the best quarterback the Chicago Bears has ever had.

Given his only competition is Sid Luckman (a quarterback of a far bygone era), Jim McMahon (a gamer but not the greatest), and Jay Cutler (our aforementioned promising shithead), it’s not a hard argument even two years and 21 starts in. However, Trubisky’s play in Sunday’s 34-22 win over the Detroit Lions Sunday showed the championship intangibles that made Ryan Pace overpay to jump up one spot to draft him.

Trubisky completed 23-of-30 passes for a career-high 355 yards and three touchdowns, hitting all three levels of the field, including six completed passes for more than 10+ yards. The Bears ran a more uptempo offense than in previous games this season, and Trubisky thrived, controlling the tempo and calling audibles like his name was Peyton. But that only begins to explain the best game of Tru’s young career. He was excellent in the pocket, with Pro Football Focus giving him a perfect passer rating under pressure.

Trubisky was another beneficiary of the deep ball this week. On deep pass attempts, Trubisky completed four passes on a league-high eight attempts for 128 yards and two touchdowns. He also put together a strong showing under pressure with a perfect passer rating of 158.3 on his six pass attempts when the pass rush got home.

Trubisky really benefited from the return of receiver Allen Robinson; the two connected six times for 133 yards and two touchdowns. Two of Trubisky’s best passes of the day - and his career so far - went to Robinson; one a 27-yard dart into a tight window for a huge chunk of yardage, and another back shoulder throw to the endzone that fell right into the bread basket for six.

Having a phenomenal route runner and receiver helps a ton, but Trubisky is silencing his critics - nationwide and in the city of Chicago - who believe he’s an inaccurate thrower who’s nothing more than an Alex Smith-like game manager. Since a rough start, Trubisky’s play and conviction running the offense has grown tremendously, as explained in this thread by Johnathan Wood of Da Bears Blog:

Trubisky is continuing to develop as an NFL quarterback, but Sunday’s win was his arrival on the big stage, and next Sunday night could very well be the moment the world is put on notice. Bears fans, and his critics, need to let go of the pessimistic nitpicking and enjoy one of the rising stars in the NFL.


Everyone’s trying to move out of Oakland, and not just the football team; the Raiders themselves!

The 1-8 Raiders are so damn sorry, one of their players is ready to say sayonara after their 20-6 loss to the Chargers Sunday, and allegedly that player is Jordy Nelson.

Jordy’s been one of the great receivers of the last decade, and even though he’s not the star he was in Green Bay, it sucks to see him go out like this with a corroding franchise in Oakland. Nothing Jon Gruden has done since returning with a shiny 10-year, $100 million contract has proven to be a good move; from ignoring Khalil Mack for a whole offseason before trading him to Chicago for the grand prize of two low-first round picks (thanks!), to moving former first-rounder Amari Cooper to Dallas for another first (Cooper has two TD’s since moving to Dallas). The Raiders are a sinking ship, and while it’s fun to watch because everyone hates Gruden, it’s sad to see it happen to one of the league’s most beloved brands.

79th and Halas #109 - Playoff Push
Ball Don't Lie - "I'd rather be playing Red Dead than doing this shit"

Joe is trick-or-treating as Arthur, leaving Pierce alone while Scott shakes his fist like an old man at people dressed up for Halloween. Don't trip though; the show may be under an hour long but the same amount of fun exists.

What's the next step in Trubisky's progress
NFL trade deadline
News around the NFL
Midseason playoff predictions
Week 9 predictions
Goofy Mog of the Week

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Ball Don't Lie - Let's Get Spicy

This week's Ball Don't Lie gets a lil spicy! Don't trip... there's still plenty of the same bullshit we give you on the regular. So sit back and enjoy this week's show!

Scott's night at the Lakers game
Bears/Patriots fallout
Did Trubisky have a bad game?
What to do about Blake Bortles?
Amari Cooper trade to Cowboys
Patrick Peterson on trade block
Heartbreaking sports losses
Week 8 NFL predictions
CP3-Rondo brawl
Goofy Mog of the Week
World Series predictions

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79th and Halas EP 108

Scott and Joe discuss another heartwrenching Bears loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday, along with Mitch Trubisky’s rollercoaster performance and a defense that’s losing its edge. Plus they’ll look forward to this Sunday’s game against the New York Jets!

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Joe stops by CLTV Sports Feed to discuss the Bears' great start to the 2018 season

We’re young in the sports media industry; still building a foundation of success that started with 79th and Halas and has since grown into a website & an entire podcast network.

The Barber’s Chair added another brick to that foundation today as our boy Flows (that’s Joe Lewis in his plain clothes) stopped by WGN-TV studios and joined CLTV’s Sports Feed with the son of Sweetness, Jarrett Payton, and Josh Frydman.

Both videos courtesy of

Nagy Wonka and the Monster Factory

After a shaky beginning to the season, Mitchell Trubisky flashed his potential by posting passing touchdowns leading the Bears to a 48-10 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was a huge win for the Monsters of the Midway as they establish their place as one of the top teams in the league heading into an early bye week. Here are my takeaways from this week.

Trubisky is taking form

As you may have noticed, I’m a huge critic of Trubisky’s play. It’s not that he doesn’t have the ability to be elite; he just hadn’t embraced the realization. Well toss all that shit out the window because the kid dropped the mic at Soldier Field this Sunday.

For the most part of the game, Trubisky was clean in the pocket, calmly dicing up a poor Buccaneers secondary. He showed no signs of “happy feet” and remained poised under pressure. He progressed through his reads, although many of the plays appeared to be designed to disguise the first read by leading defenders onto decoys. Still, Trubisky tossed some absolutely gorgeous passes to receivers in full stride, proving that he can be an elite QB.

Hell, he damn near looked like an MVP candidate. But we gotta chill… it’s only one game.

The Real MVP?

Although Trubisky isn’t knocking on the MVP door, another Chicago Bear is breaking it off the hinges. The most dominant player in the NFL, Khalil Mack, proved his worth yet again, posting another sack and forced fumble, putting him at five sacks and four forced fumbles for the year. There is no doubt that Khalil Mack will more than likely walk away with the Defensive Player of the Year award, but can he pull off the nearly impossible task of securing the MVP trophy on the defensive side of the ball? 

The last defensive player to win MVP was Lawrence Taylor in 1986. Taylor single handedly changed the face of football as the pioneer of the 3-4 outside linebacker and the sole catalyst for the creation of the H-back position. Don’t get me wrong, Khalil Mack probably won’t cause of the creation of two new positions, but the way he tears shit up on a frequent basis, he just may change the forefront of offensive scheming. There isn’t a player in the NFL this year that has made more of an impact for a franchise than Khalil Mack, and I’m pretty sure that is what the league’s overall MVP award is suppose to emphasize.

Forgotten Hero?

Overall, the Bears look like an entirely new team. From the trippy two quarterback “Willy Wonka” formation, to the high-powered wide receiver depth, there are definitely no signs of John Fox left on this franchise. Unfortunately, the backbone of Fox’s basic offense and arguably the backbone of the Bears franchise prior to the hiring of Matt Nagy has been a forgotten soldier during the Bears recent success.

Jordan Howard has appeared to play second fiddle to Tarik Cohen throughout the first quarter of the season. During the landslide victory against the Bucs, Howard only recorded 11 carries, and those were all in garbage time during the second half. It doesn’t appear that the Bears are willing to completely do away with the under-appreciated workhorse - he’s played in 65.31% of the Bears snaps this season, but Cohen has been the hot hand that Nagy wants the ball in.

Based on the pace of the offense , It just seems that Cohen is more fit for the various schemes that Nagy has designed. This was an issue that everyone knew would arise before the season, and Sunday showed that the Bears may not need their dominant running back as much as we think. I wouldn’t be surprised if the young star was shipped away in the upcoming weeks.

Tough trail ahead

After the bye week, the Bears will face their true test as they travel south to face a surprisingly competitive Miami Dolphins, followed by a huge battle at home against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. If the Bears can withstand those two challenges, a Super Bowl could be in the near future.

(cover photo by Erin Hooley/Chicago Tribune)

UnBearable Expectations

The Chicago Bears needed another dominant defensive performance to lift themselves to victory over the Arizona Cardinals Sunday. While the defensive unit was able to close out the game, they did not leave without a scare...

The Cardinals found the endzone twice on their first three possessions, jumping out to an early 14-0 lead, while the Bears ended their first three possessions with a missed field goal, fumble and a punt. Shit wasn’t looking good on either side of the ball until the defense took its true form, creating turnovers and keeping the Cardinals from putting points on the board for the remainder of the game. Thank you again Oakland for the blessing you bestowed on us.

The biggest woes for the Bears was unquestionably the offensive production

For the third straight game, Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky failed to establish his presence as a franchise QB. From lacking poise in the pocket to failing to see open receivers, it seems like Mitch is still infected with the rookie bug. The plays are there, the opportunities are there; Mitch just has to capitalize on them.  Putting up a goose egg in passing touchdowns isn’t what you want from your signal caller if you plan on be a serious playoff contender.

Is it almost time for a change at quarterback?

No fucking way.....Although his play was erratic, it was not the worst performance from a second year quarterback in a new offense. Fellow members of his draft class - Deshawn Watson and Patrick Mahomes - are outplaying Trubisky by a significant margin, but this does not mean that Mitch is a hopeless player. He still shows significant flashes of talent and potential to be a star in this league. Like most quarterbacks, it takes time to develop into an elite passer in the NFL. Unfortunately, many Bears fans are not patient enough for this to happen.

Be emphathetic to Bears fan’s woes.

It’s hard to be patient when you’ve faced the same old story so often: an elite defense (with a former defensive player of the year), weapons on offense, but shaky quarterback play. Trubisky needs time to develop, and being that the last Bears quarterback drafted in the first round (Rex Grossman, 2003) was a complete shit show that arguably prevented the Bears from winning Super Bowl XLI, time isn’t something that Bears fans are willing to give so easily. 

Enjoy the W and prepare for next week

It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win, and the winless Cardinals proved they’re still a tough matchup. Beating a winless team may not seem like a big deal, but beating a hungry, talented NFL team is not an easy feat for any team. Ask the Minnesota Vikings.

Don’t forget, this is still the NFL. Any given Sunday.....

79th and Halas EP 105 - Let's Have a Dialogue
The Monsters have returned, but Mitch Trubisky is underwhelming

It’s starting to smell like 2006......

The Chicago Bears pulled off a dominant defensive performance against the Seattle Seahawks with a 24-17 victory.

If one thing is certain, the Bears defense is one of the most dominant units in the NFL, if not the most. They’ve forced takeaways and scored defensive touchdowns in back-to-back weeks, and the success of the D can be directly attributed to the walking Hall of Famer, Khalil Mack.

But we’re not going to continue glorifying what we already know.

Lets talk about Mitch Trubisky.....

We didn’t really have a chance to see Mitch in full swing last year. Former head coach John Fox made sure to keep the rookie inside his playpen by limiting his pitch count. The small flashes that were shown gave Bears fans hope for an end to the everlasting quarterback drought. 

This year, new coach Matt Nagy Is letting the rookie show his talent. Outside of the rollout touchdown pass to Anthony Miller, the first of his young career, Mitch is struggling to consistently make throws. He overthrew receivers all night, and underthrew a bomb on the sidelines to Allen Robinson that led to his first of two picks. The only flash we’ve seen from Mitch has been with his legs.

Based on the first two games of the season, Mitch has lacked field vision, panics in the pocket and frantically lobs ducks over the heads of wide-open receivers. Against a trash Seahawks defense, Mitch had a 75% completion rating, but only completed two passes beyond 10 air yards, according to Next Gen Stats.

With Patrick Mahomes shattering records in Kansas City, he’s now entered the conversation, along with Deshaun Watson, on whether the Bears made the right pick in Trubisky. Maybe the Bears snagged an Alex Smith and missed out on an Aaron Rodgers. He still has time to reach his potential, but right now Mitch looks like a game manager. Matt Nagy’s offense needs more than that to flourish, and Mitch has to grow if the Bears plan on being an elite team.

I have to remind myself that Mitch is very much still a rookie. He has yet to eclipse 16 games as a starter and this is only his second game under a new head coach In a brand new offense. Maybe it’s his nerves, or the pressure of playing in primetime, or maybe the kid needs that high noon sun to bring out his talent.

Game three is in Arizona against the Cardinals, another trash defense featuring future Hall of Famer Patrick Peterson at corner. They’ll throw various blitz packages in their gameplan, so this will be a game where Mitch’s field vision and pocket presence has to boost from the past two games. He can’t use Allen Robinson as a crutch, or he’ll be looking at another multiple interception turnout.

Coach em up Nagy… there’s a long season ahead for the promising QB.