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Nearly Canceled: Power EP 508 - This is Not a Power pod
Random Acts of Podcast EP 195 (feat. @1jilenz)

This week music video director @1jlenz joins Amp and Dev as they chop it up about his new visual album FXCKJENZ, the hip hop scene in Atlanta and a ton more other topics. TRUST US YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS EPISODE. Remember to send in your listener questions, #TheyNeedTheirAssBeat or #RealNiggaOfTheWeek submissions, email us at or call 424-260-RAOP to leave a voicemail.

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Random Acts of Podcast ep. 182: Who Invented Trap Music

On this week's episode of RAOP, we bring on @34Kel_ & @MacknSweetJones and chop up about who invented trap music, COONYe West being Trump's puppet, Kel's new mixtape, which rappers not really from Atlanta and a ton more other topics. This might be the most Atlanta podcast episode to hit the internet EVER! Remember to send in your listener questions, #TheyNeedTheirAssBeat or #RealNiggaOfTheWeek submissions, email us at or call 424-260-RAOP to leave a voicemail.

34 Kel: The Art Of War-
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Twitter is helping to shape the conversations revolving around our favorite TV shows

Since the introduction of Twitter we have been blessed with an efficient platform for expressing our thoughts, emotions, and funny quips until our hearts are content. And quite often we come together and take in pop culture events like a family. We live tweet our praises or criticisms, observations, and sometimes how we relate to the material.

With shows like Insecure, Atlanta, and Master of None in which a romantic relationship aspect is a large part of the shows’ designs the thought of tweeting out how we relate to the material is very compelling. We choose sides like #TeamLawrence or #TeamIssa, and we rationalize the behavior and decisions of each character. Women can be found rationalizing how Issa had the right to infidelity because Lawrence wasn’t living up to his responsibilities. You can find men rationalizing Dev’s decision in Master of None to proudly, boldly break up an engaged couple.

We all have different experiences and when these shows strike a cord with us it’s hard not engage with others who relate to us or see what people who engage in the material shows as we do have to say. I find myself re-watching these shows often because of the genius of them and I personally do connect with some of the stories. I tweet about them, text my friends about who is right or wrong, and I become fully invested.

These shows also expose the psychology and insecurities many of us have. Themes like infidelity and dishonesty being acted out in the shows can mirror situations we’ve been through and cause certain traumas to resurface. We broadcast all of these emotions on Twitter and it becomes a group therapy session or a week long argument. Memorandums on relationships are being sent out constantly. Men pretending to be devoid of emotion for women are acting out through 280 characters. Women being anecdotal and applying their experiences and those of the television show to all relationships to confirm the “men ain’t shit” mantra. A lot of times these conversations can be draining and no really productivity arises out of them, but the show creators must be ecstatic.

Creating shows that are reflective to the millennial dating experience and being able to connect with the audience in such a way is phenomenal. Episodes such as Master of None’s “First Date” in which Dev is on rollercoaster of date, scenes in Atlanta where Van and Earn are fleshing out their expectations of their relationship in painful fashion, or Issa confessing to Lawrence on Insecure, these shows have all of us reexamining our past romantic escapades. And we bring these experiences to the internet, whether to just to share or to engage with others the creators of the show and show-runners have done their job of getting us invested.

Ball Don't Lie Ep.12: "F*ck NBA Twitter"

This week on Ball Don't Lie, the guys sound off about NBA Twitter's idiocy and hypocrisy plus touched on Steph & Kyrie's injuries, who's the favorite to win it all, how far can the Cavs go, Loyola's March Madness run, ep. 4 of Atlanta & is Logic a scumbag?

Will The Falcons Ever Live Up to the Hype?
(Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports)

(Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports)

You would think after blowing a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl, the Atlanta Falcons would be ready to redeem themselves. “Can't get right” should be their new nickname. But it’s not just the Falcons; the Georgia Bulldogs failed to capitalize in a crucial moment last week also. How do you let a true freshman quarterback who never started a game step in at halftime and lead a comeback in the national championship game?

We need answers. The only explanation is this: football in Georgia is cursed.

(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

2018 was supposed to be the year football fans in Georgia could celebrate something. The cards were laid out for championships, but the state of Georgia have been left with nothing but disappointment. The Bulldogs were playing a de-facto home game in Atlanta, with a comfortable lead at halftime, but just like their big brothers in the NFL, they let it slip away on the biggest stage. Its not often that you get the two most popular teams in the same state playing for the championship in a year’s span, and both teams blowing the game in excrutiating fashion.

The Falcons basically looked like the team to beat in the wildcard round this year, going on the road to Los Angeles and manhandling a solid Rams squad. They were a virtual lock in the divisional round in Philadelphia, facing an Eagles team who was without their best player in Carson Wentz.

10 points. That's it? That's all the Falcons could muster up against the Eagles?

The Falcons let Nick Foles win a playoff game without throwing one touchdown pass.

Not one.

So who’s to blame? 4th and 2 on the goal line to win the game, and you throw a fade to Julio Jones, who went 1-for-18 this season on passes in the end zone. 1 for 18. He caught 1 PASS…out of 18 attempts…the entire season on passes thrown to the endzone, and the Falcons choose this play call.

Falcons fans can blame Steve Sarkisian for this outrageous play call. Sarkisian, an alleged offensive mastermind, owes Atlanta an apology for that one

Nonetheless, the ball was catchable, and it was a ball Julio Jones should have come down with, but in typical Falcons fashion…they came up short.

The Falcons led the NFL last season in scoring averaging 33.8 points per game, but under Sarkisian they fell to just 22.1 points per game. They fell off. "There are a lot of things that Sark has brought to our team that we really like," coach Dan Quinn said post-game. "I can take a long time to go through different spots, so it's easy to place blame all onto one person, and that's a shared responsibility when we don't achieve at the level that we would like to. There are a lot of really good things that we've done, and it was highlighted certainly [Saturday night] where we didn't get the job done at the end of the game.”

Talent isn't the issue in Atlanta; they are loaded with players. The Falcons just can't seem to get over the hump and become the team the city needs them to be. What happened to the swagger the Falcons used to play with? The confidence, the cockiness of the old school dirty birds?

“The problem is, I don’t know what Falcon is going to show up," Falcons great Deion Sanders said before the playoffs. "That bird ain’t dirty no more. I need that bird to get nasty. I need that bird to be undeniably one of the dogs in the league.”

You never know what Falcons team is going to show up when they hit the field. One week they're dominating, the next week they look like the Little Giants without Ice Box. Garbage.

The Falcons will need to take this off season to address some major issues, like revamping the offense. A huge emphasis on FINISHING should be the thrown around in every practice, and meeting room. The Falcons have built themselves back up into a respectable franchise with two straight playoff appearances, but they will be associated with the word “ALMOST” until they can find a way over the hump.

CFP National Championship game preview

It’s an all-SEC final. The Alabama Crimson Tide (12-1) take on the Georgia Bulldogs (13-1) in the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship game at the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

The Tide is playing in their third straight natty, having split the last two against Clemson. After a timely loss to Auburn cost them a date with the Dawgs in the SEC Championship game, the Tide were still able to squeak into the Playoff as the #4 seed. They proceeded roll through #1 Clemson putting on a defensive masterpiece.

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Georgia's last Championship came in 1980 when Herschel Walker's team ran the table en route to a #1 ranking at season's end. Auburn also spoiled the Dawgs' undefeated season, but Georgia turned around and beat the Tigers in Atlanta for the SEC Championship. After making the playoffs as the #3 seed, the Bulldogs overcame a 31-14 lead against Oklahoma to win 54-48 in double overtime in one of the most thrilling college football games in recent memory.

The Crimson Tide will bring their elite defense while the Bulldogs will counter the best running back tandem in the league with Nick Chubb and Sony Michel. Chubb and Michel combined for 326 rushing yards with 5 touchdowns against Oklahoma, and Michel hauled in 41 receiving yards with another touchdown. This will be a huge matchup against an Alabama defense that has given up under 100 yards per game on the ground and limited Clemson to just 64 rushing yards last week. Georgia likely won’t be able to put up 54 points against this defense but they will have more success than Clemson.

Vasha Hunt

Vasha Hunt

Alabama’s offence didn’t look too spectacular against Clemson, and while Georgia did poorly facing Oklahoma, the defense is surely ready to bounce back for this big game. Butkus Awardee Roquan Smith is the name to watch on that defense as he looks to be a top 10 pick and one of the first linebackers off the board in the upcoming NFL Draft. Not to be outdone, Minkah Fitzpatrick headlines Bama's secondary, having won the Chuck Bednarik award for Best defensive player in the nation and looks to be a top 5 pick in the draft.

Georgia needs the run game to survive, but freshman QB Jake Fromm has to be able to stay composed and make the right plays to avoid being chewed up and spit out by this defense. But Alabama can’t just rely on their defense to win the game for them; they need their running game to have some sort of impact. More crucially for the offence is Jalen Hurts who has the experience of being in the title game last year but did not have a good game. He should look to improve upon that to win the title.