This Week in WWE: The Fallout from SummerSlam!


Chris Novak: We’re still here in Toronto in the aftermath of SummerSlam. Seth Rollins is our new Universal Champion, and Becky Lynch still reigns as the Raw Women’s Champion. Beyond that and The Fiend beating Bray Wyatt, not much happened on SummerSlam as it pertained to Raw to be perfectly honest. So it will be intriguing to see what happens this evening. 

We begin the night with the aforementioned Rollins. Proper way of starting things. Seth’s also dressed up casually. It’s the little things that count. Rollins cuts your typical babyface promo after winning a championship. Then The OC, led of course by AJ Styles, comes on out. Interesting and intriguing. Styles says he can forget about Brock but he better worry about him. Styles says that he wants to prove he’s a much better champion than Rollins, so he challenges him to a match tonight. 

Robert O’Neill: Well okay I’m here for this. They did it before, but now Styles is a heel and has The OC with him so this could be a lot of fun! We know it’s gonna be good in the ring, that’s for sure. Rollins accepts Styles’ challenge for later tonight. Neat. 

Chris Novak: The Street Profits are here to hype up Rollins-Styles. Angelo, though, is a bit “dehydrated” after last night’s SummerSlam after party. Sami Zayn then intrudes and says that they should chill out and realize that everything is going to change one day. He brings up the differences in character between Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. Dawkins asks him about Samoa Joe, and the camera widens to reveal Joe as Sami talks down on him. Joe gets his attention, challenges him to a match and shoves him down to the ground. It appears we’re getting a babyface Samoa Joe run. I’m totally fine with that.

Robert O’Neill: That was a blast. Everything the Street Profits do backstage continue to be absolutely great. Think Joe/Sami could be fun too! 

Chris Novak: Okay so the match didn’t last too long and Joe is also now a tweener. That went quick!

Dolph vs. Miz is next. Dolph comes out and says that he’s not medically cleared after getting hit with multiple Spears, so the match isn’t happening. As he goes to leave and as Miz takes his eyes off the ball, Dolph goes and attacks him. So, it doesn’t seem like much was wrong with Ziggler at all as it turns out. The match WILL happen, as it turns out. 

Robert O’Neill: I was very excited to not have to watch a Dolph Ziggler match but now we have to watch a Dolph Ziggler match. Bummer. 

Chris Novak: The match was actually pretty decent. Miz won with a Figure Four. Now, hopefully they pull something good out for Miz going forward, as his face run on Raw has been very much underwhelming. 

Robert O’Neill: After the match, Ziggler got on the mic and talked shit just like the match after Goldberg, and Miz headed back to the ring and hit a Skull Crushing Finale. 

Charly Caruso is here with Becky Lynch! Becky is coming for anyone who did her wrong, and she’s not done with that yet!

Chris Novak: We’ve got an Elias concert. That’s cool! Well, we thought we did. But… Ricochet is here instead. So that’s cool! This turns into a match. It was… okay. Ricochet bumped a whole bunch. They did an angle afterwards, in which they seem to be igniting a feud, since Elias had his shoulder up but was still pinned 1-2-3.

Robert O’Neill: As is the case in mostly every sport, the refs are very bad at their jobs. 

Chris Novak: Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio, in a ⅔ Falls Match, is next. Wow, this match was really good, and Andrade got a CLEAN SWEEP! I’m not even sure when the last time that happened but that puts Andrade over like crazy over Rey, who cannot buy a victory over him at all whatsoever this year. That’s a twist I straight up did not expect. 

Robert O’Neill: I like it, though! There’s nobody better to get Andrade over than Rey. And Rey shows it every single time they lock up. 

Cedric Alexander is facing Drew McIntyre. 

Chris Novak: Good Lord, this match totally ruled. Cedric and Drew just went out and had a total banger of a matchup. Drew won after hitting a freaking vicious Claymore Kick. Ceddy also hit a ridiculous Spanish Fly in the matchup too. This match was totally sensational and one of the best Raw TV matches of the entire year. 

No Way Jose is here, and so is Robert Roode. They are wrestling. Robert Roode got the win in Toronto. That’s nice! 

Paul Heyman is subsequently interviewed by Charly Caruso. 

Robert O’Neill: Heyman is at a loss for words a the news that WWE won’t give Brock Lesnar a rematch against Seth Rollins. Wonder if we’ll see the two of them again tonight. 

Chris Novak: The Revival face off with The Lucha House Party out of the break. 

Robert O’Neill: But shortly later, Truth comes out, trailed by the rest of the 24-7 title contenders. And Truth gets pinned by Dash AND Dawson after a Shatter Machine! Co-24-7 Champions!

The success is short lived as Truth pins Dawson after Kalisto hit a Salida Del Sol and was pulled from the ring by Dash Wilder. As Truth goes backstage, Elias hits him with a guitar and covers for the title! 

Chris Novak: Nattie comes out with a sling on her arm. She says that she doesn’t know when or where, but they’re going to do this again. 

HOLY CRAP SASHA BANKS IS BACK AND I DIDN’T EVEN EXPECT THAT TO HAPPEN! Banks came out and turned heel no less, as she beat up Nattie and threw down with Becky Lynch too! Lynch got taken OUT by Sasha though with a brutal steel chair attack. That was… wow. I am legitimately shocked. 

Robert O’Neill: They kept that ENTIRELY under wraps. Wow! Jokes and banter aside, I’m glad she’s back. A net positive for the division for sure. 

War Raiders beat some dudes. One was named Sebastian Suave. That’s an all-time great jobber name. 

Chris Novak: It’s time for our Women’s Tag Team Championships match. Somehow we have to transition from this. This was a really good sprint! Alexa and Nikki successfully defended their championships (again) against The Kabuki Warriors. All four here maximized their minutes and then some here. Very good shit. Alexa picked up the win after hitting Asuka with the Twisted Bliss after Nikki dropped her with her finisher. I really, really like this team. And I hope they keep owning it here. 

Robert O’Neill: Time for the main event, as Seth Rollins is facing AJ Styles!

Unsurprisingly, it’s a very good match. But, The OC get involved and start beating up Rollins, but Ricochet comes out to help Rollins. OC still have the upper hand, but BRAUN STROWMAN comes out and evens the odds as the faces stand tall to end the night.


Chris Novak: The Boss is back, there was a great Ceddy-Drew match, the Women’s Tag Match was great fun and, oh yeah, The Boss is back. My only complaint is that there was no real angle advancement in any sort of direction besides Elias-Ricochet and I’m not sure where that’s gonna go. Although that being said, the Rey-Andrade stuff has me intrigued a bit. Strong B+ show for me.

Robert O’Neill: That’s another great episode of WWE television. They’re on a roll lately. The in-ring stuff was great, and Sasha Banks returning is a genuine surprise, which you don’t get too often in 2019. A


Chris Novak: Got a busy show loaded up here. Kevin Owens will make an appearance after defeating Shane McMahon, Kofi Kingston is expected to be around as is Randy Orton, of course. And, in addition to that, Charlotte Flair will face Ember Moon and Buddy Murphy takes on Roman Reigns. We begin the show with the aforementioned Kevin Owens. Owens talks about how he’s been in WWE for five years, has been around some of the best, and how on Sunday he was in the ring with Shane McMahon. KO essentially says he’s glad that he disposed of Shane. He then talks about the KOTR Tournament, and how he’s looking forward to being a part of it. 

Shane McMahon then comes out to Owens’ chagrin and, frankly, all of us. Shane says that KO wasn’t being a man when he kicked him in the dick. Owens takes a dig at Shane, saying that he won’t be lectured by someone who was part of something called “The Mean Street Posse.” He continues to go onward, and Shane says he’ll be known as a cheater. Shane says he wants to roll another piece of footage, which points out that he went after Elias repeatedly. Shane says that there’ll be repercussions, because Elias was an official. He says he’ll be fined $100K for attacking Elias. KO argues that it’s crap, and if Shane’s the man he says he is, he’ll reconsider. Shane says, “Nope” and then leaves. 

Welp, this feud is not ending anytime soon which should be expected.

New Day-Revival is announced for later tonight. Next, though, will be Charlotte Flair vs. Ember Moon.

Robert O’Neill: A Mean Street Posse reference! In 2019! How wild. While I would prefer this feud to end, as long as Owens definitively wins, it doesn’t really matter. Yes, Shane McMahon shouldn’t continue to get so much screentime, but it feels different than when he was doing it with Roman Reigns. 

Chris Novak: Nevertheless, Charlotte vs. Ember turned out to be a really fun match. That’s not too surprising, to be honest. Charlotte picked up the victory and is likely now bound to face Bayley at Clash of Champions. Which I’m completely okay with obviously. 

Robert O’Neill: That was a lot of fun. I’m absolutely fine with Charlotte/Bayley, as well. It makes a lot of sense to do. 

Chris Novak: They run back what happened with Roman Reigns, and Daniel Bryan and Rowan are out here to say they had nothing to do with anything that happened with them. Bryan though says that he doesn’t blame Buddy Murphy for saying what he had to say to avoid being beaten down by Roman. But the problem is he gave the wrong name, Bryan says. Bryan then goes on a rant and says that, again, they had nothing to do with the incidents. Tonight, they’re going to prove it, Bryan says, before leaving after what was a pretty great promo. 

Robert O’Neill: Very good stuff from Bryan, as usual. We go backstage to Shane’s office where he’s asked who will be facing Kevin Owens tonight, and Shane says it’ll be Samoa Joe. Well, cool! 

Chris Novak: Buddy Murphy vs. Roman Reigns is next. 

Before that though, Aleister Black cuts another promo. He says he wonders who will have a debt to pay and look inside themselves and say that they’re done. He says they all have to pay debts, and Black says he’ll continue to pay in anguish. And all anyone has to do is just knock. 

Roman Reigns vs. Buddy Murphy turned out to be one of the best damn TV matches of the year and one of the best matches of the year, in general. This was nothing short of a star making performance for Buddy, who looked absolutely outstanding. And in addition to that, this felt like Roman was BACK BACK finally. So much good from this one. Wow. Just absolutely sensational stuff honestly. 

Robert O’Neill: Oh my god, that match. It’s right up there with Andrade/Mysterio from January as the best TV match of the year. Roman was great and made Buddy look like a million bucks. Absolutely incredible stuff. Can’t wait to see what Buddy does in King of the Ring. 

Chris Novak: Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe goes down. Elias is made the special enforcer (again) and this time, it doesn’t end well for Owens. Owens is promptly beaten by Samoa Joe and this feud must continue! Hooray! I think. Or not. 

Buddy Murphy got his ass beat by Rowan after being pressed about whether or not he lied. He said he did, but did he ACTUALLY? That’s the question! 

Robert O’Neill: It’ll be fine. Or maybe not. Who knows! 

It’s time for The New Day vs. The Revival, but Randy Orton comes out instead! He says Kofi’s kids are going to be disappointed him when they’re older since he quit the other day during their match. Invoking his family doesn’t make Kofi happy, but Orton says he’ll have another to beat him, tonight as Orton teams up with The Revival and makes it a six man tag match!

The match goes on and is quite good, and the heels pick up a win after a Shatter Machine on Xavier Woods. They’re not done yet, though, as Orton orders The Revival to pick up all three men so he can RKO them.

We head to the back as Roman Reigns confronts Bryan and Rowan who say they had nothing to do with his attack, they’ll show the real culprit next week.


Robert O’Neill: What is there to say about the final show of this weekend? It was as good as the other three, as Smackdown so often is. WWE is at such a high-level in terms of in-ring stuff right now. If the storytelling catches up (it is with Roman/Bryan and Shane/KO) we could be in for another boom period for wrestling. A

Chris Novak: I liked this show a lot. The fact that there was a MOTYC absolutely helped, and there was some strong development for almost all of the main programs on SmackDown. That made it better than Raw for me, even though Raw checked off almost all of those boxes. A- for me.