Get In Loser, We're Stanning Sansa

by Darius Gordon

by Darius Gordon

We're nearing the end of the final season of Game of Thrones as we know it, and while there have been a few missteps this season, I can't wait to see how the fight for the Iron Throne concludes. One of my favorite elements of this show is the number of badass women in it, most importantly Lady Sansa. The eldest-born Stark left in Westeros is not only the baddest of them all, but she also would be the best choice to be Queen of the Realm. Here's why you shouldn't be sleeping on Lady Sansa, bad bitch of the North. This post contains spoilers for Season 8!

She's Not A Little Girl Anymore

When we first met Sansa, she was a young & naive little girl born into a great House who only cared about marrying the perfect prince. She was sheltered and spoiled all her life. Much like Arya did most of the seventh season, fans are still holding Sansa to the silly mistakes she made when she was young, and we need to let that go. Sansa wasn't prepared for the war to come, but don't tweak, she gets there.

Started From The Bottom

via HBO

via HBO

Since her arrangement with the boy King Joffrey Baratheon in an attempt to join Houses Stark & Baratheon, poor little Sansa has gone through hell. Her world turned upside down when her father, the honorable Ned Stark, was beheaded right in front of her very own eyes. She went from being a potential queen to a hostage of the Lannisters in a foreign land (to her) with no allies.

While in King's Landing she was ordered to marry Tyrion Lannister by the patriarch of the Lannister family and Hand of the King, Tywin Lannister. On the bright side, it was during this time that Sansa learned from Cersei's manipulation and ability to play the role needed for her to advance in the game. She finally escaped King's Landing with the help of the shiesty Littlefinger, aka Lord Petyr Baelish, who essentially gave Sansa over to Ramsay Bolton to gain more power in the North. 

She Went From 0 To 100 Real Quick

Ok...maybe not real quick, but you know what I mean! Sansa literally went through HELL during her stay with House Bolton. The psychopathic Ramsey made Joffrey look like a caring, loving husband. He raped Sansa in front of Theon Greyjoy, who’d been tortured, abused and turned into Reek by Ramsey. Still, Sansa’s wit and will kept her going. Here's where she really put those pretend-to-be meek skills that she learned from Cersei to use; Sansa knew when not to talk and when to just listen. Fans love to bring up Daenerys Targaryen's rise to success, but often overlook the fact that Sansa went through a rough patch that made her a stronger character too.

"No one can protect me. No one can protect anyone." - Sansa Stark, Season 6: Battle of the Bastards

Lady Sansa, Back In Her Bag

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via HBO

Much like her experience with the Lannisters, Sansa picked up on key traits from Littlefinger, learning to think three steps ahead of every person and situation. She manipulated Littlefinger and used his weird obsession with both her and her mother Catelyn Stark to WIN the Battle of the Bastards and win back the North, despite her brother Jon Snow rebuffing her suggestion to reach out to the Knights of the Vale. It was this moment that Sansa was officially in her bag. How can you not be here for this woman after saving your favorite bastard from dying...again!? Not only did Sansa show she had the smarts to win a battle, but the strength and pride needed to rule the North.

“Every time I’m faced with a decision, I close my eyes and see the same picture. Whenever I consider an action, I ask myself, ‘will this action help to make this picture reality?’ Pull it out of my mind and into the world, and I only act if the answer is yes.” - Petyr Baelish, Season 6: The Winds of Winter

Potential Protector Of The Realm?

Fast forward to where we are now; Sansa has come such a long way from the fragile little girl that saw her father die. She has all the traits of a great queen: she's loyal to her people and in return, they're loyal to her. Daenerys was shook when she saw the respect Lady Sansa received from her Northern subjects. She also doesn’t hide her disdain for The Dragon Queen as she continued to throw shade throughout this season. Sansa was the only one to bring up the fate of the North to Dany, and I feel her! They fought for and won their freedom, and can't risk being under the thumb of another tyrant. Sansa’s doing what she must to protect her people.

Sansa is extremely smart and knows what moves and countermoves to make to rule. Lady Sansa has grown into the smartest character on the show, given Tyrion's recent shortcomings as of late. She's cunning when she needs to be, and is very strategic in her moves, as evident by her telling Tyrion about Jon’s parentage. The way I see it: if Dany kills Jon, Sansa and the North will revolt! With Jon dead and Bran Stark living his best life as the Three-Eyed Raven, Sansa's next in line for the job.

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