This Week in WWE: It's time to shake things up again!


Chris Novak: It’s time for the Superstar Shakeup. Stephanie McMahon is here in jeans that, no, I did not give her.

Robert O’Neill: Shane is here too! His jeans are normal.

Chris Novak: Because Shane knows how to dress. He should probably have helped his sister out. Not a very good brother. Although we know he’s kind of a jackass anyway.

Robert O’Neill: Shane is speaking french now, in honor of being in Montreal, and he calls French-Canadian a “dirty dialect” Shane then shows a collage of moments of him beating up Miz and Miz’s dad, and then we find out Miz is going back to Raw! He’s also busted open, which was wild.

Chris Novak: Move makes sense on a number of levels. Firstly, it helps out Raw’s main event scene out and the IC Title scene of course. Secondly, with SmackDown Live moving to Fox, it only makes sense for him to move over to the show that’s on the network where his reality show is. So, I’m obviously cool with this move.

Becky Lynch vs. Ruby Riott is announced for later on tonight. That’s pretty dope. Then we deal in eight-man tag deals. Ricochet, Aleister Black and the new Tag Team Champions, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder are on one end. Who’s on the other? Well, we’ll find out after the break, it seems.

They’re facing The Revival and… WAR RAIDERS????? Who have a new name, ‘The Viking Experience.’ They also changed Hanson and Rowe’s names to Ivar and Erik. I’m not keen on the name change but holy God damn hell, that’s one way to change up the Raw tag scene.

Robert O’Neill: It’s a dumb name and I’m not really sure of the point, but it’s cool to see them on the main roster!

Regardless of the name, it was a really fun match that ended with Ivar and Erik standing tall and getting the victory. The Raw tag division is suddenly much better than it was a couple months ago, and that’s cool to see.

Chris Novak: Seriously, it’s actually quite refreshed now, so that rules to me.

Robert O’Neill: Finn Balor is here for a special match against the newest member of the Raw roster… Andrade!

Chris Novak: Okay, I’m completely with this honestly. Andrade and Finn proceeded to have a DAMN good match. Zelina got involved and hit Finn with a hurricanrana, which eventually led to Andrade hitting him with the Hammerlock DDT for the 1-2-3.

We’re walking with Elias next.

Elias trashed the Canadiens and then out came REY MYSTERIO! It would appear that Rey’s now on Raw. Rey fended Elias off and then… Lars Sullivan came out. Oh joy. Rey is not afraid and he went to fend him off. Naturally, Rey got bodied.

Robert O’Neill: It was fun until Lars came out. Lars is bad.

Bob Roode and Chad Gable are here looking for some opponents aaaand THE USOS answer! How fun!

What a fun match. The Usos got the win with a double splash, and the Raw tag division CONTINUES to improve.

Chris Novak: Rather solid match, although I think they’re both capable of better. But that’s just splitting hairs. I love that The Usos are on Raw. They did everything they could POSSIBLY do on SmackDown Live, so really, the move makes way too much sense.

Let’s move on now to A Moment of Bliss, featuring… Montreal’s own Sami Zayn! This should be highly entertaining. Especially because of Sami’s promo last week.

Robert O’Neill: Good lord what a segment. Zayn did his entrance three times, then spoke french to appease the crowd, then said he hated the people on Montreal, which led Alexa to say he’s the problem, not them. Whew!

The IIconics are here and they’re taunting Bayley because Sasha Banks is MIA, so Bayley finds a new partner: Naomi!

Chris Novak: I am ALL about this team! Bayley and Naomi made pretty quick work of Peyton and Billie here. Good way of making Naomi look strong and keeping Bayley upright and afloat. Love it a lot obviously.

Braun Strowman basically beat the shit out of EC3. A match never really took place.

Now Becky Lynch is here to face Ruby Riott. Non-title style.

Robert O’Neill: Ruby got some good offense in, but ultimately tapped to the Disarmher. No surprise there.

Becky is still in the ring and Natalya comes out. She congratulates Becky on winning both titles and says she wants a shot at the Raw one but Lacey Evans says she wants a shot too, and we have a #1 contenders match!

Chris Novak: Okay so, this match wasn’t awful. It wasn’t good. Somewhere in the middle. Lacey doled out a moonsault where she jumped from the second rope to the top beforehand and it was dope. Evans now will face Becky for the Raw Women’s Championship down the line. I think Becky’s gonna be a good hand for her to work with. Whatever the case, you definitely can’t say that Lacey Evans is bad. She’s just okay right now. And that’s fine.

Our six-man tag main event is next.

Robert O’Neill: Who will the mystery partner be? Dean Ambrose? Someone else? Let’s see!

Chris Novak: It’s AJ STYLES! That’s certainly a big move. So, let’s six-man now, shall we?

Robert O’Neill: Unsurprisingly, it was awesome! The faces got the win when Roman hit a spear on Bob to send everyone home happy. Really excited to see what happens on the Smackdown side now.


Robert O’Neill: I like the changes Raw made and I liked the matches on this show. A very entertaining three hours. A

Chris Novak: I’ll give Raw a strong B+. I think there were some areas where it lacked, like in-ring wise in some instances. But apart from that, this show definitely hit the right notes. Especially A Moment of Bliss with Sami Zayn. That’s the high point.


Chris Novak: It’s time for the SmackDown Live portion of the Superstar Shakeup. Much like last night, I have absolutely zero idea what the hell is going to happen. Kevin Owens is here to start the show though in his native land of Quebec. There appears to be not one, but two seats in the ring along with KO’s seat. So… that’s intriguing to say the least!

Robert O’Neill: It’s not Shakeup related though! Instead he has WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and fellow New Day member Xavier Woods on the program. Owens congratulates Kofi and then banters back and forth before Woods reveals that Big E is hurt, but Kevin Owens volunteers to join The New Day as Big O! They give him a shirt and a unicorn horn as we have an all-time great segment for the second straight night.

And now Finn Balor is here! He’s been drafted to Smackdown.

Chris Novak: Well, well. That’s not something I expected at all. There’s a rumor that Joe is sick and that’s why he wasn’t on Raw, so you can probably move some pegs around here and figure this one out. Anyways, he’s facing Ali, so this is going to be awesome.

Robert O’Neill: That was a blast. Balor got the victory after a hard fought match. Really excited to see what he can do on Smackdown, as there’s a lot of directions they can take.

Charlotte vs. Carmella is next!

Chris Novak: That was significantly better than the series of matches they had last year. You can tell both performers have grown a lot. Charlotte won with the FIgure Eight and got Little Naitch to hold the ropes up for her.

For whatever reason, Lars is here. He attacked R-Truth. Swear I thought they said he was on Raw.

Robert O’Neill: Weird. I would prefer Lars never be around.

Anyway here’s Becky Lynch.

She talks about how she’s willing to take on any challengers, and out comes Ember Moon! Then Bayley! That’ll shake things up. The IIconics come out to banter before Paige comes out to introduce her new tag team: Kairi Sane and Asuka!

Chris Novak: God damn pal, that was quite the freaking segment. We get an eight-woman tag that proved to be a real, real fun one. Kairi Sane got the win for her team with the Elbow Drop. A lot of fun here. SmackDown Live’s women’s division is totally, super-duper stacked. And quite frankly, I’m a huge fan.

Kevin Owens did Big E’s spiel before their match. It was tremendous, as expected.

Well hey, look at THAT… Buddy Murphy’s on SmackDown Live too! God damn, what a show this is.

The six-man proved to be a fun one, as expected. Kofi, Big O and Xavier won after Owens hit a Stunner on Rusev. Real fun stuff here once again. Loved how fresh this felt even while it wasn’t super fresh. I don’t know if Owens is gonna do the turn on Kofi but I’m glad it didn’t happen tonight, at least.

Robert O’Neill: And with that, it’s time for Vince McMahon’s big announcement! Who will Smackdown get to cap off the Shakeup. It’s… Elias? That doesn’t seem right!

He started to perform but he gets interrupted by ROMAN REIGNS who Superman Punches Vince and says Smackdown Live is HIS yard! What a show.


Robert O’Neill: Smackdown is still SO good. And they probably won the Shakeup again, as well. The Kevin Owens stuff was incredible, and Roman Reigns having a Smackdown run is going to be excellent. A

Chris Novak: SmackDown Live will remain great after the Shakeup, which was to be expected. I enjoyed the in-ring work on this show and thought there was solid development elsewhere. So, I had no qualms whatsoever with this show. A for me, too.