The WWE Top 25: March

Welcome, FINALLY, to the March edition of the WWE Top 25!

The month of March saw quite a lot of action go down in the Federation. All the brands brought big hit after big hit as we had been barreling along on the road to WrestleMania. As a result, this past month’s WWE Top 25 has seen quite the shakeup, including a NEW #1.

Before we reveal the cumulative Top 25, we’ll be going about this process just like we did the February one. So, first up, we’ll reveal the Top 10 TV matches in March, the Top 10 matches for March, the cumulative Top 10 TV matches for 2019, the cumulative Top 10 matches for 2019, the March Top 25 and then, finally, the cumulative Top 25.

So let’s get off to the races, shall we?


1. Adam Cole vs. Aleister Black vs. Matt Riddle vs. Ricochet vs. The Velveteen Dream (NXT, 3/20, ****½)
2. Cedric Alexander vs. Tony Nese (205 Live, 2/19, ****½)
3. DIY vs. The Undisputed Era (NXT, 3/6, ****¼)
4. Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair (SmackDown Live, 3/26, ****¼)
5. Kofi Kingston vs. Cesaro vs. Sheamus vs. Samoa Joe vs. Rowan vs. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan (SmackDown Live, Gauntlet Match, 3/19, ****¼)
6. R-Truth vs. Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Samoa Joe (SmackDown Live, 3/5, ****)
7. Akira Tozawa vs. Cedric Alexander (205 Live, 3/5, ****)
8. Aleister Black and Ricochet vs. Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel (NXT, 3/6, ****)
9. Jordan Devlin vs. Travis Banks (NXT UK, Falls Count Anywhere, 3/6, ***¾)
10. Moustache Mountain vs. The Street Profits (NXT, 3/6, ***¾)

TOP 10 MATCHES (March)

1. Daniel Bryan vs. Kevin Owens vs. Mustafa Ali (Fastlane, 3/10, ****¾)
2. Adam Cole vs. Aleister Black vs. Matt Riddle vs. Ricochet vs. The Velveteen Dream (NXT, 3/20, ****½)
3. Cedric Alexander vs. Tony Nese (205 Live, 2/19, ****½)
4. DIY vs. The Undisputed Era (NXT, 3/6, ****¼)
5. Samoa Joe vs. Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio vs. R-Truth (Fastlane, 3/10, ****¼)
6. Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair (SmackDown Live, 3/26, ****¼)
7. Kofi Kingston vs. Cesaro vs. Sheamus vs. Samoa Joe vs. Rowan vs. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan (SmackDown Live, Gauntlet Match, 3/19, ****¼)
8. The Usos vs. The Miz and Shane McMahon (Fastlane, 3/10, ****¼)
9. R-Truth vs. Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Samoa Joe (SmackDown Live, 3/5, ****)
10. Akira Tozawa vs. Cedric Alexander (205 Live, 3/5, ****)

TOP 10 TV MATCHES (2019)

1. Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio (SmackDown Live, 1/15, ****¾)
2. Adam Cole vs. Aleister Black vs. Matt Riddle vs. Ricochet vs. The Velveteen Dream (NXT, 3/20, ****½)
3. Cedric Alexander vs. Tony Nese (205 Live, 2/19, ****½)
4. Johnny Gargano vs. The Velveteen Dream (NXT, 2/20, ****¼)
5. DIY vs. The Undisputed Era (NXT, 3/6, ****¼)
6. Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair (SmackDown Live, 3/26, ****¼)
7. Kofi Kingston vs. Cesaro vs. Sheamus vs. Samoa Joe vs. Rowan vs. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan (SmackDown Live, Gauntlet Match, 3/19, ****¼)
8. Andrade vs. Rey Mysterio (SmackDown Live, 2/3 Falls, 1/22, ****¼)
9. Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Randy ORton vs. AJ Styles (SmackDown Live, Gauntlet Match, 2/12, ****¼)
10. Drew Gulak vs. Matt Riddle (NXT, 2/6, ****)

TOP 10 MATCHES (2019)

1. Daniel Bryan vs. Mustafa Ali vs. Kevin Owens (Fastlane, 3/10, ****¾)
2. Ricochet vs. Johnny Gargano (TakeOver: Phoenix, 1/26, ****¾)
3. Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade (SmackDown Live, 1/15, ****¾)
4. Asuka vs. Becky Lynch (Royal Rumble, 1/27, ****½)
5. Brock Lesnar vs. Finn Balor (Royal Rumble, 1/27, ****½)
6. Adam Cole vs. Aleister Black vs. Matt Riddle vs. Ricochet vs. The Velveteen Dream (NXT, 3/20, ****½)
7. Cedric Alexander vs. Tony Nese (205 Live, 2/19, ****½)
8. Ronda Rousey vs. Sasha Banks (Royal Rumble, 1/27, ****½)
9. Moustache Mountain vs. James Drake and Zack Gibson (TakeOver: Blackpool, 1/12, ****½)
10. Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles (Elimination Chamber, Elimination Chamber Match, 2/17, ****¼)


1. Ricochet (40)
2. Aleister Black (37)
3. Daniel Bryan (23.125)
4. Cedric Alexander (19.5)
5. Drew McIntyre (17.75)
6. Samoa Joe (16.25)
7. Kevin Owens (15.375)
8. Mustafa Ali (14.875)
9. Bobby Lashley (14.25)
T10. Cesaro, Sheamus (12.75)
12. Tony Nese (12.25)
T13. Dean Ambrose, Rowan (11.75)
T15. Andrade, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio (11.5)
T18. Rusev, Shinsuke Nakamura (11.25)
T20. Oney Lorcan, Seth Rollins, Steve Cutler, Wesley Blake (10.75)
24. Tyler Bate (10.5)
25. Finn Balor (10.25)

For the first time this year, there are no women in a monthly Top 25. The month was a bit weak for the women’s side, something that will hopefully change going forward. But even those who worked a lot of matches this month didn’t quite have the quality of matches they were having last month. That isn’t a fault to them, but it is a fascinating point to be sure, considering we’re en route to the biggest women’s match of all time next month at WrestleMania. Hopefully, for their sake, things improve next month. And frankly, it probably should.

Anyhow, you will notice that the top two wrestlers here were way, WAY ahead of the pace. That’s because Ricochet and Aleister Black were used SO MUCH on three different brands. So it goes for them, and so they lead the pack this month as 1 and 2 respectively. That shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, and it will be interesting to me to see what happens next month. I’m not expecting that workload to be as heavy again this coming month as it was last, but they’re certainly great performers.

It shouldn’t be too surprising to see that Daniel Bryan is getting more and more traction now. Arguably the best wrestler in the world, Bryan has been on an absolute tear of late and should only see his progression continue to trend upward as the year goes on.

Someone you should maybe keep your eye on going forward now? Tony Nese. Nese had an excellent month of March and could very well become Cruiserweight Champion at WrestleMania. Should he do that, we’ll see if he can pick up from Buddy Murphy’s excellence and keep the ball rolling on 205 Live.

Anyhow, it’s time to reveal the NEW Top 25 with March out of the way.


25. Jeff Hardy
Last Month: 11 | Points: 25.5

Jeff Hardy takes a bit of a tumble after a solid finish last month. But, Hardy still managed to sneak right into the 25th spot. His workload was significantly lessened this month and that, in all likelihood, is part of why this tumble happened, to be sure. Now, what will come for him in April? That’s yet to be seen. There will likely be a lot of reshuffling going around this month, so we shall see if he can maintain his mainstay status in the WWE Top 25 after April comes and goes.

24. Tony Nese
Last Month: N/A | Points: 26.25

Here’s someone we might want to pay attention to going forward. Tony Nese, the new Cruiserweight Champion, makes his first appearance in the Top 25 after an outstanding month of March. His showing was topped off with an absolute banger against Cedric Alexander in the #1 Contender’s Tournament Final on 205 Live. Now that Nese won the championship from Buddy Murphy at WrestleMania, big things could come Nese’s way and he could very well make an ascension.



23. Kofi Kingston
Last Month: 14 | Points: 27.75

The NEW WWE Champion finished 23rd in the month of March, but don’t expect that to stay the same going forward. Kofi Kingston certainly has earned his stripes and will no doubt be a continuous mainstay in this Top 25 now that he has the coveted title. And after that showing against Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania, he got off to an incredible start in April that may put him in Top 10 territory.

22. Nia Jax
Last Month: 9 | Points: 28.25

Nia Jax took quite the fall after finishing ninth last month, but Jax still managed to stay within the Top 25. It will be interesting to see where she and the other women, quite frankly, fall in this Top 25 going forward. The women’s division on both shows is likely to go through a serious reshuffling period and time will tell to see how things shake out. Nonetheless, three months in and Jax still remains as one of three women to be featured in every month’s Top 25 so far.

21. Mustafa Ali
Last Month: N/A | Points: 29.375

Mustafa Ali makes his return to the Top 25 after being out with an injury in the month of February. He was part of my then-pick for MOTY last month at Fastlane, in the Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship between he, Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens. He’s got ample opportunity to make some moves next month with things opening up for him and the rest of the SmackDown Live crew. So we’ll see what happens with the man now known as just ‘Ali.’

20. Cesaro
Last Month: N/A | Points: 30.25

Cesaro makes his way back into the Top 25 after being out of it in January. Cesaro was part of some solid tag efforts and the Gauntlet Match that helped bring Kofi Kingston to WrestleMania. And for those performances, he slides on his way up. Cesaro will be a hard name to project going forward, as the SmackDown tag division is quite loaded and not everybody gets their reps. Perhaps things will be clearer after WrestleMania and after the Superstar Shakeup for the man known as The Swiss Cyborg.

19. Adam Cole
Last Month: 18 | Points: 30.5

Adam Cole hangs around in the WWE Top 25 this month, falling just one spot to 19th. Cole had a remarkable showing in the 5-way match that helped him earn his NXT Championship opportunity against Johnny Gargano at TakeOver: New York. By now you probably know that result, and you can probably project a better finish for him in April. But it’s pretty clear that big things await Cole in April and beyond if this past month was any indication.

T17. Bayley, The Velveteen Dream
Last Month: 5 (Bayley) / 11 (Dream) | Points: 32

Our first time of the month features a pair of, well, polar opposites in Bayley and The Velveteen Dream. Bayley was a bit of a victim of circumstance, as she had just one less match than her tag team partner, Sasha Banks, going into the month of April. She still shined and has been quite the revelation this year. And the hope going forward for her is that she continues to get that shine as the year 2019 progresses.

Dream, meanwhile, was a product of less workload, as well. Dream competed in the epic 5-way match that Adam Cole won, but there wasn’t much left on the board for him. Like other NXT-ers, he certainly has now run into this problem more than once, and will likely continue to do so, just because of how the brand works. But obviously, Dream remains at the top of his game and has the merit to prove it.

16. Sheamus
Last Month: 20 | Points: 32.75

Like his tag team partner Cesaro, Sheamus finds himself in the Top 25, and has moved up all the way to 16th after finishing 20th last month. Sheamus still has the workload edge over his tag team partner Cesaro, as you will notice that the two finished with the same score in the month of March. Those early matches are helping his cause to say the very least, as he’s certainly proving to be a case where quantity is aiding him in a big way.

15. Seth Rollins
Last Month: 16 | Points: 33

Seth Rollins finally returned to action this past month, and Rollins was able to ascend up one spot to 15th. Rollins made his work count this past month and should be primed for an even better April, now that he has conquered the beast and become the WWE Universal Champion. So expect to see Rollins right around where he was in January, and not so much in the middle of the pack now.

14. Sasha Banks
Last Month: 8 | Points: 33.5

Sasha Banks held a slight advantage over her tag team partner Bayley. As a result of that, Banks has arrived here at 14th. She took a dip from the 8th spot in the poll, and a lot of that has to simply do with the quality of the matches she was in. But, she still is obviously one of the best in-ring talents in WWE right now. So she should continue to be in good shape as the month of April progresses.

T12. Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander
Last Month: 23 (Lashley) / N/A (Cedric) | Points: 33.75

We’ve got our second tie in this month’s Top 25. One side features someone who’s been a mainstay, and the other features a newcomer to the poll this month.

Bobby Lashley moved all the way up to 12th thanks in large part to workload and the quality of his work. He was very solid, competing in a great six-man tag with Drew Mac and Baron Corbin against The Shield at Fastlane. His work against Finn Balor in the match that won him the Intercontinental Championship again was also quite good, and set the table for this big move up 11 spots from last month’s finish at 23rd. What’s to come is yet to be seen in April, but Lashley has certainly been consistently good so far in 2019.

Thanks to a strong run in the Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Tournament, Cedric Alexander soars into the Top 25. And he’s all the way up at 12th after his run to the finals of the tournament. He was ultimately disposed of by the eventual new champ in Tony Nese, but indisputably had the best match of the tourney against Nese and a really great match against Akira Tozawa as well. There’s no telling if he’ll be off the island yet, but if he is, expect Cedric to be a mainstay here, because he certainly has the talent to deliver in big spots.



11. Dean Ambrose
Last Month: 15 | Points: 34.25

As he nears the end of his WWE career, Dean Ambrose has continued to hover around the same spot he’s been in all year. Ambrose finished the month of March ranked 11th in the WWE Top 25, just 1.25 points shy of the 10th spot in the rankings. Ambrose had some very solid outings this month, including the Shield reunion six-man tag at Fastlane. Dean certainly got a lot of flack going into 2019, but he’s certainly been very, very solid as he finishes up his near seven-year run with the company.

10. Samoa Joe
Last Month: 10 | Points: 35.5

Samoa Joe’s 2019 continues to be a strong success. And once again, Joe claims the 10th spot on the rankings. Joe became the United States Champion this past month and partook in some excellent contests on SmackDown Live and Fastlane. Joe’s first run as a champion in WWE doesn’t look like it’s going to end soon. And if his work this year is any indication, he’s going to continue to be a success story as he nears the twilight of his career.

9. Tyler Bate
Last Month: 7 | Points: 37.5

Falling two spots down to 7th is Tyler Bate. Bate had a good month of March, but certainly was not his strongest. He finished 24th in the overall rankings for March, just ahead of Finn Balor. If he collected more points, he likely would’ve finished higher than 9th. But there is of course no shame in being in this spot. He’s been getting a lot of singles opportunities on NXT UK and is still making the most of them from a consistency standpoint. I would reckon though that will have to step his game up in a big way in April, as others with more workload may overtake him soon if he does not.

8. Drew McIntyre
Last Month: 22 | Points: 38.5

Drew McIntyre was a big riser this month after falling all the way down to 22nd in February. McIntyre performed very well on Raw from an in-ring standpoint, and thus finds himself back in the Top 10 at 8th. His matches against the members of The Shield, both in six-man action and singles action, were more than enough for him to ascend up the ladder again. We shall see how things play out in April, as it looks like he had gotten hurt this past week on SmackDown. If that’s the case, Mac could very well fall down in the rankings yet again.

7. Rey Mysterio
Last Month: 6 | Points: 39.125

We are three months into the year 2019, and Rey Mysterio is still a Top 10 performer in WWE. Kinda crazy to say isn’t it? Rey, like Joe, partook in a lot of great SmackDown Live matches and had a hand in the US Championship Match at Fastlane that garnered a rather high rating of 4.25. He may have fallen down one spot from last month, but with a score of 39.125, he is still among the best of the best right now. While an injury may spur him for a little bit, there’s no denying that Mysterio is in the midst of a renaissance that is still trudging on to this moment.



6. Johnny Gargano
Last Month: 2 | Points: 42.125

Johnny Wrestling will likely find himself back in the Top 5 next month, but for right now, he’s just shy of the 5th spot in the rankings. Gargano partook in some main roster matches that helped boost his cause this month. While he did not partake in the sensational 5-way match that boosted his peers, he did wrestle in some awesome tag team matches in the Dusty Classic. We will likely see him ascend up the ladder after the month of April, but his status remains as one of the best talents around.

5. Andrade
Last Month: 3 | Points: 42.625

Andrade drops down to 5th from 3rd, but there’s no denying the year he’s having. Even with limited action, Andrade continues to excel in the spots that he’s given. He hasn’t had one dud yet and that will likely continue on as the year progresses. His highlights were much like Joe’s and Rey’s, as the three, along with R-Truth, were intertwined in the 4-ways and tag matches on SmackDown Live and at Fastlane. There are few better talents in the world better than Andrade, and he just continues to prove that week in and week out.

4. Daniel Bryan
Last Month: 11 | Points: 46.375

You should probably get used to this sight, folks. Daniel Bryan is finally in the Top 5 of the WWE Top 25 rankings. Bryan got into another gear in March, partaking in my current MOTY (with WrestleMania weekend not being accounted for quite yet) and quite a lot of other quality matches. There’s no other real way of saying that he’s the best of his generation and even in 2019, after all that’s been done, he just continues to prove exactly that.

3. Finn Balor
Last Month: 1 | Points: 52

For the first time all year, Finn Balor is not in the #1 spot. Balor drops down to 3rd after gaining just 10.25 points in the month of March. His workload was solid, but some of what he did just didn’t really hit as much as it did in January and February. Still, Balor has been one of the best TV workers all year and now that he’s Intercontinental Champion again, he should continue to have great performances and title defenses going forward.

2. Aleister Black
Last Month: 17
| Points: 58.75



Aleister Black finds himself up at #2 after a super heavy workload in March. Black made the most of that workload, gaining 37 points in the matches that he was involved in. He, like his tag team partner, competed on three different brands and that’s starting to really show in the amount of growth he’s had from last month, jumping up 15 spots to the 2nd spot in the rankings. He’s having a great year and while his workload is now likely going to decrease a bit, we should still see him among the top workers in the company in this rankings list.

1. Ricochet
Last Month: 4
| Points: 70.375

Greetings to your new #1 in the WWE Top 25: Ricochet! Ricochet made serious waves this past month, gaining FORTY points to jump Finn Balor and take his spot as the #1 wrestler in WWE. And it’s really hard to deny when you look at all that he did this month. He and Aleister Black got into the Dusty Classic Final and won. He performed marvelously in the 5-way match to determine Gargano’s opponent at TakeOver: New York. His matches on Raw and SmackDown Live have all hit for me. He’s being booked like a star because that’s exactly what he is. And right now, he has a humongous lead that will be hard to swipe from him if how things have gone are any indication.