Elimination Chamber 2019 results, recap, analysis


Heading into Sunday’s Elimination Chamber event in Houston, history was set to be made. The first-ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions were set to be crowned, and we would continue to inch closer to WrestleMania 35 in April. History would indeed be made, and here is our riveting analysis on what went down in Houston on Sunday night.

Buddy Murphy vs. Akira Tozawa -- Cruiserweight Championship Match

Chris Novak: Well, this was yet another Kickoff Show banger for Buddy Murphy and Akiraa Tozawa. These two brought out the goods for this one. A couple of crazy spots were issued out, including one avalanche hurricanrana where Murph was standing atop the top rope. Buddy retained after hitting Tozawa with Murphy’s Law but, make no mistake, Tozawa gave him a run for his money. Giving this one ****.

Robert O’Neill: What is there to say about the cruiserweights at this point? They’re so good. I think Buddy needs to head to the main roster soon, and it’s probably coming after Wrestlemania. Can’t wait for it. I’m gonna go **** on this one too.

Women’s Tag Team Championships Elimination Chamber Match

Chris Novak: Boss and Hug won the Tag Team Titles. Right decision, right moment. FULL FIVE.

Okay, but seriously, that match was VERY good. It hit a few low spots at times but it ABSOLUTELY picked up towards the end. Have to hand it to the IIconics, who REALLY stepped up after a few so-so performances the last few months. Big ups to the Riott Squad as well and Mandy and Sonya, who stepped up big time. Nia and Tamina did themselves well too, and I was SHOCKED that they didn’t last all the way till the bitter end.

But as I said, right decision, right call, right team won, right moment. **** for me. Beautiful post-match moment as well. The proper payoff for everything that’s happened since 2017.

Robert O’Neill: Man, that was fun. It was a little tentative and slow in the beginning, but once they got comfortable and let it rip it was a lot of fun. It wasn’t the best match, but like any Elimination Chamber, it had great spots. Nia going all out running through the pod was awesome, the IIconics were hilarious, and everyone in the match looked good. Also, the right team won. ****

Miz and Shane vs. The Usos - Smackdown Tag Team Championship

Robert O’Neill: Hey a shock title change! That was a fun match. Miz hit a springboard axe handle, Shane hit Coast 2 Coast and jumped from the ring to the announce table (of course) and Jimmy Uso rolled Miz up as a counter to get the surprise win. This is likely going toward Miz and Shane at Wrestlemania, which will be good. I’m not sure what happens with the tag titles, but this is good overall. ***

Chris Novak: I was not expecting this one… but it’s pretty obvious what’s gonna happen next here, to be honest. They’re gonna definitely do a turn here in Cleveland, Miz’s hometown. It’s just a matter of WHOM. I think it’s gonna be Shane, honestly. As for this match, it was exactly what you’d have expected out of these two teams. I’ll go *** on this, too.

Finn Balor vs. Bobby Lashley/Lio Rush - Intercontinental Championship Handicap Match

Robert O’Neill: Finn Balor won! I think we all kind of thought he might pin Lio Rush when it was made known this was going to be a possible finish. The match wasn’t particularly good, but it’s great that Finn has a title again. Excited to see what he can do with it. **3/4

Chris Novak: Finn is the #2 babyface on Raw, and justifiably so. This was absolutely set up for him to win this match with Lio being added to it. They did a post-match angle with Lashley beating up Lio, having been fed up with him. This match was solid not spectacular. I will give it *** on that accord. May be the low man, may be the high man. I can’t get a read. Oh well! Finn is IC Champ, which is awesome for him.

Ronda Rousey vs. Ruby Riott - Raw Women’s Championship Match

Chris Novak: Well, that… that was a match. Ronda dominated Ruby and put her away with the armbar in under a minute. After the match was over, BECKY LYNCH showed up and beat up BOTH Charlotte Flair AND Ronda Rousey with her crutch. The crowd reacted as you might have expected to all of this. I’m not going to go OTT with my reaction to Ruby being dusted, but the writing was on the wall here, frankly. It is what it is. But that’s the first DUD of the year.

Robert O’Neill: Having it be short made more sense once Becky came out but yeah that was all just kind of wasteful and unnecessary. They could have just had Ronda and Charlotte have an in-ring segment and it could have had the same impact with Becky coming out and not have damaged Ruby. DUD

Baron Corbin vs. Braun Strowman - No Disqualification Match

Robert O’Neill: This was bad and was the same thing we’ve seen for months where all the heels on Raw beat up Strowman, who looks like a big dork these days. DUD

Chris Novak: That wasn’t good, and I didn’t think it would be good! DUD

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Chris Novak: Absolute HEAT! Kofi Kingston was once again booked about as strongly as you could ask him to be. He eliminated Randy Orton (nice bit of retribution!) and went toe-to-toe with Daniel Bryan yet again. In the end, he went for it at all, jumping off the pod, but Bryan moved out of the way and clocked him with the running knee. A fabulous match and a fabulous ending sequence with Kofi and Bryan. ****¼

Robert O’Neill: Good lord. Can a guy who has had an 11-year career and is already one of the most accomplished wrestlers in the business have a star-making performance? Cause that’s what Kofi did. He went into the lion’s den and VERY NEARLY came out on top. This featured some of the best near-falls in recent memory, and it was a great way to end the show. ****½


Robert O’Neill: There were six matches on the main card of this show. The two chamber matches were great, the tag match and Balor winning the IC title were fine, and the other two were actively bad. So, where does that leave the show? Probably right in the middle. I would usually go C+, but the historic moment at the beginning puts it at B-

Chris Novak: I’d call this a good show. You had an historic moment at the beginning. A fire Chamber Match at the ending that may lead to an even greater thing down the road. Two other champions crowned. The filler stuff was filler but it wasn’t all-time bad stuff, either. Giving this a solid B- and certainly, certainly was a night to remember in many ways.