The 2019 WWE Top 25: September

We’re three-quarters of the way done with 2019, which also means we’re three-quarters of the way done with the 2019 WWE Top 25. Honestly, I’m surprised as much as you may be that I’ve kept this going. This has driven me crazy a number of times, but honestly? I find it really fun and engaging. And I hope you do also. So let’s get down to business, shall we?


1. Sasha Banks - 27.5 Points
2. Baron Corbin - 21.75 Points
3. Chad Gable - 21.25 Points
4. Bayley - 21 Points
T5. AJ Styles/Cedric Alexander - 20.75 Points
7. Seth Rollins - 20.25 Points
8. Nikki Cross - 18 Points
9. Robert Roode - 17.25 Points
10. Braun Strowman - 16.75 Points
11. Becky Lynch - 16.5 Points
T12. Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows - 16.25 Points
14. The Velveteen Dream - 15.125 Points
T15. Humberto Carrillo/Tony Nese - 15 Points
17. Lince Dorado - 14.75 Points
18. Alexa Bliss - 14.25 Points
19. Charlotte Flair - 13.75 Points
T20. Erik/Ivar/Ricochet - 13.25 Points
23. Bianca Belair - 12.25 Points
24. Roderick Strong - 11.875 Points
25. Oney Lorcan/Rey Mysterio - 11.75 Points

So… Sasha Banks. Sasha Banks was absent for four months, and in her first full month back, she tops the WWE Top 25 for the month of September. Her score of 27.5 is among the best for an individual month this whole year. It didn’t take long for The Boss to get back up to her standing amongst the women and the company as a whole. But man, that was an impressive month for her.

It was also an impressive month for the women. Seven women are featured in the above Top 25 for the month of September. That’s tied for the most all year, with January being the only month to feature that many women in an individual month’s Top 25. Shout out to the girls for killing it in their opportunities this month.

Baron Corbin and Chad Gable’s series of matches with each other, and KOTR matches in general, got them to be the highest-ranked males in September’s Top 25. All credit given where it’s due to Corbin, who has massively turned it around this month in the ring. He’s put on some of the best matches of his life, and he should be commended for such. We knew how good Gable was, but he absolutely turned it on himself too.

With that out of the way, let’s check in on the next list.


1. Bayley (114.25 Points)
2. Nikki Cross (90.25 Points)
3. Becky Lynch (86.00 Points)
4. Alexa Bliss (66.25 Points)
5. Sasha Banks (65.00 Points)
6. Charlotte Flair (59.00 Points)
7. Io Shirai (51.25 Points)
8. Bianca Belair (49.25 Points)
9. Mandy Rose (42.75 Points)
10. Lacey Evans (42.75 Points)
11. Natalya (40.25 Points)
12. Sonya Deville (36.25 Points)
13. Asuka (36.00 Points)
T14. Ember Moon/Peyton Royce (34.50 Points)
16. Carmella (33.00 Points)
17. Shayna Baszler (32.75 Points)
18. Kairi Sane (31.50 Points)
19. Mia Yim (31.00 Points)
20. Candice LeRae (30.75 Points)
21. Nia Jax (29.25 Points)
T22. Billie Kay/Naomi/Ronda Rousey (25.50 Points)
25. Toni Storm (25.25 Points)

I was going to think that Bayley probably wasn’t going to be caught this year. However… I’m not so certain now. For Nikki Cross, it really all depends on how much they let her (and Alexa Bliss) rock, and so far they’ve done that a good amount. Cross has been a huge story all year, as we know, and she’s approaching the coveted 100-point mark. So she could very well make a push for Bayley’s top spot, although it will be tough to pull off.

Becky Lynch, meanwhile, is in a decent spot to do so now. Her rivalry with Sasha Banks will produce a shakeup after the HIAC grades go in, and she could draw even closer to 100 and get on Bayley’s tail. Sasha Banks likely won’t get near there, but she has a chance to remain in the Top 5 if all goes well. Same goes for Alexa, depending again on how much they let her and Nikki roll in the tag division. The Draft could (but hopefully won’t) change things a bit for them, so we’ll see what happens there.

The rest of this bunch could be fun to watch. I’d suspect that Io Shirai will continue to rise, as should Candice LeRae. Shayna could too, but I think the TakeOver: Toronto match will hurt her in terms of being a high-riser. As far as anyone else to look for? Can’t really square in on anyone at the moment. Such is life in the women’s division, but the main players have a chance to make this fun for the remaining quarter of the year.


T25. Big E/Tony Nese
Points: 79.00

With 205 Live’s future uncertain, I’m not sure what to make of Tony Nese’s projections going forward. I think Nese is going to have to either get reps on Raw or SmackDown or suddenly become a feature on NXT if his standing is to stay around the same. I could see him falling after this, which is a shame because he’s had a great year. Big E, meanwhile, is far easier to project. And I think he stays around this area going forward.

T23. Bobby Lashley/Xavier Woods
Points: 79.75

Well, since Lashley returned on Raw (in odder fashion than I think any of us could have predicted) we’ll likely see him move in some sort of direction here going forward. Bob’s been a mainstay in the Top 25 all year, so I think that holds up here. It all really depends on where he goes in the Draft and what happens with this angle he’s involved in. Xavier Woods, like Big E, should also continue to be a focal point in this vicinity.

22. The Velveteen Dream
Points: 80.25

Dream appears to be on the injured list now after losing the North American Championship. How that impacts his status in the Top 25 should be interesting to follow going forward. He’s been hanging around this territory all year, but time on the shelf could “hurt” him in a way. Let’s see how this plays out going forward.

21. Humberto Carrillo
Points: 85.00

Like Tony Nese, Humberto Carrillo is someone we’re going to have to watch going forward, as it pertains to 205 Live’s status. he’d been a mainstay on that brand and even while working some NXT shows, he mostly worked in the purple brand and has put together a nice year. That show’s status will have Carrillo hanging up in the balance here.

20. Becky Lynch
Points: 86.00

Becky is likely bound to get to 100 points soon enough, especially after her HIAC match with Sasha Banks. She’s starting to get back into a groove again, which has been a pleasure to watch. Lynch is very easily one of the best workers on the entire roster and, obviously, the biggest star in the company.

19. Rey Mysterio
Points: 88.375

Rey not working the match with Seth on the last day of September prevented him from taking a rise up from 19th. Mysterio’s status going forward will be intriguing to watch, as he could be pegged for some big things. Time will tell though, but Mysterio should continue to hang around the Top 25 in the final quarter.

18. Drew Gulak
Points: 90.00

Drew Gulak has already proven to be a focal point on both 205 Live and NXT, so I won’t say what I have about the other 205-ers here. Gulak is already going to be facing Lio Rush for the Crusierweight Championship on an upcoming episode of NXT, a match that should likely see him take a big uptick in the rankings. Gulak has put together a very, VERY good 3 quarters of the year so far.

17. Nikki Cross
Points: 90.25

Letting Nikki play has been a wise decision for WWE, as she’s been a huge bright spot for the women’s division and the company in general.

16. Finn Bálor
Points: 90.50

Hey, Finn Bálor’s back in NXT! That should depreciate his workload, but he could have some very, very fun matches down in Winter Park nonetheless. Top 10 status to finish out the year is very possible for Finn if things go well for him. Which, if I were a betting man, I would expect to happen.

15. Dash Wilder
Points: 91.5
14. Scott Dawson
Points: 92.00

The Revival are who they are, and that’s not changing anytime soon.

T12. Baron Corbin/Oney Lorcan
Points: 99.00

These two will no doubt hit 100 points once they get in the ring again. Corbin already will have done so once HIAC grades go in. Now, we’re just waiting on Oney.

11. AJ Styles
Points: 100.75

AJ Styles’ back half of 2019 is looking fantastic so far, after working pretty limitedly in the beginning of the year. He absolutely has it in him to finish in the Top 10 by the end of the year, and we’ll see if that goes down.

10. Aleister Black
Points: 101.375

Did You Know: Aleister Black has worked as many matches as Becky Lynch has through the month of September?

9. Andrade
Points: 103.875

I find myself still waiting for them to pull the trigger on Andrade. For now, he’s still one of the best wrestlers in the entire company, and almost any chance he gets in the ring, he shows why. His point totals suggest that as well.

8. Cesaro
Points: 105.75

Cesaro is starting to get a bit diversified in terms of where he lands. I hope we see him down in NXT once or twice. That could be fun. He, obviously, is having a fantastic in-ring year. This singles run he’s having right now has been a joy to watch.

7. Samoa Joe
Points: 107.50

It’s pretty crazy that 2019 Samoa Joe is having as good a year as he’s having. But the man is thriving in multi-man matches and doing enough in singles matches to earn this Top 10 status. Plus, working 34 matches through the first nine months of the year helps.

6. Drew McIntyre
Points: 108.50

Drew Mac got hit with the injury bug, but still had enough points to stay in the Top 10. Hopefully, when he returns, he can get back to impressing with his in-ring arsenal.

5. Bayley
Points: 114.25

Top 5 Bayley? Top 5 Bayley.

4. Daniel Bryan
Points: 119.375

The best of this generation is still showing off at this point. You just cannot doubt Daniel Bryan at all, whatsoever at this point.

3. Seth Rollins
Points: 131.875

I’ve no idea what to make of Seth Rollins, the character. Seth Rollins, the wrestler? A pretty good one. Lots of matches this year, lots of quality showings, and that equates to being in third place.

2. Kofi Kingston
Points: 137.75

Thanks, Kofi. Your title run will be remembered for a long time for many reasons.

1. Ricochet
Points: 188.75

Did you know: Ricochet has 53 matches this year? The most of anyone in the company?