UnBearable Expectations

The Chicago Bears needed another dominant defensive performance to lift themselves to victory over the Arizona Cardinals Sunday. While the defensive unit was able to close out the game, they did not leave without a scare...

The Cardinals found the endzone twice on their first three possessions, jumping out to an early 14-0 lead, while the Bears ended their first three possessions with a missed field goal, fumble and a punt. Shit wasn’t looking good on either side of the ball until the defense took its true form, creating turnovers and keeping the Cardinals from putting points on the board for the remainder of the game. Thank you again Oakland for the blessing you bestowed on us.

The biggest woes for the Bears was unquestionably the offensive production

For the third straight game, Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky failed to establish his presence as a franchise QB. From lacking poise in the pocket to failing to see open receivers, it seems like Mitch is still infected with the rookie bug. The plays are there, the opportunities are there; Mitch just has to capitalize on them.  Putting up a goose egg in passing touchdowns isn’t what you want from your signal caller if you plan on be a serious playoff contender.

Is it almost time for a change at quarterback?

No fucking way.....Although his play was erratic, it was not the worst performance from a second year quarterback in a new offense. Fellow members of his draft class - Deshawn Watson and Patrick Mahomes - are outplaying Trubisky by a significant margin, but this does not mean that Mitch is a hopeless player. He still shows significant flashes of talent and potential to be a star in this league. Like most quarterbacks, it takes time to develop into an elite passer in the NFL. Unfortunately, many Bears fans are not patient enough for this to happen.

Be emphathetic to Bears fan’s woes.

It’s hard to be patient when you’ve faced the same old story so often: an elite defense (with a former defensive player of the year), weapons on offense, but shaky quarterback play. Trubisky needs time to develop, and being that the last Bears quarterback drafted in the first round (Rex Grossman, 2003) was a complete shit show that arguably prevented the Bears from winning Super Bowl XLI, time isn’t something that Bears fans are willing to give so easily. 

Enjoy the W and prepare for next week

It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win, and the winless Cardinals proved they’re still a tough matchup. Beating a winless team may not seem like a big deal, but beating a hungry, talented NFL team is not an easy feat for any team. Ask the Minnesota Vikings.

Don’t forget, this is still the NFL. Any given Sunday.....