Insecure S3E7: Nearly Headless Nathan

Obsessed-Like, episode seven of the third season of HBO’s Insecure, takes a swift turn as the season finale nears. Issa (Issa Rae) continues to prepare to host her block party, launch her business and adjust to being property manager takes some major Ls romantically. Without hearing from Nathan for weeks, Issa realizes that what seemed to be perfect could possibly be no more.

So you alive and cutting hair and shit but you can’t text nobody back?
— Issa

The stress from being ghosted by Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) leads Issa to exhibit some very questionable behavior. Her slight obsession with pinpointing the reason Nathan went MIA  spills into her professional life. With Nathan disappearing and not saying anything, Issa’s confidence takes a hit. She goes from stalking his social media pages and uploading selfies to get his attention to questioning everything she said and did during their short time together.

Without telling Molly full details of the current Casper situation, Issa schemes a plan to enter Nathan’s house by way of his roommate, Andrew (Alexander Hodge). Although Molly and Andrew’s last encounter may have very well been their LAST ENCOUNTER, she reluctantly agrees to help her friend.  After sneaking into Nathan’s room and attempting to hack into his laptop, Issa is caught by Molly and unable to escape her own thoughts, finally breaks down and shares what’s going on.

After developing something she thought was real, Issa doubts everything about herself, searching for a reason Nathan would go ghost. A person leaving with no explanation can cause anyone to question everything about themselves, blaming their own shortcomings for someone else's indiscretions.  Feeling like shit for even letting Nathan have this power, Issa thinks maybe her finally being authentic with a guy is the reason the situationship fell through.

If he got scared off because you were too real, then why you want him girl
— Molly

On the other hand, while Molly (Yvonne Orji) can get Issa together, she is missing the pieces to complete her own puzzle. Taking the advice of Kelli (Natasha Rothwell) and Issa, Molly steps outside of her comfort zone and decides to give her Andrew a try, despite her strict “Orthodox Black” dating policy. Andrew and Molly have good vibes on their first date, but the second date, the differences between regular Molly and Molly Squared jumped out. Confused as to who the real Molly is, Andrew is rightfully fed up with her shenanigans.

Taking offense to Andrew’s approach to conversation as he brought up her affair with Dro (Sarunas Jackson), Molly abruptly ends the date. Her necessity to always appear flawless in the eye of others also continues to hinder her progress with her new law firm.  Partnering with Taurean (Leonard Robinson) on a presentation, after he gets called into an immediate hearing, Molly continues with the presentation on her own. Exclaiming to Issa that she slayed the presentation, he enters the office and walks past Molly with no words.

As Lawrence (Jay Ellis) became forced back into all of our lives, his commitment to becoming a better person can be applauded.

His Chlamydia scare took him right to church as Lawrence continues work towards getting his life together. Chad (Neil Brown Jr), who attends the service with Lawrence does not hesitate to point out the quality women around them. While at church, Lawrence meets Deniese, (Erica Dickerson)  a member of the congregation. The two spend some time together as he learns about her walk with Christ. Hoping to learn the cheat code to getting into God’s kingdom, Lawrence begins to feel like the church may not be where he belongs, a message he relays to Issa as the two get coffee together.

Team Lawrence

Like Issa, campaigning for Nathan all season ignored the signs that he indeed would go ghost. Every episode, she struggled to get a text back. (Afterall, he is light skinned) Although Nathan and Issa shared that they both really liked each other, Nathan’s ability to flat out ignore Issa until he felt like communicating was a precursor to him disappearing all together.  

From the booling on the bouch to encouraging Issa to begin her business, Lawrence’s  commitment to growth is commendable. I never thought I would say this but Lawrence just might be the best move for Issa. After the Nathan debacle, Issa may feel comfortable returning to what’s comfortable but this may be a good move.  The entire episode, we hear the invasion of Issa’s negative thoughts, worrying about Nathan and doubting herself until, she meets up with Lawrence, when they magically go away. While Issa claims she is finally over Lawrence and sees him as a friend, sparks still fly.    

Next week’s season finale should bring closure but knowing how Issa and Molly operate, we can expect more mess. With Issa’s 30th birthday on the horizon, who knows who will show up and why.