Insecure S3E4: Go 'Til You Get It Right Issa

After taking the property management position, Issa (Issa Rae) can finally afford to move on her own.  Taking the opportunity, Issa moved into a new place and it looks as though her life could be getting the revamp it desperately needs.  Episode four begins where the entire season should have started: with Issa rapping in the bathroom mirror.

Hey mirror bitch, you lookin’ real clean. You lookin’ real bad. You lookin’ like a queen.
— Issa

The first three episodes were slowly building to this moment but ultimately, Issa “Thanos Snapping” half of her bullshit was a great move. This episode, we see Issa finally let go of comfort with hopes of growth and new beginnings.

Although Daniel (Y’lan Noel) and Issa know each other inside and out, he’s the first casualty of Issa’s new beginning spree. Daniel drops of the last box of Issa’s to her new place and the conversation between he and Molly (Yvonne Orji) eerily hints that this may be the last time viewers get to see Daniel and Issa together.  Molly, who’s attitude towards Daniel always leaned towards shade, happily exclaimed “BYE DANIEL” after the two crossed paths in the courtyard of Issa’s new residence.  

“You Out” - Molly
“I’m Gone” - Daniel

Issa and Daniel continued to bring out the best and worst in each other yet, could his exit final? On one hand, Insecure follows the lives of Issa and Molly and those involved so if he is no longer her “roommate” then he could be gone for good. On the other hand, there is a chance he may return.  The first three episodes of season 3 offered insight on Daniel’s background, introducing viewers to his flaws, insecurities and dreams.  Did we get to know Daniel in vain?


While Daniel might be out, Issa’s love life takes a new turn down when she runs into her party Lyft passenger Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) on lunch break. Instead of reverting to her normal practices of lying to herself and others, Issa shows a new level of vulnerability on this spontaneous afternoon date. Physically and mentally, Issa exposes her true nature to Nathan, one truth or dare round at a time.  

From episode one (back when I first claimed #TeamNathan) when we were first introduced to the handsome man with southern charm,  fans wanted more. Today we got our wish when Issa and Nathan had an impromptu date around walking Los Angeles and ending at her place, kissing and eating tacos. A game of truth or dare ends up with both Nathan and Issa naked in the pool of Issa’s childhood home (which they broke into).  

Nathan got to learn Issa’s truths. She even revealed that she cheated in her previous relationship. To share that on a first date takes a lot. Even with all of her truths exposed,  we are left guessing about him. Viewers learn that he relocated to Los Angeles after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, flooding his apartment. He took the opportunity to take a risk and moved to a new city for a fresh start,   His answers to Issa’s questions vaguely. Issa notices a bruise on Nathan and he shrugs it off. Could Nathan’s past hold some not so proud moments?

Overall, moving into her own apartment was only one of Issa’s strides towards becoming a “new bitch.”  Not only did Daniel get axed, she also put her job and her past on the chopping block. This episode we finally see Issa take charge of her professional development with We Got Y'all by quitting.  Quitting a job may not seem to be the best move for someone in Issa’s very broke situation however, after five years of stagnancy, the time for change. After getting rid of Daniel and letting We Got Yall go, Issa also trashed items from her dead relationship with Lawrence.

While unpacking her belongings in her new place with Molly, she shares that she still holds onto those mixtapes, using the excuse that it’s because of the music but really, Issa hoards things that make her feel comfortable. Finally getting rid of these allows Issa to truly begin to shake things up. Throwing away mixed CDs harboring from relationship with Lawrence officially closes that chapter of her twenty somethings.

Hopefully this go around, Issa's glow-up will be televised.