The Monsters have returned, but Mitch Trubisky is underwhelming

It’s starting to smell like 2006......

The Chicago Bears pulled off a dominant defensive performance against the Seattle Seahawks with a 24-17 victory.

If one thing is certain, the Bears defense is one of the most dominant units in the NFL, if not the most. They’ve forced takeaways and scored defensive touchdowns in back-to-back weeks, and the success of the D can be directly attributed to the walking Hall of Famer, Khalil Mack.

But we’re not going to continue glorifying what we already know.

Lets talk about Mitch Trubisky.....

We didn’t really have a chance to see Mitch in full swing last year. Former head coach John Fox made sure to keep the rookie inside his playpen by limiting his pitch count. The small flashes that were shown gave Bears fans hope for an end to the everlasting quarterback drought. 

This year, new coach Matt Nagy Is letting the rookie show his talent. Outside of the rollout touchdown pass to Anthony Miller, the first of his young career, Mitch is struggling to consistently make throws. He overthrew receivers all night, and underthrew a bomb on the sidelines to Allen Robinson that led to his first of two picks. The only flash we’ve seen from Mitch has been with his legs.

Based on the first two games of the season, Mitch has lacked field vision, panics in the pocket and frantically lobs ducks over the heads of wide-open receivers. Against a trash Seahawks defense, Mitch had a 75% completion rating, but only completed two passes beyond 10 air yards, according to Next Gen Stats.

With Patrick Mahomes shattering records in Kansas City, he’s now entered the conversation, along with Deshaun Watson, on whether the Bears made the right pick in Trubisky. Maybe the Bears snagged an Alex Smith and missed out on an Aaron Rodgers. He still has time to reach his potential, but right now Mitch looks like a game manager. Matt Nagy’s offense needs more than that to flourish, and Mitch has to grow if the Bears plan on being an elite team.

I have to remind myself that Mitch is very much still a rookie. He has yet to eclipse 16 games as a starter and this is only his second game under a new head coach In a brand new offense. Maybe it’s his nerves, or the pressure of playing in primetime, or maybe the kid needs that high noon sun to bring out his talent.

Game three is in Arizona against the Cardinals, another trash defense featuring future Hall of Famer Patrick Peterson at corner. They’ll throw various blitz packages in their gameplan, so this will be a game where Mitch’s field vision and pocket presence has to boost from the past two games. He can’t use Allen Robinson as a crutch, or he’ll be looking at another multiple interception turnout.

Coach em up Nagy… there’s a long season ahead for the promising QB.