Insecure S3E6 - Sorry To Call You Like This

Episode six of this season’s Insecure, Ready Like, continues to explore the monumental shifts experienced by many during early adulthood. Last week’s episode of Insecure had viewers shook as Lawrence (Jay Ellis), Issa’s (Issa Rae) ex-boyfriend weaseled his way back on the screen.  Just as Issa seemed to be moving on, Lawrence somehow magically appears. Bouncing back from a SUPER LIT weekend at Coachella, the girl gang calms it down and prepares for Tiffany’s (Amanda Seales) baby shower. This episode focuses on many aspects of life changes as adulthood really sets in.  

Beginning where last week’s cliffhanger left off, Issa and Lawrence cross paths at the 7-Eleven and briefly catch up. While Issa has experienced a few hardships, Lawrence has been working hard professionally and at home. Viewers learn that since their breakup, Lawrence put his good looks to use to sleep with just about every woman who crosses his path.

When season one of Insecure kicked off, a portion of viewers questioned the lack of protection all of the intimate black and sexy scenes and it looks like “Lawrence Hive” gets to learn the lesson. A very real result of his casual sex spree: chlamydia. We then see Lawrence go through his phone and call all of his sexual partners and inform them to get tested, an applaudable move for someone who clearly makes questionable decisions.

During these dozens of phone calls, Lawrence even calls a woman who he has not yet slept with. He literally cannot keep up with who he has sex with. The chlamydia seems to be sort of a wake-up call for Lawrence as he realizes “it’s gotta be more to my life than goin’ to work and fuckin.”

Lawrence claims he wouldn’t take Issa back after cheating but he’s frozen when he sees her at the baby shower. Issa breaks the tension or builds it by speaking first. They catch up and he offers to help with her block party business plan because he’s trying to get back in her life.

Run sis.

Just because he has community dick does not mean he can help with Issa’s community event. As the ex-lovers mix and mingle, they look happy. (I hate to admit that they look good together)

Although Issa and Lawrence may look like Blavity Barbie and Ken, Issa’s new man Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) still fits perfectly in her awkward puzzle. While working on planning her block party and launching a business, Issa questions if she is in over her head. Being discouraged from Inglewood desk clerk, the support from Nathan comes immediately. His ability to comfort Issa puts a smile on her face. Laying in bed, the two have a moment where they both say “I really like you” to each other. Initially shocked by hearing those words, Issa realizes she is allowed to vocalize her feelings, a huge step in her love life.  

Everything with Nathan is seemingly going but there is one catch to the mystery man: Issa texts and calls Nathan, often with no response. The fight in the party Lyft from episode one leads to an open investigation through the ride-share company. After calling Issa and leaving a message to get her side of the story, the Lyft associate eventually gets in contact with Nathan, even though Issa has not heard from “her man” in two days.

If communication is lacking with Nathan, Issa can depend on Molly (Yvonne Orji) and Kelli (Natasha Rothwell) to deliver their honest and loving opinions. During their Coachella adventure, Molly left her jacket with Andrew (Alexander Hodge), Nathan’s Asian friend who wants to get to know her more.

Why can’t I be Orthodox black?
— Molly

Molly claims to not want to give Andrew a chance because she wants to marry a Black man, however there are underlying nerves keeping her from trying something new. With encouragement to venture out and date from Issa and Kelli, Molly finally texts Andrew after a tense interaction with Dro (Sarunas Jackson), her married lover, and an internal realization during Tiffany and Derek’s (Wade Allain-Marcus) baby shower.

Team KelliMollyIssaTiffany

This week, I am on the team of all the women, not in regards to their relationships, but the glue holding together their girl gang. Issa and Molly have each other, so Kelli - realizing she’s losing her best friend to a baby - is overwhelmed with emotion at the semi-glam baby shower after Tiffany left her out of the planning process. It would seem that Tiffany would have her best bitches' plan her event but she reveals that none of them stepped up and offered. Tiffany admits she waited till last minute to let Blair (Briana Henry) do it yet Kelli steps up, sharing that she did offer to plan.

Tiffany says she went with Blair as the head of her “crazy crew” shower because she’s a mother and it changes the entire dynamic. Tiffany, the only wife of the group, is soon to be the only mother as well. Watching friends hit life milestones and realizing that relationships change is real AF and it is easy to feel left out and left behind.

We’re always gon’ have life shit!
— Tiffany

Overall, the importance of sisterhood through friendship - made evident in all three seasons of Insecure - shines through in this episode, and while the ladies may be branching out, they’ll hopefully always have common roots. The next episode gets into Molly and Andrew (who I lowkey ship) and hopefully we get the 411 on Nathan.