Insecure S3E5: Why It Smell Like Piss?

Episode five of Insecure season three, “High-Like”, is one of the most funny yet and highlights the flaws present in all four women but also how those voids are filled by qualities that overflow in each other. Insecure continues to turn it up a notch following an arguably dry start to the third season. This week, the gang composed of Issa (Issa Rae), Molly (Yvonne Orji), Kelli (Natasha Rothwell) and Tiffany (Amanda Seales) head to Coachella as one final girls trip before Tiffany becomes a mom. Repeating the mantra “Beyonce or Bust”, the squad had high hopes for their weekend away but ended up just getting high.   

Although Issa quit her job, abandoning the toxic environment at We Got Yall, her dreams of professional success have not deferred. The Lyft check is STILL cashing as she finally gets into the groove of things as a ride-share driver. Her chase a check mindset however is put on pause for the weekend trip. Hanging a sign on her door, Issa leaves her real life behind to transform into a Coachella queen for the next 48 hours, or so she thought. After a spontaneous, sexy yet felonious afternoon, Issa still has not heard back from Nathan (Kendrick Sampson). Her desire to keep those sparks lit spills over into the weekend away.

As the girls prepare to leave, Kelli and Tiffany arrive to pick up Issa without Molly insight. Molly (still making jokes like a Russian Twitter bot) continues her struggle with not being the star of her new law firm.  Desperate to prove her worth to her new coworkers, Molly continues to add task after task to her to-do list and drops out of the Coachella trip last minute. After a persuasive FaceTime call from Issa, Molly decides to meet the ladies at their rented condo later that evening to finish her work in time to partake in the turn-up.

Continuing the season 3 ode to memes popular on Black Twitter, Issa awakens the entire house by banging together pots and pans in the style of Tanisha of Bad Girls Club fame. The ladies kick off their day with rose shots (event pregnant ass Tiffany) and despite having an entire day planned out down to the liquor intake, Issa allows her itinerary to be derailed by Nathan who also took the trip to the desert. Whether it was necessary effort to spend time with her new boo or an ultimately selfish decision, linking up with “Nanceford” was the best, worst decision yet.

The ladies end up popping molly, consuming edibles, drinking alcohol and having the time of their lives. Fun to watch and live vicariously through their Coachella experience, the entire episode leaves more questions on the floor than Jadakiss asked on the uncut version of Why.

Why is Pregnant Ass Tiffany just realizing that becoming a parent means change?

Honestly,  why is Pregnant Ass Tiffany even at Coachella ? With the most screen-time of season 3 yet, Tiffany’s perfect facade begins to fade away as she realizes that babies change everything. Faced with the harsh reality that this will probably be the the final trip the ladies take together, Tiffany takes part in the shenanigans by taking a bite of the edible. She ends the night bawling to her husband telling him they are now having a weed baby.

Does the M in Molly stand for mess?

If her name were an acronym, there are dozens of unfortunate adjectives that could spell out her existence. Molly’s insecurities are exposed as she begins to unravel while tripping on drugs. Feeling less than at work and at home, Molly becomes the worst kind of drunk, crying about her sexual affair with her married friend. Her night ends with frantically trying to impress her law-firm by outshining her coworkers, even on vacation.

Why do the whites get to stay?

Kelli again, making the case that she is the squad supreme gets the crowd going. Attempting to saving spots, almost always a lose-lose situation at standing room only events, ends up with Kelli throwing a white woman to the ground and both her and Molly taking up arms against their new foes. Getting kicked out of the festival, Kelli attempts to run back in when hearing Beyonce’s performance begin and is tased by security.  The electric shock causes her to wet her pants and she ends her night angry at Issa, sleeping in a chair in pissy jeans.

Remember me different
— Kelli

Team Nathan

Dozens of questions can be rightfully asked about Nathan’s entire existence, most importantly: Why does he seem so perfect for Issa. Mirror Bitch, Issa’s rapping alter ego that lives in the mirror, jumped out and Nathan caught the flow. Nathan affirms Issa’s decision to quit her job after she shares her professional anxieties with the perfect words of encouragement. He also has a gift for getting Issa to be honest and in the same conversation, naked, as the two join the “mile-high club” after engaging in drug induced sex on a battery operated ferris wheel. He continues to highlight the sanctity of vulnerability through his random rendezvous with Issa and their feelings go stronger every time. 

The most refreshing moment of the episode is the best part of every girls trip: the morning after recap.  The night ended with Issa at odds with the ladies after internally taking the blame for the failed “Beyonce or Bust” operation. Throughout all of the shenanigans endured and the gaps missing from memory, the ladies laugh while trying to piece everything together. Realizing the refrigerator is low on necessities, Issa and Tiffany, take a trip to the convenience store for water and end up visiting the past.

Things are finally going well-ish in Issa’s love life and BOOM, “Lawrence Hive” gets their wish when he pops up, out of nowhere.  Did Issa throw away the Adele mixtapes for nothing? Looking for the water the hungover ladies desperately needs, Issa runs into Lawrence (Jay Ellis) and Chad (Neil Brown Jr.)  at the 7-Eleven. Will this moment be a hello and goodbye or will he weasel his way back into her life, I mean, that’s what exes are for, right?  Left with a jaw dropped Issa, it looks like we will find out during episode six.