This Week in WWE: Trouble in Paradise for Brock and Heyman, and Becky and Charlotte

Welcome to this week's edition of This Week in WWE! Rob and Chris are here to bring you the who/what/where/why/when on what happened in a pretty tumultuous week in the Federation.


Chris Novak: Another week, another episode of Monday Night Raw. They’re in Miami tonight, and Brock Lesnar AND Ronda Rousey are set to be in attendance. We’re also getting Seth vs. Drew Mac, Finn Balor vs. Constable Corbin and probably a couple other fun things.

Roman’s here to start Raw. And… well, this promo is pretty much just like everything before WrestleMania 34. He says Brock won’t go up to Roman and badmouth him.

Ah, there’s Paul Heyman. “This is not a prediction, this is a spoiler.” Yes, this is… basically… the same promo. “Just shut up Paul,” goes Roman. Yes, king. Go off.

Robert O’Neill: “We’re here to see Brock Lesnar, so bring him out here.” Yup!

Chris Novak: Naturally it merely ends with Roman calling Brock out. So, that’s that.

Finn vs. Constable Corbin is next. Also, we’re getting Nattie-Foxy later this week. HYPE! It’s 2011 again!

Robert O’Neill: We come back from commercial to see Brock reading a magazine and literally telling Paul Heyman he doesn’t watch the show. That was amazing.

Chris Novak: Honestly a really funny segment with Brock there.

Finn vs. Corbin was … just fine so far. I’ve no idea why it went on for as long as it did but they went through two commercial breaks and change. Finn went for the Coup de Grace, but Baron dropped him with the End of Days for the win. Alright finish, but again… just too long.

Robert O’Neill: Yeah, I mean, it was a fine match. It just went literally 20 minutes which feels unnecessary.

Chris Novak: This is a case where a matc doesn’t HAVE to go that long. If it was shorter by like, 5 minutes, it would’ve been okay.

Robert O’Neill: Alicia Fox is delightful. She’s facing Natalya (ew) and Ronda Rousey’s back from suspension! Uh oh!

Alicia got the win! Alexa helped a bit, but hey it counts just the same.

Chris Novak: Alicia looked real good in her first match in seemingly forever. Really enjoyed this match, actually. Ronda got in the ring and went after Alexa and took her down. Then she did the same to Alicia and went after Bliss again. BUT, then Foxy charged at her from behind. Ronda bumped for Foxy, as she got thrown into the barricade. And then off Alexa and Foxy went. Y’know what? That segment as a whole was completely fine.

Robert O’Neill: Elias is here! He teases The Rock coming out (they’re in Miami, ya know) but instead Bob Lashley comes out. I guess this is the new feud. Sure! They sing together, and then Elias attacks Bob from behind.

Chris Novak: But Bob soon fights back and sends Lashley crashing to the outside! I’m… fine with this feud.

Kevin Owens wants Constable Corbin to “do something” about the fact that Braun could cash in before he has his match with Owens at SummerSlam. Corbs says that Brock is Kurt’s problem and that until the match happens, Braun has MITB. Welp, ya lost that one, KO.

Robert O’Neill: Apollo Crews is facing Akam of Pain, which means Titus O’Neil will likely face Rezar of Pain next week. Hey Apollo got a rollup win! #CrewsCantLose!

Chris Novak: An interesting and surprising decision, to be sure. But, hey, they can’t have Titus and Apollo look like complete scrubs.

Robert O’Neill: Drew McIntyre’s facing Seth Rollins. Pretty excited for this one at the top of the second hour. Seth hit the Stomp after about 10 minutes and Ziggler came in and caused a disqualification, but Rollins got the last laugh as he beat Ziggler down and stood tall.

Chris Novak: B-Team got interviewed and the Deleters of Worlds interrupted. THEN, Revival interrupted and a fight broke out. This led to a match between The Revival and the Deleters.

Robert O’Neill: Revival won! Could this be the start of something? Probably not! But it’s fun to dream.

Chris Novak: The match itself was… uh, not great. Or even good. But at least they made the right decision.


Robert O’Neill: That was also a really good tag team match. Like, it stood out in terms of recent women’s matches, so that’s really saying something. This is why I think Women’s Tag Titles would be good at Evolution.

Robert O’Neill: Well, it’s time for the main event segment. Will Brock Lesnar come out or will Paul Heyman be fired? Heyman is going on and on to Kurt Angle about how he doesn’t like Lesnar anymore and he should be spared. Then Brock comes out and hits Angle with an F5 and screams at Paul and we get a WE WANT ROMAN chant as Raw goes off the air. Wow.

Chris Novak: An extremely effective way of making Brock look like a complete, total asshole. Job well done all around to whomever wrote him tonight and to Brock for nailing it, also.

Final Thoughts

Robert O’Neill: That was the best episode of Raw in the past few weeks, but is that an accomplishment at this point? It was cool to see Brock Lesnar back and heavily utilized and cool that WWE managed to get a pro-Reigns crowd reaction, but most of the other stuff kinda felt like filler, sans Bayley and Sasha’s newfound tag team skills. It was fine, I guess, but that’s about it. C+

Chris Novak: A fine Raw, better than the ones from recently. It’s not up to SmackDown’s par lately but, really, what is besides NXT? C+ for me, also. But I gotta admit: Having Boss 'n Hug be canon is an A+ worthy maneuver.


Chris Novak: SmackDown Live has begun! We’re getting Zelina Vega vs. Lana, The Bar vs. The Usos and a couple other notable things are going to go down. We start off with Becky Lynch, who’s out here, talking about how long it’s been since she’s been champion. Or, hell, even had a TITLE MATCH (WrestleMania 33, for all those wondering and didn’t watch the show). She used the “I wasn’t born to be a champion” line that she’d used wayyyyy back when, which was a nice touch.

And here comes Carmella, the incumbent champ. Carm goes on a fake insincere tangent about WWE Evolution. It hasn’t happened yet, but I can guarantee you that’s what’s happened here. She talks up their differences, hypes Becky up a bit… and she’s gonna probably pivot.

And… an ELLSWORTH tease… leads to Carmella attacking Becky. There’s the pivot.

Welp, there’s Charlotte. She goes after Carmella and suplexes her out of the ring.

Robert O’Neill: Charlotte is gonna weasel her way into this match somehow. No member of the Four Horsewomen (or women’s division in general) has gotten more opportunities for fewer reasons than Charlotte Flair. It’s absurd.

Chris Novak: Charlotte is everything fans think Roman Reigns is.

Robert O’Neill: Time for the second Smackdown tag tournament match as we have The Bar facing The Usos! This should be a blast.

Chris Novak: The New Day being on commentary will also enhance this experience.

Robert O’Neill: Good lord, what a match. The Bar got the win after about 20 minutes loaded with action. They’ll face New Day next week for a title shot.

Chris Novak: Jesus everloving Christ. That match was amazing. I cannot wait for New Day-Bar next week. Hat tip as always to The Usos, who remain one of the best tag teams in the ENTIRE world right now.

Robert O’Neill: Oh man. Samoa Joe is tearing AJ Styles apart right now. This feud is gonna whip ass.

Chris Novak: Joe essentially said AJ Styles was a terrible father and that his kids would be rooting for Joe instead of their own dad. My goodness.

Robert O’Neill: Jeff Hardy came out and said what the US Title meant to him, and Randy Orton beat him up. Alright then.

Chris Novak: Didn’t just beat him up. Beat him up BADLY. Rubbed off the facepaint and all that. That was an A-grade beatdown. Nakamura, the US Champion, also played a role in this. He came out and gave Jeff the Kinshasa before Orton went full dickhead on Jeff.

Robert O’Neill: Zelina Vega is here! She’s facing Lana. All hail. And she won! Almas distracted Lana and Zelina got the rollup (with tights). Excellent.

Chris Novak: The match was… just okay. But that’s to be expected. Rusev, Lana and Aiden English continued to have dissension in the ranks afterwards. I’m unsure of how this is all going to break down, but I do know that Lana has… lost her accent! Completely!

Robert O’Neill: Well, time for the main event. Charlotte is facing Carmella, and if Charlotte wins, she’s in the Becky/Carmella match at Summerslam. Gee, I wonder what will happen.

Charlotte won. That’s what happened. Kind of annoying.

Chris Novak: The expected but disappointing maneuver here. Charlotte didn’t really “need” to be in this match, and they could’ve done what they SEEM to be doing anyway with her on the outside looking in. Nevertheless… the match was fine, despite a lot of sloppiness.

Final Thoughts

Robert O’Neill: Other than CHARLOTTE WINS LOL, this was a perfectly fine Smackdown. I like how they made the women’s division seem important, and it’s kinda cool how women main eventing shows is so commonplace when, a decade ago, Trish and Lita main eventing Raw was a once in a lifetime type of thing. I’m super excited for AJ/Joe at Summerslam, and the tag match next week should be a great one. A

Chris Novak: I’m going to give this an A-. The tag team match was outstanding and so was the Miz-Bryan segment. I also really liked the wrinkles they put in the Becky/Carmella/Charlotte story, even if the ending of the show was somewhat unsavory. All told, another great SmackDown. What a shock that is?