Bears preseason ponders

 Jacob Funk/Chicago Bears 2018   

 Jacob Funk/Chicago Bears 2018


So week 2/game 3 of the Chicago Bears preseason is in the books, and the Monsters of the Midway pull away from the Denver Broncos with their first victory!!!

…..I need to chill on the exclamation. Its preseason. No one gives a fuck…..

     Although wins are obsolete at this time of the season, The Bears first quarter of play gave us in-depth insight on the productivity of our starters. Outside of a few fuck-ups (Most notably, a holding penalty that led to a fumbled snap causing a safety) the offense seemed to click across the board.  We got a chance to see some of our regular household names put in some work, as well as our newcomers display their fit in our scheme.

     On the defensive side of the ball, the Bears first team looked quite basic and somewhat suspect. The Broncos were able to convert several third down attempts. On a few occasions, The Broncos wide receivers created great separation from Bears defensive backs, but thankfully Case Keenum played like shit for most of the game

 Here are five key takeaways from Saturdays game

Roquan Smith didn’t play.

General manager Ryan Pace FINALLY got the job done and inked the eighth overall pick to a four-year contract. The Bears teased us by allowing Smith to dress for the game, but the promising rookie was merely an equipped fan on the sidelines….

Stop playing games with us Nagy…

Leonard Floyd is hurt…. again…

Well shit….Just as I was hoping for a full breakout season from the 2016 ninth overall pick, Leonard Floyd fractured his hand on Saturday. Granted, a hand injury is an injury that most guys can play through (See the ninja turtle Foot at the end of Jason Pierre-Paul’s arm), edge rushers need every advantage they can get in this league. Let’s hope he can overcome this and give us a double digit sack season.

The Bears insist on making Kevin White relevant

I’ve been trying my hardest to stay as optimistic as the Bears are about Kevin White, But I just haven’t seen anything worth salvaging

…until Saturday

White shook a few of the Broncos defensive backs as he took a pair of quick comeback routes for positive gains during Saturdays game. Again, I said QUICK comeback routes.

Basically, handoffs....

The kid showed mad squabbles but nothing first round worthy as of yet.  

Oh, so THAT’S the Anthony Miller we been hearing about!

His bark just might match his bite! A very vocal rookie, Anthony Miller has been the topic of Hype since May. Typically, I hate draft hype because most players end up being garbage against elite NFL talent but Miller might overcome the curse. Against the Broncos, the rookie effortlessly made a remarkable catch over two defenders. Is he the next Odell Beckham!?

Chill, it was one catch….

Trey Burton and Mitch Trubisky: Did we just become best friends!?

I can assure you that we will hear about this duo all season long. Trubisky targeted Burton five times for 45 yards and one touchdown. For at least two drives, it seems like the duo were the only two players on the field like a couple of chums playing a game of pitch and catch. Burton displayed the chops the break down nearly any linebacker or safety covering him in the slot. Can you blame Mitch for making Trey his #1 man?