The five black Youtube series you need to binge watch

Black television shows are making a resurgence on mainstream television. Not only have shows like Black-Ish, Insecure and Atlanta have found success on broadcast and cable TV, streaming services like Netflix are gaining traction with like She's Gotta Have It & Luke Cage. But they're not the only ones producing quality content.

YouTube has a few series that have become staples of their online content. Before Insecure, Issa Rae got noticed with her YouTube series, Awkward Black Girl. Its success led to not only Insecure but the creation of Issa's own production company, which produces several new and upcoming YouTube series.

But Issa's not the only one making good black content on YouTube. Here's the five series that you need to binge watch right now.

Giants (Issa Rae Productions)

This is an ongoing tale of choosing to live the life that you want to live but also dealing with the consequences that come behind it. Chasing your dreams is the main theme of the show but it also deals with issues like manic depression, homosexuality and the after affects of police brutality. The main characters Malachi, Journee, & Ade are 30-somethingss experiencing life choices and decisions all while trying to make a better life for themselves.

Close Friends (2K Life TV)

This series is an oldie but a goodie. One of the very first series i started watching back in college. When you mix love, dating, friendship & drama into one big pot, you get Close Friends. It's a story of a group of male friends: Nathan, Raheem, & Kevin, & group of girl friends: Valerie, Tori, & Kira. Each character deals with the many ups & downs of dating, whether it’s through other people or amongst each other.

No Love Lost (2K Life TV)

Follow the story of Noah & Moriah as they go through a divorce. Noah is having a tough time dealing with simultaneously losing his wife AND his job, while Moriah quickly moves on to someone better. One night Noah comes back to the house while Moriah is entertaining her new man and drops the news that he’s needs to get back on his feet & extends his stay. The deeper you get into the series, the more you’ll feel the energy between the two start shifting. If you want to know what I'm talking about then just watch the series.

Barry Tales  (Kartoon Management)

This animated web series was created back in 2013 by Kartoon Management. This web series is the story of Barry Ponds and his life attending Bearhouse College. We follow him as he progresses through the college years from freshman year on up.

College Boyfriends

Another oldie but goodie web series that’s based out of the Atlanta University Center, the show was created by TINA SHAKIYAH and DONTE ROSE, both Clark Atlanta University Alumni. This story follow a group of five friends who experience love & relationship while struggling to maintain through each college semester.