WWE Extreme Rules recap: it was what we thought it would be

The B-Team vs. Deleters of Worlds: This is probably the right call to start the show. I’m pretty firmly of the belief that every PPV should start with a tag match because the faster pace is generally better to get the crowd going, plus no one really cares about this match thanks to the poor build on Raw and general indifference toward Hardy and Wyatt. After about ten minutes of back and forth action, Bo pinned Hardy for the win. Hey, sure! I mean, Hardy and Wyatt were a novelty act. Dallas and Axel used to be, but aren’t anymore. If you’ve followed any of our other recaps that we’ve ever done, you know where I’m hoping this feud goes next.

After the match, Kurt Angle is interviewed backstage and demands Brock Lesnar shows up on Raw tomorrow night.

Finn Balor vs. Constable Corbin: Look, Corbin will never be my cup of tea, but he’s been doing pretty good character work with this Constable stuff, including demanding he gets introduced as such whenever he gets in the ring. Corbin dominated most of the match and then lost by a rollup, which was actually pretty excellent storytelling given how they’ve handled this entire feud.

We head backstage to see the Bludgeon Brothers ambushing Team Hell No!

Carmella vs. Asuka: Alright, so this match really wasn’t that good. Especially compared to their Money in the Bank match. HOWEVER, Ellsworth got out of the shark cage, but his foot got stuck and security personnel had to come in and try to save him, but Asuka pushed them all out and starting kicking him. In the meantime, Carmella shoved her face first into the shark cage and pinned her to retain the title! After the match, Ellsworth was still in the ring and Asuka beat him up more.

Jeff Hardy vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: Alright this should be a fun and long ma- OH MY GOD SHINSUKE HIT JEFF IN THE NUTS WHILE THE REF WAS TAKING THE TITLE OUTSIDE THE RING. IT’S OVER. So Shinsuke finally has a title. Neat!

And now Randy Orton is back. Gross. Absolutely not.

Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens: If they didn’t have the previous match end in a few seconds, I would think this would be 10 minutes of Owens doing comedy and 15 seconds of an actual match with Braun taking him out. As it is, though, it’ll be like 10 minutes of Owens taking crazy bumps and losing. Owens thought he had the upper hand when he handcuffed Braun to the top rope, but Strowman broke out of the handcuffs, climbed to the top of the cage, and chokeslammed Owens from the top of the cage through the announce table. So… Owens won. But, like, he also might be dead.

As a Kevin Owens fan from day 1 (in NXT at least, but I followed him moderately as Kevin Steen), I’m pretty concerned with all the bumps he’s taken this year. I get that he agrees to them, but it’s starting to feel like Mick Foley level stuff.

Team Hell No vs. Bludgeon Brothers: Welp. Let’s see how much the attack earlier affected Team Hell No. Will Kane be able to compete? Will Bryan? How good will they be?

Well. Bryan’s out here. Kane isn’t. Looks like it’ll be a handicap tag title match. Bryan fought valiantly but the numbers game got to be too much… but now Kane’s here! He’s hobbled, but he’s here. Regardless of all of that, the ambush was too much for Team Hell No to handle. The Bludgeon Brothers took care of business to keep the belts.

Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley: Whoa, okay. The common belief was that this was gonna main event the show, so to have it here is certainly a surprise.

It’s hard to follow Roman matches because the crowd is SOOOOO distracting. Anyway, this one started slow but finished hot and Lashley got the win, which was a surprise.

Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax: The Queen is here, everyone! I hope she hits Nia with several foreign objects and then civilly resolves her differences with Ronda Rousey.

It was a bit overbooked but there were good weapon spots, Rousey kicked Mickie’s ass and Alexa avoided her, and Alexa retained with a DDT onto a chair on Nia. Excellent. Onto Summerslam.

They announced a US TItle rematch for Smackdown. Cool! Hopefully Shinsuke doesn’t get bit by a dog.

AJ Styles vs. Rusev: It’s pretty crazy that this match falls on Rusev Day! I wonder if they might pull the trigger on Rusev tonight finally.

It was one of the better world title matches in recent memory, but AJ ultimately won. Rusev is close though. You can feel it.

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler: Well. It’s time for the main event! After a few minutes of chain wrestling, Seth picked up the first fall five minutes in with a backslide. That’s what you gotta do early in an iron man match, look for a quick fall. He picked up the second fall as well with a Blackout! A 2-0 lead eight minutes in. Don’t blow it, Seth! And now Drew McIntyre is in the ring beating Seth up! 3-0! Uh oh. Ziggler got two quick falls as a result of the interference and it’s suddenly 3-2. And now it’s tied. Six falls in 14 minutes seems a little excessive! And now Ziggler’s up 4-3. Whoa! Seth catapulted Dolph into the turnbuckle with rolled him up. We’re tied with two minutes to go!


Drew McIntyre came back out and distracted Rollins and Dolph took advantage and hit a Zig-Zag for the win. That’s it for Extreme Rules.

Final Thoughts

This was a weird show. I really didn't hate it overall because I had tempered by expectations going in, but man, some parts were terrible. The Roman/Lashley match was weird and slow for most of the time, and everything felt pretty inconsequential. A good Rusev/AJ match and a pretty solid Strowman/Owens match stood out, but everything else was average at best.

With that being said, I’m ready for the Road to Summerslam to be underway. I hope Monday’s Raw is used as a reset for some of these stale storylines. C