The Danger of Samoa Joe winning MITB

The annual Money In The Bank PPV is rapidly approaching and it is arguably the 4th biggest show of the year, depending on how you view Survivor Series. Few moments within the WWE calendar year give us the "feel" that MITB gives us. 

That being said, one man, and one man ONLY, should walk out of the Allstate Arena on June 17th with that briefcase in tow: 


Samoa Joe is the most dangerous man in the company at the moment and with that MITB briefcase in his possession would INSTANTLY bring legitimate concern about the WWE and Universal title holders, but also provide the MITB concept with the authenticity it needs after its last few holders have been....rather lackluster. 

Now a simple examination of the members in this match can show why Samoa Joe is the best option for the MITB briefcase for a variety of reasons. 

Take, for example, The Miz. Now, I can admit that The Miz is on one of the best runs you'll ever see for a heel and there's no doubt in my mind that he would also be a great option to win. There's only one thing stopping this: Daniel Bryan. Miz has some unfinished business with DB, and if Miz were to have the MITB contract, it could prohibit any potential payoff due to Bryan's progression after coming back from such a long time off. I'd much rather see Miz vs DB before I see Miz rightfully win the WWE title again. It's simply not his time. 

Braun Strowman is currently the most dominant man in the company and you could even make a case that he is "The Guy" that old man McMahon wants Diet Tama Tonga.....oh shit I meant to type, Roman Reigns, to be. But MITB winners trend on the side of heel and Braun isn't the type to use shit tactics to win. He's more of the "Run up and punch you in your mouth" type. So he doesn't need to win. 

Bobby Roode, Rusev, and whoever the New Day throw in there are simple fillers for pomp and circumstance to match the match quality a bit more exciting and to give the more important members a rest. 

Now with Balor and Owens, they may have legitimate cases, however, neither needs the MITB contract the way Samoa Joe needs MITB. Balor will always be a major player, especially once someone (Read: Crossfit Jesus) takes the Universal title off of Brock Lesnar. Owens simply has to remember that he never got his rematch from his Universal title loss to Goldberg at Fastlane a while back and, boom, title match. 

Samoa Joe solves so many problems for the WWE. He's a GOD on the mic. He's a GOD in the ring. He's a legitimate badass. His theme is awesome as hell. The fans chant "Joe" like no tomorrow. And he has instant "I'll beat your ass for looking at me wrong" credibility. Joe with the MITB briefcase would instantly rehash Hardcore title 24/7 memories for some of us. Because Joe isn't the type of person to wait for someone to do the work before he comes to cash in. He's a threat to come beat you up himself at any moment and take the title from whoever has it. "The Inevitable" Samoa Joe. 

I'm sure you can argue that he gets hurt too much to have the MITB contract. But alas, that's what also makes him winning so perfect. Even if he gets hurt again and is out a few months, there's an INSTANT button for WWE to push with him. 

Samoa Joe isn't just the best option to win the match. He's the ONLY option.