#FreeRomanReigns #ScrewVince

What if I told you that the “chair shot heard ‘round the world” would ruin a superstar before they even get the chance to succeed? What if I told you that a billion dollar company has all the tools to help a superstar succeed but refuses to do so because they can’t just stop and listen? Would you believe me?

Look, let’s get this out of the way right now: I like Roman Reigns. I don’t hate the guy. He’s a damn good worker and is a great person as evidenced by his work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. But cut the nonsense; his character sucks.


Yes, everything about the man Joe Anoa’I portrays stinks, and it’s because of the infamous “Plan B” that Triple H had the night after Wrestlemania XXX.

Seth Rollins’ betrayal has led Roman on a path of never ending success because Roman wasn’t ready, but what has come with that path is overwhelming hatred from the WWE Universe. And it’s not his fault. If you want someone to point the finger at, blame Vince McMahon. Yes, the man CM Punk once told us “is a millionaire, but should be a billionaire” is behind the failed Roman Reigns experiment.

For the last four years following WM XXX, Reigns has main evented 22 PPVs out of a possible 49 (excluding Smackdown branded shows), won the 2015 Royal Rumble, won the WWE Championship three separate times, and became a grand slam champ in 2017. That should mean that folks like the guy right?


When Roman comes out, what is the first thing you hear……? Don’t worry, I’m sure you can hear them in your head right now without even HEARING the music. That’s how goddamn bad it is. Roman has retained everything from the glory days of the Shield. While his Shield brethren have gone on and made themselves known for something outside of that, Roman has stuck with everything that made the Shield famous.

Roman is a corporate shell. Vince wants us to now have us believe that management and the machine is against him. L O FUCKING L.

Vince has pushed Roman so far down our throats, the ONLY thing he is reluctant to do is turn Roman heel (which he needs bad). Roman is the ANTI-Cena. He’s been put through so many storylines it’s hard to keep up with them all.

I mean when The goddamn Rock can’t get you cheered, that says a lot.

Roman has been fumbled so many times in the years since the Shield dissolved, which is crazy to say considering he’s main-evented four straight Mania’s. (The shit show that the Taker match was his fault). Now they are even taking the “Daniel Bryan” underdog approach in an attempt to get him liked, which will inevitably fail because the clowns who make the decisions behind the curtain don’t have common sense.

Even when Roman gets his ass beat by Brock at Mania and loses to him again (in an unwarranted title rematch), WWE gives him a damn win against a superstar who is arguably more popular and liked than him, just to make sure Roman doesn’t fall down the totem pole.

WWE is in a prime position to get what they want from Roman. Let Roman grow his full beard out (yes, that will help rehabilitate his image), get him new music, get him new gear, and let him be a badass. It worked for Rikishi. It worked for The Usos. It worked for The Rock. It worked for Triple H. It worked for Stone Cold. I mean the list goes on and on.

I just wonder, is it too late for him?