Five ways to optimize your 'me time'

With so many things happening in the world, from Kanye’s sunken place views, traumatizing news happening every single day, weather finally jumping from Sprinter to Summer, or maybe feeling overwhelmed from life in general, you deserve a break! Your ‘Me Time’ can be anywhere from a few minutes to a whole month or longer. It’s up to you to decide how long you need to break away from all the worries of the world. Here are some ways to optimize your ‘Me Time’ that I actively do myself!

Airplane Mode

There was a time when phones were only used to call people. Now they are used to connect people to virtually almost anything, especially social media. Have you ever been out with a group of friends and everyone has their mobile device in their hands, not talking to each other? Just observe next time you’re out with friends. Our phones can consume too much of our time and energy whether we’re scrolling through Instagram and Twitter, or responding to text messages and emails. Optimize your me time by unplugging from your phone. Put your phone on airplane mode or power it off, then, place your phone in another room or out of plain site. Having it on airplane mode will prevent you from receiving notifications and you’ll be able to disconnect with the outside world and reconnect to your own mind. Utilize this time to think about ways you can improve your personal well-being or what makes you happy.

Take a Solo Trip

For some, this sounds a little scary or maybe you’re thinking why would I go on a trip by myself? When you travel with others, the activities are usually group focused to appease the majority.

Think about taking a trip, either for a day or an extended weekend, alone. This will allow you to do the things you want to do without worrying if someone else will enjoy it or not. Even if it’s just laying out by the beach all day reading a book, it would be completely up to you. Don’t be afraid to venture on your own to clear your mind and enjoy the essence of doing what you want on your time.

To really optimize your me time, try visiting another country or a city in a different state. Some of the top solo travel locations are Cartagena, Colombia; Iceland; Mexico; and New Zealand. Being in a different country can open your mind to new things as you step out of your personal comfort zone.  If you still don’t feel up to the solo travel completely by yourself, there are also travel groups that focus on bringing together solo travelers together for trips where you will have others to connect with if you so choose.


Maybe you don’t have the time to take a solo trip for your me time at the moment, but do you have five minutes to spare? If yes, you can optimize your me time by doing meditation. This allows you to sit silently and allow your mind to get into deep thought with the focus of calmness. Not too sure how to get into meditation? Well there are several apps and even podcasts that can help you start a meditation routine. Some top rated apps for meditation are Headspace, Calm, and The Mindfulness App. These are sure to help you enjoy moments alone.

Get Fresh Air

While the weather is cooperating, take advantage of going outside. Whether it’s going on a hike, taking a walk on your lunch break, or simply sitting outside on a patio with some Lemonade and a good book, it’s good to step out. A lot of people spend their time indoors majority of the day interacting with colleagues. Being able to get fresh air is not only good for optimizing your me time in a calming way, you can also get a dose of Vitamin D from the sun and burn some extra calories. If you’re able, next time you break for lunch, grab your headphones and turn on your favorite podcast, music playlist or just listen to the outdoors and take a walk outside. I find that doing this helps improve my mood so try it out and see for yourself.

Pencil Yourself In

Most importantly, schedule your ‘ Me Time’! We can get ridiculously busy that we forget to put aside time for our own self. If you use a planner or calendar app, add designated ‘Me Time Appts’  into your schedule. Try to aim for at least two times a week, or if you can, work your way up to having me time set aside for everyday, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Having a reminder set up can help you remember to give self care to who needs it the most.

What are things that you do to optimize your ‘Me Time’? Let a girl know! Protect your energy and mind!

-Delilah Shonte