Cardi B's ascends to best female rapper in the game with "Invasion of Privacy"

BG Falcon Media

BG Falcon Media

Ever since introducing herself to the world, Cardi B has been a polarizing figure ever since introducing herself to the world years ago, and people can't seem to get enough of her. Her come up is shaping out to be one for the books.

The Bronx native first started off stripping, creating an exit strategy to a better life. Sometime during 2013 she first started gaining traction through all of her videos on social media, which caught the eye of TV producer Mona Scott, resulting in Cardi joining the Love & Hip-Hop New York cast. During her Love & Hip-Hop stint, she started messing with music on the side, later transitioning to a full time music career.

Then she dropped the summer smash Bodak Yellow and the record became bigger than life. There was just always something about Cardi’s personality - from the way she conducts herself, how she talks, and her owning up to her flaws while learning and growing as a human being. Not to mention she’s showed the world that she is way smarter than meets the eye.. She’s fearless when she is speaking her mind, no matter how problematic she may come off at times. There’s not too many people in the entertainment industry who can just make such an impact by just simply being themselves.  When you can sit back and put that into perspective, you can understand why Punch compared Cardi B to Tupac.

People, women especially, can’t get enough of Cardi B. She’s is just about every woman's spirit animal. Everything she says and does resonates with fans. But with all of the love received also comes hate. Even though her fanbase is growing every day, there’s still others who continue to pray on her downfall. Those people are more concerned about criticizing her every life move outside of music, from always referencing her past life as a stripper, down on her engagement to Offset or rumored feud with Nicki Minaj. If it isn’t one thing with Cardi then it’s another. But despite all of the opinions hurling at her direction, Cardi still sticks to her guns and moves forward living her best life.

After tearing up the whole summer last year with Bodak Yellow, the anticipation of Cardi’s debut album started to grow. Prior to Bodak, she dropped Gangsta Bitch Music Volume 1 and 2, which reeled in her audience. But even with the success of the single, some were still skeptical on how good Cardi was as a rapper. She had already dropped the single Bartier Cardi with 21 Savage and contributed to Migos' Motorsport.

The name of Cardi's debut, Invasion of Privacy, is the perfect description of her life while juggling fame and getting ready to enter motherhood. She kicks off the album strong with the intro Get Up 10, which was a played snippet that went viral all over social media. The whole vibe of the record is real reminiscent of the classic Dreams & Nightmare from Meek Mill from the beginning of the song to the build up of the second half. I always love when an artist kicks an album off like that because it lets you know what’s about to be in store.

Cardi continues the trend of creating these ratchet empowerment anthems for all of the ones wanting to shake their ass while having a good time. Bless your heart if you’re at the day party and Bickenhead comes on. As for most of the ratchet turn up anthems, Cardi never fails to disappoint with records like Drip, Money Bag & She Bad, and ESPECIALLY She Bad with YG & Mustard on the boards. It’s nothing like that good ole west coast ratchet sound that keeps your heart pumping.

Cardi has also showcase her versatility  while working on different songs like Be Careful, Ring, & I Like It. When I think about Cardi when she is at her best, the first thing coming to mind is when she doing records like Get Up 10, No Limit remix, etc. But I loved that she stepped out of her shell to do something completely different like Be Careful, even with its mixed reactions received. That tells me that she wants to let the world know than she’s more than just a creative for ratchet anthems.

Cardi’s whole entire team is deserving of their flowers for helping making her album run flawless, and it is only just beginning for young Bardi. Whether you love her music or not, you have to give your props to the one of the newest ladies in hip-hop today. She’s shown that she's capable of holding down the throne while allowing for other women rappers to co-exist. There’s so much dope and talented women in hip-hop right now, from Cardi to Dreezy, Rico Love, Tink, etc. Each of these women have brought something dope to the table and everybody deserves that respect.

Especially Cardi.