Warriors handling Spurs on all facets two games into first round series

First off, I'd like to express my sympathy for Gregg Popovich who lost his wife of 40 years, Erin Popovich. I wish him and his family all the best.

I remember reading something not too long ago about how often the Golden State Warriors seems to achieve the best case scenario.

Well they’ve done it again. While they’ve continued to bide their time without Steph Curry, the Spurs have provided them a safety net. Other than LaMarcus Aldridge, there isn’t a San Antonio Spur that can even budge the scale, nevermind tip it.

Though from an everyday fans perspective I might roll my eyes at the series matchup, it can’t go un-noted that the Spurs are here for a reason. Despite the nine uneventful games Kawhi Leonard played (or did he 👀) this is the collection of players that got them to the playoffs. They play so soundly on offense, and on defense they tight-rope on the line between legal and illegal contact beautifully.

Without a big time second option, the Warriors have been happy to double Aldridge in the post. Other than Patty Mills, there isn’t a consistent and quick enough shooter to beat the Dubs defenders. But the Spurs have no option other than to play Mills. Parker is barely noticable on the court, Dejounte Murray isn’t ready for the Dubs, and Bryn Forbes is... well, he's Bryn Forbes.

(Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

(Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

This Dubs defense is just incredible. With Andre Iguodala taking Steph’s spot in the rotation, the Warriors starting five has the length to annoy any team on defense. But this is a different Iguodala than we’ve seen all year. Clearly he saved his legs for the playoff, and that’s not good for the league. Draymond Green has stepped it up to, not only playing with force, but with emotions. After picking up a flagrant foul against Davis Bertans, the Spurs missed the technical free throw, and Draymond was just jubilated.

However this Warriors big unit has had a surprising offensive advantage too. Every time the Spurs switched in off-ball coverage, Klay and Durant could abuse Mills in the post, or blow by Anderson, Aldridge or Bertans. But that’s too be expected out of two elite scorers. When Iguodala, Green and McGee are contributing on offense, that’s when “assholes get tight”

Pop knows the inevitable though. Before, during, and after Game 1, it was clear his team was destined for the first round elimination. Going back to San Antonio though, there’s no doubt the crowd will get them playing above their standard, and maybe we’ll have a game in the 4th quarter, but this series is everything but finished.

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