Knowing when it’s time to cut someone off

Have you ever felt like your friend was more of a frenemy, or is your relationship becoming more draining than refreshing?

Well when things aren’t adding up, it may be time to start subtracting those things out of your life. Not everyone in your life is meant to be around for the long run. Some are seasonal, and there was probably a lesson that needed to be learned from them in order for you to grow.

Here’s the dilemma, knowing when it is time to call it quits with someone. The following are signs that it’s time to snip snip away.

You’re starting to notice a lack of respect.

A key component to being in a healthy friendship or relationship is having respect for each other. If you are seeing that a person you are friends with is doing offensive things, such as speaking badly on you, making slick remarks towards you, especially in front of others, this person does not value you. Someone that blatantly disrespects you is a clear sign it’s time to void the relationship you have with them.

They don’t support your endeavors.

Whether you have a business that you’re starting or you’re working on achieving a personal goal, for instance, getting in shape, it always feels good to know that you have supportive people around you. If a friend downplays anything that you are working on, that person does not want to see you succeed. It could be jealousy or envy, either way, having non-supportive people in your life can deter you from accomplishing your goals. Good relationships consist of people that want to see you grow and prosper.

Receiving Negative Vibes and Toxic Energy

Positive vibes and energy are necessary in your circle of relationships. People naturally vibe off of the energy surrounding them. The more negative people in your life, the more likely you are to start being a toxic person. This will begin to affect your actions and how you perceive different situations. Whenever you notice that a friend is constantly being a Negative Nancy or has a complaint on just about everything, you may need to distance yourself from them before you’re pulled into it. Don’t let someone get your chakras off balance.

Lying is becoming second hand nature for them

Truth hurts, but lies kill. A friend that has deceived you multiple times is not going to stop. This person is also not a real friend to you. With lies, comes the inability to trust. You’re probably always questioning if what they are saying to you is made up or omitting details. Not being able to have clarity on what someone is telling you is draining and inconsiderate. Your relationships should have honesty in the foundation of them.

You’ve Outgrown Them

Do not feel bad about outgrowing people. When you are reaching new levels in your life, you realize how much further you have to go, and you also start to see the ambition others possess. Not everyone is suited to be along for the ride throughout your entire journey in life.This doesn’t mean drop all of your friends that haven’t reached the same level as you. This is more about the friends that want to pull you back down. It can be hard watching a friend not wanting more for his or herself, but they will have to take that step to go the extra mile when they are ready. You should encourage them, however, you should not put yourself on hold or allow the problems they may be facing to be a dump on your own happiness. This may be a sign to care from afar.

Begin to analyze the relationships around you and pay attention to any of the above signs that could be signaling you it’s time to remove them from your life. It’s not always an easy task to do, but it can take the weight off of your shoulders in order to have more meaningful relationships and less toxic ones.

In the great words of K-Camp,, “It ain’t nothing to cut that b***h off”. Happy Spring Cleaning with your relationships!