Brunch boots & these hands: stop recording racists

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what is a video of a racist berating someone worth? In some cases, it can lead to jail time or just becoming a viral phenomenon.

You know what it needs to lead to? A good ol’ fashioned stomp-out.

I’m talking Columbus Short battling in the beginning of Stomp the Yard stomping.

I’m talking Kirk Franklin GP ARE YA WIT MEH stomping.

Point blank, I need y'all to stop making t-shirts about melanin and saying you’re not your grandparents and start using those brunch boots to put footprints on Meredith and Connor's face when they’re outta pocket.

Now I know everybody ain’t the fighting type, so I’m not expecting everybody to turn into Chun-Li when some action happens. I just want to know the reason for recording the activity.  More than likely, there won’t be any action taken towards the offender and now you just went viral for getting punked by Skipper in the Target checkout line.

Even if you can’t put the paws on ‘em, at least give them a good NASTY cuss-out. That cuss-out your mama give you when she gotta miss work to go to your school because you been acting up. That cuss-out your grandmama give you for touching her food and you ain’t washed your hands yet.

Too many times, I see everybody trying to be the ‘bigger person.’ Lemme explain something to you: when dealing with a racist, YOU ARE ALREADY THE BIGGER PERSON. You didn’t ask to be hated for something you can’t control and you surely didn’t ask to be verbally or physically assaulted for it. It’s painful to watch my fellow Black folk and even some of my Latinx cousins trying to be diplomatic with trash.

Honestly, I feel it’s out of fear of ‘proving them right.’ For some reason, a lot of you guys feel that lashing out helps to perpetuate stereotypes of violent and aggressive behavior. That way of thinking is part of the reason why these things keep happening.

Oprah said that in order for racism to die, we have to wait on the old racists from our grandparents’ time to die out. Yet somehow, she forgot that those racists had children, who also had children, and though not all racists have children that grow up to share those same ideals, the chances of them aligning themselves with it are greater.

So this is the time we actually take a page out of our grandparents’ book and do something about it. Marching and protesting isn’t your thing? Understandable. I support those who go out and put themselves on the line for the sake of our tomorrow. I, however, am a strong advocate of violence being the catalyst to change. Don’t ever be afraid to stand up for yourself because you don’t want to appear as the ‘angry black.’ It doesn’t matter if you’re in a suit or boxing gloves—they’re going to have their negative opinions about you because that’s what racism is. It isn’t a case-by-case belief system. If it wasn’t for our ancestors literally fighting for what they believed in, who knows where we’d be today.

So again, I know everybody isn’t Jackie Chan or Mike Tyson but stop recording and start giving these racists a reason not to mess with the next black or brown person they come across. Don’t try to reason with or use diplomacy with people who clearly lack logic. Because if we were as violent as they think we are anyway, we would have burned this place down a long time ago.

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