Old school vs. New school


Rebellion has always played its role in shifting society to pristine ways of thinking while living for decades. With each new decade birthed a new & unique generation of misfits, whose main purpose in life was to enlighten this world of their ideas and existence.

To show the world how unapologetically they were and to showcase their impact on the life changes occurring in the world. They live, learn,achieve, and live their greatest  lives ever to mankind. These actions. And while they may bow out of the game, they make room for the new generation of misfits looking to make a name.

While the youngin's are taking charge getting their feet wet, some older cats tend to be harder on them for a plethora of different reasons, including saying they don’t have any guidance, don't show any respect to the OGs who made way for them, or complain about the scene is not as traditional as it once was. And if you’re asking about whether or not hip-hip would fit this category, then my friend are you correct,

Back then, people outside of the culture didn’t take anything seriously from us and thought hip-hop was a  short term fad but boy were they wrong. Hip-hop’s influence is everywhere in mainstream America today. You can see it on the latest sports shows, commercials, movies, sitcoms, etc. When comparing hip-hop from back then to today, it’s night and day.  Hip-Hop  has come a long way. This genre was always known as the “rebel against society,” breaking and bending the rules of living just to live it to the limit and love life a lot.

But even with all of the success that’s been sustained, it’s still long way to go. Older rappers paved the way for the younger kids to run with the torch and continue the legacy that is of hip-hop. But as new legends are being inducted into the world, the responses received by higher ups can be very telling. Even though its apparent that hip-hop is in one of the best spaces yet, there’s still lacks some major room for improvement with our community.

The culture still receives criticism from the same establishments looking from the outside in but the difference now is that it’s only being used as an excuse to avoid accountability on their end when it comes to their actions being exposed. The rappers that were against the establishment in the beginning have now morphed into the OGs in the game all while the newer and younger talent comes and make a name for themselves all while continuing the legacy of hip-hop. But even with great new rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, J-Cole, Drake, Wale, Big Sean, and the rest who choose to hold the hip-hop torch to its highest power, there’s still the fight for acceptance with the other youngin's rapping. Some of the newer rappers could come off as being the complete opposite of the hip-hop is, but they still are out here fighting for the attention and respect from the older hip-hop heads, whether they realize it or not.

Everybody is here for the same reasons in hip-hop and its to showcase their music and show the culture that they belong in the game just as much as the OGs do, whether it’s because they create music completely different from the OGs  or if they’re just trolling their way to the top all for clout and for attention. Whatever it is that they’re doing, they sure have a way of getting under the OGs skin and vice versa. It’s a tit for tat battle every time old school clashes with new school. The old school crowd tend acts high, mighty, and holier than thou while sounding oh so preachy towards the younger kids all while boasting how things used to be so good back in the 80s and 90s.

Meanwhile the younger kids may stick to their guns and talk about how certain 90s rappers are overrated or how all the older cats are just mad at them because they’re getting money and living life their own way. Everyone has their right to feel how they feel with this kind of music that they love. Opinions are like assholes: everybody has one.

Music is such a subjective topic where no matter what you can say or think about certain music sounds, you can never really give a wrong answer simply because it’s coming from a different perspectives. Music has changed so much throughout the years  but even with the new waves and vibes to please us, there’s sometimes days where going back and listening to old school music you can’t help but get that feeling again where you flashback to when you was younger.

It’s so interesting when you’re engaging into the minds of both the old school generation of hip-hop fans versus the new school fans. The way how each of these groups digest music differently is telling, especially with this current climate of music pushing out today. There’s some older cats who find and accept  solace in the present day hip-hop when coming across such rappers as Kendrick Lamar Wale & J Cole, who each have managed to keep the certain aspects that made hip-hop what it was alive.  They understand that some newer music today isn’t  catered to their audience but they will continue to let the youngin's do what they do in their music. But if you’re fortunate enough, you’ll come across those particular cats who come off one dimensional and see the 90s/early 2000s as the golden staple of music.

There’s nothing wrong with that at all seeing that some of the best music that’s created in the present day was inspired by 90s/00’s. Everything about the 90s just seems so perfect and for the most part is a lot of our childhood, But however, things are different in 2018. I’m not saying that a lot of things in this year don’t slap but i am saying most of this music being created today wasn’t meant to be created for the older heads. I just wished the rest of those who steady complaining about the state of hip-hop game would realize the rap game is actually in a great place. There’s so many genres and styles of hip-hop to the point where if you don’t like the artist, then you can find another artist of where you like the music to sound for you. But sometimes you have to realize that the artist wasn’t talking to you.

It's ok if you not fond of the music being put out. Even if some of the younger artist music created can be considered trash. Not everybody is meant to follow the complete hip-hop ordeal with the music.