The return of the Golden Lovers

Usually indie wrestling is just wrestlers having great matches for the interest of the crowd. Rarely we get a story that last for years grabbing the attention of its viewers.

10 years ago Kota Ibushi and Kenny Omega, two of the best wrestlers in the world, were formerly the tag team known as The Golden Lovers. Once friends turned rivals, there has a been a lingering feeling on when these two wrestlers would either tag team again or face each other in the ring. At New Beginning in Sapporo for New Japan Pro Wrestling, we got our answer and The Golden Lovers were back.

The way that The Golden Lovers reunited was a great wrestling angle stemming from the friction within the Bullet Club. Cody Rhodes & Kenny Omega have not been on the best terms lately. Ever since Dominion 2017, Cody/Kenny has not seen eye to eye with each other. Cody has always felt that he can do whatever he wants to do. Cody wanted to not only prove he can beat Kota, but he is a better friend to Kenny than Kota has ever been. Ibushi defeated Cody (Rhodes’ best match on the indie scene) and Cody was not going to let it go.

Tokyo Sport

Tokyo Sport

The day after Wrestle Kingdom 12, Cody aimed a chair at Ibushi’s head and Kenny came in for the save. Kenny was trying to create unity within the Bullet Club while also saving his old friend. Then it happened, at the main event of New Beginning in Sapporo for New Japan Pro Wrestling, Omega lost his US Belt to Jay White and Hangman Page instantly challenged White but Kenny interrupted giving White his congratulations. Cody sneak-attacked him from behind with the Cross Rhodes and began to further damage Kenny, until Kota Ibushi made the save. The Golden Lovers reunited but the world wanted to know what was next for them, was Kota going to join the Bullet Club? Is Kenny leaving the BC?

Kota & Kenny went against opposing Bullet Club members Cody & Marty Scrull at NJPW/ROH Honor Rising and it was such a sight to see. Both men at the peak of their wrestling ability, showing that they never lost their chemistry in the ring. From their synchronized asai moonsaults, double teams of their signature moves, to their combination of the V-Trigger/kamigoye finisher (Vicious).

After their bout with Cody/Marty, they claimed that they were the best tag team in the world, but there is one tag team that took offense to that, the Young Bucks. An indie dream match has been made official, as The Young Bucks will take on The Golden Lovers at Strong Style Evolved show in Long Beach, California, on March 25. I wonder how this will play out in Being The Elite, as the build has been minimal so far.

The Golden Lovers' reunion has been monumental as they receive a pop everywhere they attend. This is reminiscent of the reunion of Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose, something we wanted as long as it was properly done. Let’s see how far this reunion goes, as 2019 is a new year and we don’t know if Kenny will head to the WWE, so they should capitalize while the iron is hot and push this duo as the faces of NJPW.