Drake is no stranger to giving us great music we can vibe to, but he just took a feel good song to another level when he released the video for God’s Plan.

If you’re a Drake fan, or even if you’re not a fan of the brilliant actor turner rapper/singer, you’ve probably been hearing in the news how he has been doing various acts of kindness throughout Miami, such as paying for everyone’s groceries in a store, awarding a young lady scholarship money to University of Miami, giving a family a brand new car, donating to a community center, fire department, and many more things as seen throughout the video.

$996,631.90 is the budget Drake had for this video project. Instead of using the money for expensive cars, video vixens, and filming in a big mansion or club, he gives it all away, literally. This says a lot about Drake’s character and how he knows his success is really bigger than himself. Although he is known for showing love to strippers and strip clubs, he has shown us a different side of him that makes people love him even more. Many people would seize the opportunity of having close to one million dollars and keeping it all to themselves. Drake seizes the opportunity of using it to make the lives of others better. So many people are struggling to just feed their family, or pay their bills. Knowing how hard some people have it allows you to see how blessed you are and should encourage you to be a blessing to others in some way.

Giving not only money, but his time is what makes the God’s Plan video even more appreciable. Drake could of easily just handed the money over and walked away from people, he however, wanted to know their unique stories. Outside of money he donated or used to gift others with, Drake spent time at the different places he visited such as, Miami Senior High School and Overtown Youth Center and bringing excitement to their faces. Even with the different families Drake gave to, he had conversations with them to understand the struggles that they may be facing and offered words of encouragement along with the donation. Seeing the challenges others go through can change your perspective on how you value things. Even if you, yourself, can’t give someone else money, you can be a listening ear or be supportive by volunteering your time. In the video, you see Drake talking to various people and actually capturing the moments, the emotions, and the really being able to empathize with those in the video.

I DON’T WANT TO DIE FOR THEM TO MISS ME really is about showing people that you care now. Letting them value and appreciate you in the present day, allowing them to not only think about you once you have passed. Too many times, people will take others for granted and tend to forget about them or put them in the back of their mind until it is too late. HOPE I GOT SOME BROTHERS THAT OUTLIVE ME, THEY GON' TELL THE STORY, SHIT WAS DIFFERENT WITH ME. Drake is definitely one of a kind and for certain his story will be an inspiration for others.

Unfortunately you can do all you can to be a good person and live out God’s Plan for you AND STILL, BAD THINGS, IT'S A LOT OF BAD THINGS THAT THEY WISHIN' ON ME.. This line of the song along with the video reactions shows that people are going to continue to talk and wish bad things on you no matter what. All you can do is continue doing your best and living out your purpose.

“Thank God for what’s happening right now, it might not be good, but Thank God” is a quote from a man in the video. Not everyday is going to be easy, but the trials we face can bring triumphs. That resonated with me on a spiritual level and ensures that it’s always best to trust the process in God’s Plan for you.

This video warmed my heart and I legit tear up each time I watch it. I challenge each of you reading this to do something kind for someone that you know or don’t know. It doesn’t have to be monetary, but make it meaningful and from your heart.