Gun control: wild goose chase, or foreseeable solution?

“If number one is, ‘I believe I should be able to say whatever the fuck I want’...number two definitely has to be, ‘I probably need a gun, too.’ Right? “
— "Michael Che Matters" on the second amendment
Dave Boyer- The Washington Times

Dave Boyer- The Washington Times

Over the years the constitutional right to “bear arms” has been strongly (and proudly) excercised by many Americans. In recent news the second oldest law of the land has been in the spotlight due to a significant increase in mass shootings.

Rightfully so, the second amendment needs to be reformed, but some of these niggas out here tripping with their stance. It’s two silly ass perspectives on gun control:

One group wants to eliminate ALL guns (like it’s that easy)

Other groups want to provide people with MORE guns (because apparently that supposed to stop deranged psychopaths from attacking the innocent)

Both of those are shitty ideologies. Here’s why:

  1. You’re not going to eliminate guns in America. Simple as that. It’s the You’re better off trying to eliminate the Internet.
  2. Everybody doesn’t need a fucking gun. That’s the MAIN problem we’re dealing with now! Virtually ANYBODY can go to Walmart and buy a gun.

As always, the ancient remedial question arises: is it guns or people that cause these horrific events?

Neither. It’s the law....and the shit needs to be revised

And that it takes two simple modifications.

  1. Increase the requirements to purchase a gun.

Do you know what you have to do to be eligible to purchase a Firearm in the state of Illinois? Send general Information form, along with a Photo of you & $10 to the state of Illinois Police department....

No interview, no study guide, no test, nothing....Just wait 3 weeks for your FOID card to come in the mail. And you’re good to buy a gun for the next TEN YEARS!

....Nigga you mean tell me that I gotta do more work to renew my license & Plate Sticker than I do to buy an AK47!? That ain’t safe.

     2. Restrict Public access to ONLY defensive & hunting weapons/ place a Complete restriction on offensive weapons (Unless certified for official reasons)

Look, the  “I gotta defend myself” rebuttal is cool. Shits crazy in these streets and sometimes a little assurance can eliminate the fear of the unknown, but understand the difference between a defensive gun, gun, and an offensive gun

Defensive guns are handguns and shotguns:

You carry it around concealed (handgun), or concealed in your home (shotgun) to protect yourself just in case a nigga wanna unexpectedly get froggy with you. Defense.

An example of offensive guns are AR-15’s, AK47’s etc. You openly carry these to a specific location to fuck up groups of people. Offense

There’s noting defensive about a high powered assault rifle. It’s called a Fucking ASSAULT rifle. Assault literally means to inflict offensive contact with someone. You might as well carry a grenade and state that you’re “defending yourself”