New Japan returns stateside for its Strong Style Evolved show

New Japan Pro Wrestling returned to the United States for Strong Styled Evolved, giving us a decent card with a main event that everyone will be talking about. While this is just a preview of NJPW for the western hemisphere, this card is gearing us up for Sakura Genesis on April 1st

Bullet Club is NOT fine



The crumbling of Bullet Club started at the beginning of the card when Cody/Marty took on the Guerillas of Destiny. Started off with some comedy with Marty getting all of the love and Cody getting BOO’d out the building. Cody is one of the biggest heels in the wrestling business, as everyone knows that he is the reason why Bullet Club has so much turmoil. Cody/Marty won but they kept assuring Bullet Clun was fine even though the world can see the dissension from miles away.

Let’s talk about that main event, Young Bucks vs. The Golden Lovers. The storytelling in this match was amazing. Wrestling fans knew coming in that this match had the potential to be match of the year contender. The tension was strong from the start as Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks was the most emotional wrestler out the four. Matt was the one in the face of the Golden Lovers until Nick had to intervene ferociously. Matt dared them to attack and scolded Omega to put him away with the One Winged Angel. Some may say that Matt was over-acting but they were trying to sell the fact that both teams had so much history together. The spots in this match were tremendous but I have a small problem with TOO much spots in a match. Matt was selling a bad back but throughout the 40 minute match we seen incredible spots that would be a 3 count pinfall in other promotions.



Other than that, if you did not like the card itself, this match made up for it. Ibushi was my favorite wrestler in this bout because he was pushing Kenny to perform his moves to his former best friends. Ibushi was taking all of the spots inside the match as the Young Bucks kept Kenny outside especially with an elbow drop through a table. Omega truly is one of the best in the world as his actions were telling the story more than words he said in the ring. Kenny never wanted to hit Matt with his V-Triggers but he knew he had to if they wanted to win.

After the match, Nick shook Kenny’s hand as they reconciled but Matt was unwilling to give Kenny the same type of love. Is this the end of the friendship between Omega & The Young Bucks? We can assure that the next “Being the Elite” episode will be a must watch.

Quick Hits

Zack Sabre Jr. & Suzuki defeated Ishii & Okada giving them momentum towards Sakura Genesis on April 1st. Ishii never met a person like Suzuki as he actually brought the strongest wrestler in NJPW down. Okada has a full plate on his hands as he has to deal with ZSJ’s technical prowess.

Hangman Page & Jay White had a decent match but it included a spot that could’ve injured Page for a long time. White did a German Suplex to Page on the apron and his head missed the apron by inches, it was too close a call. White retained but this match left much to be desired.

Will Ospreay defeated Liger and challenged Mysterio that will have the wrestling universe anticipating that match. After he made the announcement, Marty Scrull interrupted and hit Ospreay & stole Mysterio’s mask, building up the heel’s contention to the IGWP Junior Heavyweight Championship.