Free agent moves the Bulls should consider this summer

K.C. Johnson/Chicago Tribune

K.C. Johnson/Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Bulls have made some good moves recently to bring in young talent and draft picks for this upcoming season. The plan seems to be coming clearer that we will be bringing in players that fit Fred Hoiberg’s system. The Chicago Bulls have not been a franchise to make a huge splash during the NBA free agency period. The most notable free agents we’ve signed this decade were Carlos Boozer and a declining Pau Gasol. The Bulls spent most of Derrick Rose’s healthy career trying to pair him with a backcourt mate and out of desperation brought in Rip Hamilton. I personally will never understand how as an organization, we believed bringing in Carlos Boozer was the move to help get us over the hill.

The chemistry between Kris Dunn and Zach LaVine has not been there since LaVine returned from his ACL injury. Kris Dunn has been the better player of the two and it’s not even close. I believe the cause of this subpar play from Zach LaVine is rusty from coming off injury and not being able to be acclimated into Fred Hoiberg’s system. I am hopeful that Zach LaVine is retained and able to learn from a healthy offseason in Fred Hoiberg’s system. He needs to learn how to co-exist with Kris Dunn. These two gelling is of the most important because it’ll determine where the team goes in the next couple of off-seasons.

The moves that happen this offseason can shape which direction this team is heading in the next couple of years. It’s very important that we hit in the draft but also add some talent in free agency. There are some guys that can be brought in to help in a position that isn’t addressed in the draft.

We know that center and small forward are positions of need. We need viable pieces that fit with our young talent added on. I like the idea of trying to throw money at DeMarcus Cousins to be our starting center. I think he would be a good piece because he’s not a ball dominant player. Kris Dunn can control the ball and have a hell of a frontcourt in Lauri Markkanen and Cousins. He’s shown he can co-exist with Anthony Davis in New Orleans. Having good young players gives you a better chance of reeling in free agent talent, and the Chicago Bulls have some nice pieces in place.

Jabari Parker would be a good player to add to the small forward room. He’s an athletic and long player who runs the floor pretty well. I think it’s enticing to him because he is from Chicago so bring him home. If we go Center in the 2018 NBA draft this move makes a lot of sense.

I am hoping that we are able to secure a top 5 draft pick and it’s looking like management it’s trying to trend towards this as well. Benching Dunn, LaVine, and Markkanen makes it clear the goal in mind. If we get one of the big men in this draft then the idea for Cousins becomes illogical. The rest of March is critical to see how this offseason will go.